Orville and Wilbur’s Great Adventure: 36 Months from Fight to Flight to Future

Good Morning Folks...

My partner with JointVentures.com
wanted to title this post “Good Morning Folks...and if I Don't See or Talk to
You Much the Next 60 days: Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!'.
I changed that title because well, its RicksBlog and I felt like it. LOL.

business: As I said the other day, Danny and I only answer to about 120 people
from here on out this year as we build JointVentures.com the domain name into
JointVentures.com the business. I figure that will be a 3 year plan for most of
the initial growth, with a LOT happening this first year. Those 120 guys and
gals signed up as inaugural clients and we’re going to work tirelessly to move
mountains and do deals for them in repayment of that trust.

So I’ll be around here posting and commenting whenever I
want just like always. Danny mostly won’t unless it’s obvious/possible the
commenter is an END USER that followed the river here to the pond and is asking
buying questions…or it’s one of those 120 people wanting to ask a question in
public for some reason instead of simply calling Danny to ask. But
I DO have quite a few “pre-written” posts from Danny
I think are going to give you all even more
idea about how Danny and I work well together, despite the fact that we FIGHT
about certain things too…more of an idea about how much of all we’re doing in
2013 has a precursor in the thoughts and notes of two guys for years...and
reveal some pretty amazing opportunities for folks to do business with us
TODAY, earning money potentially for life

In the next 75-90 days as Danny puts 99% of his focus on
completing the 3 or so scaling up priorities he and I have discussed and
decided upon, I think when he comes back into the arena here daily it’ll be
obvious just what the hell he was doing that was more important than crossing
swords with folks on a blog daily (even tho it’s fun). And I do see this as an
“arena”. Maybe it’s just the “Gladiator” movie fan in me! Or that Teddy
Roosevelt quote. Whatever. To daring greatly!

Rick Schwartz

“Good Morning
Folks...and if I Don't See or Talk to You Much the Next 60 days: “Good
Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!'

By Danny Welsh

If you haven’t heard the news, as predicted by Rick Schwartz
and brought to fruition by us both with the help of some very smart and
forward-thinking folks that took the leap with us, as of 2/1/2013 our “domain
owner” JointVentures.com client roster for the first half of 2013 is completely

Boarding doors are closed. The jet engine is warming up!

We will accept no
further domain owner clients
unless someone convinces Rick Schwartz on
a one on one email that marketing their property will provide a “headliner” for
our company that ALL of our clients will benefit from when a deal is completed
for it. I won’t even see the submissions, and I’m asking our website developer
to remove the “Submit Domains” button on our site…now.

(ASIDE: Okay so Danny P beat me to it, and yet still the
inquiries pour in from all kinds of other methods. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up,
walk outside on my front porch with Bailey the Service Dog Flunkie and expect
to see a carrier pigeon dropping a domain submission… *sigh* does anyone
understand that I’m just one guy? We all have our bandwidth…400 properties to
market this year is mine)

That’s right, dance
fans. Club’s closed and now for those who are IN, we are going to show you just
what you got on the INSIDE of
…and I hope you’re not disappointed. I’ve been
planning this for two years, but without Rick Schwartz’s green-light it could
not have happened. Without your all’s buy-in alongside Rick’s own, what’s going
to happen in the next 3 years could have taken many more years, or been
completely impossible.

How do we do go from plan to
ever-increasing profits?

Well, First
let me thank you for this opportunity to serve you the best way *I* know how, even as you increasingly realize
that my ideas and plans are nothing like what most people expect.

Please realize I don’t do things the way most companies do.
I admit. I’m kind of a nut. But I’m the nutty entrepreneur that’s about to
crack a lazy industry wide open
and show people on BOTH sides of the table
how doing joint ventures together will break the frame of what’s possible to
increase PROFITS FOR BOTH by a more qualified operator exploiting an
underutilized asset.

Which lazy industry am I talking about?

Is it “domaining” when thousands of Category.com value
assets are sitting UNUSED “parked” and making hundreds of millions of...nickels?
Could be…

Is it “Category” industry when a sales-increasing MVP like Category.com
is on the sidelines and not in the game at whatever price is needed to make it
work for both parties? Could be.

Is there something offensive about me saying that to either
party? Could be.

But forgive me for saying so but when I see 6, 7, and 8
figure assets earning thousands instead of millions…then it only calling a
spade a spade to say that BOTH sides of the table when it comes to the
very BEST and most valuable domain names in the world have been short-sighted,
greedy, and refusing to see what the other party sees…except in a FEW cases

My role is to increasingly bring both
parties to the table and create a
WIN-WIN where both sides make more money WITH each other
than they can make without each other.

And that’s exactly
what I’m going to do, and if you think any force on Earth can stop me then you
clearly don’t know the power of an idea infused with faith and backed by ACTION.

need to work out how we communicate (and how we don’t).

Our biggest potential problem right now is the likelihood
of “information bottleneck” unless steps are taken to avoid it FIRST
. Rick
and I have to take what’s mostly in our brains only and transfer it to a team.
And we are asking that each of our clients take what he/she wants to
communicate to me and Rick and transfer it to us using certain protocols. “File
transfer” protocol is key…that’s why I put almost one page worth of notes on
that answer/request of ours in the clients FAQ that was emailed out. Please pay
attention to it. You’ll only have to
read it once. It won’t change much, because we ANTICIPATE problems, not create

If we ever “fire” a JointVentures.com client, it will almost certainly
be for simply refusing to cooperate in this area, and jeopardizing our ability
to keep our promises to others because one person believes they can monopolize
our time and attention
. Unlike something you’ve ever heard from a
“broker” who should be (and IS, trust me) grateful to get your business? Get
used to it! Neither Rick Schwartz nor Danny Welsh are very ordinary guys, and in
an arena where people go ga-ga over 20% income increases we don’t offer
promises of ordinary results…so a few out-of-the-ordinary requests in exchange
for the possibility of extraordinary 20x and more income increase?

I think it’s a fair deal, don’t you agree?

Third, we
now need to get back to the plan I was already quietly implementing for Rick
Schwartz and getting results BEFORE he asked me to take an 8 week side trip
into taking on more clients as his partner with a new domain brokerage. I’m
already 7 days behind in the master plan, but I’m not disappointed. I was
flying a nice prop-plane but Rick summoned a Gulfstream Jet out of thin air in
8 weeks. So I won’t complain. View’s nice.
Company is pretty good, too. I’m already walking the aisles of the plane
and talking to some of the passengers in First Class (that’s you) who have
GREAT ideas on how we can fly this jet even better, more efficiently, etc. Lot
of SMART people in those seats, and I’m listening to everything you say and
incorporating what is good…what is important…and will use those great ideas
when the time is right.

Rick and I’ll be emailing (or may have already by the time
this is posted) a blast message to each of our new VIP domain clients with a
video overview of where we are at and where we are going. I think it’ll give
you a hell of a high level 50,000 foot overview, and confidence that you made
the right choice. If you didn’t get it, that’s a problem. Please email our
admin so you get your address WHITELISTED properly so any mass email
communications we send you this year GO THRU

Fourth, we
need to be ruthless about what’s important…and what can wait. We’re behind
because I made that mistake thinking it was “important” for me to respond to
everyone’s emails. It is simply not possible for a guy used to DOING great
things to keep up with thousands of people in the blogosphere that seem to love
mostly only TALKING about great things (or criticizing those that do). Sorry.
Making our clients money this year IS important. Implementing my plan the way I
know it will work IS important.

It is ALSO simply not possible for a guy used to DOING great
things to keep up with 120 new clients that seem to love sharing their ideas
about how Rick and I can market/sell their properties for them.

Thank you for the dozens of blog recommendations emailed
to me
. But forgive me if I say that being expected to read every blog in
the domaining universe = not important. Rick gave me 6 he recommended, and 6 I
have read and will continue to read. A horse that wins the Kentucky Derby has
blinders on and just runs his race, devoid of distraction. It’s GoBabyGo.com,
not StopBabyStop.com…:)
Thank you for the great past leads you’ve passed on to our admin. But
forgive me if I say that taking special time to immediately drop everything and
follow up with 5 year old referrals who were “interested” in a domain property
= not URGENT. Same goes for any company you tell us “should be interested” but
SAVED AND USED IF IT’S SENT PROPERLY TO THE RIGHT PERSON (i.e. not me)! But using it immediately is simply not urgent
when viewed in the context of our team implementing a 12 month plan including a
“domain launch” this year for that specific property of yours

I will be posting more about the domain launch formula and
sending some videos of what it looks like and how it works. I’d prefer to just
be DOING it, but Rick has changed the dynamics a little bit of what my 2012
plan was. Now it looks like in a few months I’ll be getting to do it with even
better properties to launch…with more back-end sales help from a team…and
bigger companies to be negotiating WIN-WIN deals with for each to get the ONE
unique asset they most want…with 120
clients instead of 1.

So that’s cool. In short…a domain launch is a formula of
marketing activities completed in a rapid-fire fashion from 3-14 days
start-to-finish during which anyone who should
be interested
and might be
financially qualified
WILL learn about the domain’s availability and pricing
terms because that’s what the launch is DESIGNED by me to do (penetrate
a small niche MARKET with a simple MESSAGE using multiple MEDIUMS
your older leads sent to us which have been and will be databased, for firing
once the gun is loaded.

Expect BIG things slowly…
that has been, is, and will always be
Rick and my promise to domain owner clients.

Fifth, I
am not only the business owner but also the chief marketing officer and sales
content copywriter of our little merry crew.
That means the next 60 days I have to write hundreds of pages of compelling
salescopy to create our customized “pitch pages” for 100s of unique domain
individual custom pitch pages which are designed to compel ONE
action revolving around the domain name itself (typically to trigger a “how
much” inquiry but not always)— and targeted to as many as 1000 companies or as
few as ONE person, depending on the needs of the deal.

One fun example you may have already seen is

A lot to get done, wouldn’t you agree? I wrote the content
(200+ pages) for JointVentures.com in a “vacuum” where even Rick Schwartz barely
knew what I was up to for 4 months…now I have an even MORE DIFFICULT task, and
120+ people to whom I’ve made a promise of progress and a possibility of BIG
results that want to know “what happens next?”

I don’t blame ya! So even though every minute I take
explaining what I’m going to do and am doing makes me frustrated…I understand
why you want to know. On the other hand, I will (and can) tolerate only so many
questions before I’ll have to simply say it’s probably better for us both that
I shred your listing contract and call someone in to be a client who’s on the
waiting list.

Priorities are simple. First is hundreds of custom pitch pages. I’ve given myself 8 or so weeks to complete
that next phase of our 12 month plan. Will I Succeed.com? Go ahead. Mark your
calendar for 8 weeks from today. Just do me the favor and before you criticize
me…ask yourself if YOU could do it.

Those pitch pages combined with the sales team we are hiring
and will be training in the next 90 days gives Rick and I both time for
precious little else…but when complete WILL ensure the increasing success of
our deals, our company, and our clients.
THIS thoroughbred knows the distance of the race, will not be distracted, and
knows what the Winner’s Circle looks like
. See you there? I’ll be the one
with a garland of Carnations.com draped on my shoulders (and no jockey).

Sixth, we
need to staff up and scale up certain procedures to be capable of fulfilling marketing
and sales for more domain properties and more clients.

You elected Rick the General when you signed on. And I’m
going to be the Sergeant for now. The Sergeant is extremely important for a
unit to operate, and makes sure “shit gets done” (operations).

But being the Sergeant ain’t my gifting. So I’ll be the
Sergeant until we find someone BETTER, and I’ll move up to where you really
want me to be if I’m going to make us all a lot of money.

The email Rick just sent out (or will shortly) via email
blast ONLY to our signed clients this year lays out a LOT of our plans for the
next few months. If you didn’t receive it please email the admin for a copy,
and they’ll also make sure you get your email program “whitelisted” so Rick’s
email blasts in the future get thru to you.

It’s really
important that all 120 of us are on the same page so we can turn on a dime all
year long.

The plane is built.

The passengers are on board.

The pilots have a destination.

The instruments are being checked.

The crew is about to hear the “last call” to board
immediately thru the crew only door.

The journey is almost starting.

So if you’ll allow me to extend the aviation analogies…if
you’re one of the select 120 inaugural domain owner clients of
JointVentures.com, we’re gonna GoFirstClass.com, okay?

Play it cool. Chill out. Relax. Stretch out with all that foot room.

Realize you’re in the First Class
Seats and the plane is taxiing the runway on a heading for a 3 year flight
where you already know where we’re going because Rick told you so almost over a
decade ago when he first predicted this journey...and the destination.

Here, have a mimosa.

You’ve got Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh in the pilot seats. Or as Rick calls us “Orville” (me) and
“Wilbur” (him). We may not be the original Wright Brothers but I can tell you
this: if we accomplish what we’ve talked about accomplishing in the next few
years…then everything so far ever in domaining is about to look like that first
7 second flight of that first rickety plane in Kittyhawk, NC all those years
ago compared to what is about to transpire in the future for “domainers”.

Ballsy claim? Yeah. But if we succeed at the level we’re
capable of…and I’ll admit…it IS a big IF…it’ll have been TRUE.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you our entire
unique asset (that’s your domain) marketing funnel and launch formula, what it
looks like, how it works, etc.

You can post the mindmaps and videos I send you on the
internet for all we care, because no one can copy ME and no one can copy Rick
Schwartz. But until TRAFFIC we MUST be “close to the vest” about a couple of
things. Whenever we email about those things, it’ll say so. Cool?

The rest, if Rick
and I know it, you get to know it too for trusting us to go on this journey
that is designed to help Rick accomplish his long-term vision
: an income stream attached to 100 growing
companies, into which he contributed only the domain name

I am grateful to YOU (clients) and Rick (my partner, and
your negotiator) for helping ME provide a WIN-WIN deal for those 100 companies.
Some will be attached to Rick’s own domains, some will be yours, but if I’m
successful then in the next few years the Candy.com style deals will become

All I’m going to be
doing starting in mid-April is putting one huge Fedex-Logo-Style “Generic”
arrow in the sky after another pointing to GENERIC.com no one in the “GENERIC”
business will be able to ignore when they “SEE IT”. (aka domain launch after
domain launch)

The domain names don’t sell themselves and you all know
that’s true. Nor will they sell themselves when paired with the right “offer”
(custom pitch page) or price (lease), but I can say this: once that RIGHT end
user company for each great domain name “SEES IT”…they WILL want it, and Rick’s
job is to work out how they can have it for the right price and terms agreeable
to both parties.

It’s called a seller’s market and right before your very
eyes you’ve all just seen Rick Schwartz mastermind gaining legitimate “listing”
control of 300+ domain name properties arguably better than many of his
own…(maybe I helped :) )and you all know how good Rick Schwartz is at “timing”,

Is there a “domain broker” on the planet who could have done
what Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh have done in 8 weeks? In 1 year? If so,
PLEASE give them my contact info because they’re selling their work too damn

So we’re about to hit critical mass and LAUNCH unless the
folks in First Class (that’s you) are unable to to hang out, relax, drink a
mimosa or two and chat with each other instead of wandering around the cabin
asking a million questions and knocking on the cockpit door. :)

The folks in business
class seats are happy to pay you to sit on the beach just to get what you’re
not using to earn anything more than those millions of parking income nickels.
I know because I was and AM ONE of them
(you do realize that while
Rick and I co-own JointVentures.com the BUSINESS I don’t yet own JointVentures.com
the domain name, right?).

The folks in the economy class seats can make a choice:
complain or cooperate

It’s always their choice, but the www.imitation.jets that’s
$8.99 in 2013 will NEVER IN OUR LIFETIME equal www.Jets.com.

They will see proof after proof of that in the next years.
Sorry, ain’t even debatable to me or Rick. And if you believe THAT…then there
also ain’t no hurry, but we’re going to move with a purpose anyway.

In the coming days
and weeks you’ll see that we will give a LOT of $$$ opportunity to some really
sharp people who want to sell leasing the most premium Category.com style
domain names available on terms any smart “category” company is going to
recognize is a STEAL.

Before the “conversation” shifts 100% to building our sales
team and then both they and we shift again to only talking to the companies
that want to lease….

This is a last mass message
to our JointVentures.com domain clients…If we don’t talk much in the next 60
days…know that I’m working hard for you and a team is being formed to do the

So until then, you may hear Rick Schwartz say “Morning
Folks!” many times in the next 60 days…

But I won’t be able to do that so much (even if the
pre-written “post” has my name on it). ;(

From me…as Jim
Carrey’s character might say about the Rick and Danny Show…

In case I don’t see
you later:

Good afternoon, Good
evening and Good NIGHT!

Danny Welsh

P.S. See you all in May at Vegas for TRAFFIC!

readers of RicksBlog who are NOT clients of JointVentures.com this year…We are
almost ready to return you to your regularly scheduled programming…but not

If these recent weeks’ bull-rush of ideas and a FIRE HOSE of
value from a guy you’ve never heard of speaking as an authority in sales and
business bothered you simply because I’m giving value AND selling at the same
time…perhaps you should look at whose name is on the blog. Not mine. You gave
Rick permission to talk to you and share stuff he thinks is of value the moment
you visited his blog and subscribed. Recently the most newsworthy things he has
shared…it just so happens that it’s me sharing it on his behalf…and he owns
half of it. So our next pre-written posts
will mostly, with Rick’s blessing, detail our exclusive sub-broker sales
'Who else wants $500 cash plus 5% of $5000/mo for as many
as 5 years or more and then a chance for 5% of $5,000,000 buyout?' kind of