REAL”BIG Ideas” that WON…and how Domaining is/was an Important Prelude to dotcom eRealEstate

Morning Folks!!

If you don't always want to be complaining that you missed this and you missed that, maybe it is time to be EARLY this time around. Your choice. You can be late again if you CHOOSE!

A brief and incomplete history of a few big ideas in the last few thousand years that WON over other ideas in the evolution of our species and how we think as human beings...


Land Ownership






British Empire






Representative Democracy





Stock Market










Information economy

Dot com

To be the BIG IDEA you must BEST the big idea. Not simply alter it. Not simply copy it and call it better or the same. Not simply compete with it, though you can surely compete and make money or gain users/ cannot play small and WIN when you are up against the BIG IDEA.

A cellphone is still a telephone. Internet radio is still a radio. Communism though it still exists FAILED. So did Reebok if its desire was to become THE athletic shoes. is built on dot com. and all the others are imitations until and unless any one of them can be a BETTER idea in the mind of the masses than dot com, they are all playing for first loser.

English became a better alternative than Latin, why? America became more influential than the British Empire, why? Capitalism was a more perfect IDEA in the timing of history than the Soviet Communism...why?

Not to get all geopolitical on everyone and reveal my ignorance of current events that may stem from not owning a televisions...but let me flex my brain of what I DO see in the news and from my background with a degree in Political Science: China's growth is a threat to America the nation but not America the IDEA which is made up of other ideas on that list...why will China never rule the world even if and when they try?

And even if and when another English speaking representative government that's capitalist were to take the place of America in the role of world peacekeeper, why am I supremely unconcerned that one Sunday in the future my children's children's children will wake up dressing in Chinese-style clothing, driving a Chinese government-created car to a Chinese temple, praying to some non Christian, non-Jewish, non-Muslim god in one of the hundreds Chinese dialects as a first language, before returning home to their Commune apartment?

Because 97% of the IDEAS that would have to become real for that reality to happen have yet to happen...and most never will because they've already been proven less desirable to the common man on the street in ANY country.

Which is why no matter where you go they strive to speak English as a second language, wear Nike, drink Coca-Cola, and enjoy McDonald's (even if the menu is different than what we in America would recognize).

Why does 'China' never scare me? It's an IDEA made up of some good ideas (gold) mixed with some bad ideas (shit) that together persuades many its own people that they'd prefer to just live the American Dream.

Or did I give you the answer already why China will look more and more like an ally and not an enemy as time goes on and their very people bend to superior ideas their government simply can't keep them for learning forever? Think hard now...I promise you'll get it how this all applies to domain names if you don't look to your television for answers.

The answers to the future aren't in today at all (and never have been).

They're in the past and in human nature, and predicting how things SHOULD unfold is half art and half science and even though I have that BA in government I won't BS you and say 'this must happen'.

But from where I'm sitting if you want to become richer, any bet on China/India or Chinese/Indian or Domain/IDN in a business MAY earn more speculative growth in the next few years than English, America, dot com...

But hey, they have a lot of catching up to do. Have they even fully realized completion of the INDUSTRIALIZATION 'big idea' yet!? Stop...go back to my brief and not perfectly in order list of what I cheekily called 'A history of ideas that WON' and YOU TELL ME why I should be afraid of the Chinese people taking their place at the rightful table to discuss capitalism and representative government? Lol I'm getting too deep for a domainer blog, aren't I?

If you can't ask the tough questions, you deserve what lazy thinking gets you. A great idea is never one man's!

It may have a spokesperson or an inventor or a revolutionary or a champion but the power of great ideas come from a movement, a market, pressure and time and circulation.

Look at dot com thru the lens of history and human nature and you'll realize today what most of 'the 500' realized 20 years ago.

There is 'dot com' and then there is everything else.

Sorry folks, Godaddy running that commercial is not being completely truthful with you and spending millions to do it on that idiot box you plop down in front of just trying to relax at the end of a long day...never realizing that if you take their .co 'Your Big Idea' commercial at face value and buy a .co lottery ticket, trusting their very convincing commercial as you believe somehow you won't have to wait 20 years to have a chance to be in that jet as discussed here: [LINK]

Buy and the registrar Wins, You on the other hand will have TWO possible paths:

1. Succeed in your online business, feel like you win as your business takes off built on a foundation of sand, until You lose when finally one day in the future you realize you needed when it was available that one day back then for lease/JV and now you have to pay even more for it.

2. Fail in your business

What about a Chinese .cn domain?

Buy and the registrar Wins, You on the other hand will have THREE possible paths:

1. Succeed in your online business selling only within China, feel like you win as your business takes off built on a good but not great foundation of bamboo, be happy with that medium-level success as your local country-area customers are quite satisfied to do business with the Domain.CN they alone in the world recognize and trust. Maybe one day your children will want so they can expand the business you built to become GLOBAL.

2. Succeed in your online business selling at first only within China, feel like you win as your business takes off built on a good but not great foundation of bamboo, are UNhappy with that medium-level success as your local country-area customers are the ONLY customers in the world satisfied to do business with the Domain.CN they alone in the world recognize and trust. Maybe one day you wake up wishing you had secured Domain.COM as your global brand so you can expand... You lose when on that day in the future you realize you needed what you could have gotten fairly in a lease/JV and now you have to pay even more for it.

3. Fail in your business

Buy .co and you take business advice on the most important decision for selling products online from a television commercial.

Buy .cn and you can be quite successful selling products online in China where their ideas are mostky still 100 years behind what their own people know are superior ideas...and despite your regional success, you'll almost certainly never have a global IDEA or business in THIS LIFETIME.

Trust a Commercial? Trust Communism?

Shoulda read a book instead!

Here's one for you:

'Influence: Science and Practice'

Dr. Cialdini's book doesn't mention domain names that I recall and the book may have even been written before such existed. But the book explains human nature in ways that is scary.
Eyeball sees or ear hears '.com'


Brain immediately processes and trusts.

Eyeball sees or ear hears '.crap'


Brain tries to process, can't help comparing to '.com', suspects something is maybe not right (with the possible exception of a few exceptions that have been covered in other posts right here on this blog)

Just two men's opinion, folks.

Sometimes Rick's right.

Sometimes Danny's wrong.

But even when the one is wrong...the other could have been right.

And right now WE are telling you...history has proven, is proving, and increasingly will prove most (but not all) of Rick Schwartz's predictions correct as it pertains to the decline of Domaining and the rise of eRealEstate spearheaded by Danny Welsh with his mentor and partner's advice and help.

So if you loved Domaining, its time to leave all the hopes for a second coming behind, cash out of all the pipe dreams (take a loss if you have to like Rick did with and invest MOST of your dollars in dot com before dollars alone are simply no longer enough to buy ANY eRealEstate that doesn't include equity from the END USER company burning with desire to buy it.

If you're reading this blog in 2013, you still have a chance to squirrel away a few choice dot com nuts that one day someone will come along and offer you more DOLLARS than most people would consider a lifetime's pay for ONE dea in THIS LIFETIME.

Or you can chase all the other non-English, non-dot com www.Domain.Yen or www.Domain.Indian or whatever.

Your call, I think it'll 67% pay off big for your kids as a speculative investment today in 2013. (Hint)

But it's 'small ball' folks, when the game everyone whines is 'over' is simply at the 7th inning stretch.

.com is about to hit a grand slam AND pitch an almost no-hitter in the next 3 years.

You think you've seen a secondary market for dot com now? Ha! Wait til the $25,000,000 cash deals and for others besides Rick Schwartz to lease a domain for more than $1,000,000 per year.

Those kinds of deals are coming.

And it will open the floodgates of the possible, and send a message loud and clear 'they' won't be able to ignore.

The question is..knowing that future predicted right here by these two men, will you ignore what you can do TODAY to prepare your business to profit and your family to prosper?


Rick Schwartz &

Danny Welsh