What does”Moving Mountains” Mean??

Mornig Folks!!

The Great Gratz taught me a Few things. Never cross the street unless there is a reason to do so. The difference between leaders and assholes. Think big and move mountains! So what exactly does the latter mean?

It means think BIG. Dream BIG. Do BIG things. Don't think small.

So let me give you an example of a mountain I moved right before your very eyes. Maybe it moved so slowly you did not see it. Maybe it moved so fast that you missed it.

This mountain mover started with one slogan. 'This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.' It started on a handful of my domains and has spread to all my domains. And then the domains of others. And the domains of PPC companies.

So what started out as an experiment on a few of my domains now has the exact or similar wording on many thousands if not MILLIONS of domain names. They added one word or thought. They added LEASE or RENT to the mix. That my friends is just the first mountain we HAD to move to PREPARE for all the other mountains that come after.

Each is a mountain. These are big things and as I write about it many times I will keep telling you about the stages we must do FIRST before all else. There are things and there are things in a proper order. To move a mountain, it is an Olympic type event. If you want to succeed you need to prepare. Preparing usually takes a LOT longer than the actual goal or the actual hunt. Olympians prepare for years for a 50 yard sprint. A race lasting seconds and they prepare for YEARS!! WHY??? Because they want to succeed!

Prep and train

For the clueless that have hidden agendas, feel threatened somehow and want results yesterday. Let me show you what kind of fools we are dealing with. Imagine we are at a Marina and we are gathering our gear for a 3 month expedition looking for some great whale of a catch. The prep takes the most time. But these fools are jumping up and down when we are still at the marina looking for the whale. Geez. Grow up. You expect that from a 3 year old. Are you insulted. GREAT! Take a hike! I don't force you to come here. I write for myself and those that are interested and are constructive. PERIOD! Plus those to come down the road so they know the REAL story!

So we will do this the way WE see fit and let me spell it out for all to see. All the mountains and all the statges as far as what we expect and when we expect it.

Mountain #1.......Domainers need to see the wisdom and extra money leasing can bring. DONE!

Mountain #2.......Bring to market the very best leaseable domains and work from JointVentures.com. DONE!

Mountain #3......Setup a 12 man sales force that will help us. IN PROCESS (Deadline March 1)

Mountain #4......Setup an EFFECTIVE custom and individual Pitch Page for each and every one of the domains we represent. IN PROCESS. Will unveil some samples soon.

Mountain #5......Arrive in Las Vegas with at least 5-10 deals in hand.

Mountain #6.......By December 31st have at least 1 deal per week happening.

Mountain #7.......Go to our clients and tall them about the fight Danny and I had about the exclusive TERM. Danny wanted an exclusive for 2 years. I said no domainer would do that deal. I said 6 months. He said that would not be enough time to do what it would take. I said I will make you a deal. Let's do 1 year and I promise when I can go back to our clients on December 31st and demonstrate the progress we have made and the mountains we have moved, that 90% or more would stay on board with us. When they see a deal a week. That works because the next stop is 2 deals a week. Then 3. Then 4. Then 1 per day. When we reach 1 per day and there are 255 working days in a year for 9-5ers, everyone will know this game is BIG and the mountain has been MOVED!

But each step takes time to do it RIGHT if you want a success! Any MORON can try and do it FAST and fail! Failing is easy. Inside each mountain are hills with peaks and valleys. There is a path to follow and our job is to follow that path. A path I have been waiting to embark on for 17 years. Waiting for the EXACT right moment.

So if you are tired of hearing about this and what we are going to do to transform what we all do, then I am sorry. This is what I choose to write about and you can choose to ignore every word. I understand completely.

We have a mission!

What Danny and I are doing is good for me and it just happens to translate well to many others.

Moving mountains is not an easy thing to achieve. But when done in order and done right and done methodically and done in a deliberate way by 2 of the most passionate people you will likely ever see with a record of successes and assembling a sales team of like minded folks.....it will bring demonstrable results along the way.

Plus we have added nearly total transparency like no other company. Who does that? We don't have to do it. We choose that path because to be a win-win it has to work that way. Our motives are crystal clear. The benefits are crystal clear. Domainers win big. End users win big.

Need, want, desire, meet problem with a solution that equals more profits and accelerating growth.

So we are still in the marina collecting our gear and preparing. TRAFFIC is when we come back to port. We won't come empty handed and we won't have to invent stuff to save face. I can already give you a list of ACTIVE Joint Ventures. But that was not Danny's plan and I kind of screwed him up. Had this been pulled off the way he wanted and expected with just my domain names, he would have stolen the show.

But guess what? We won't come back empty handed and we will steal the show.

Just like leasing was the big topic out west a few weeks ago. It came up at panel after panel. WHY?? I planned it that way. Really. I'll tell that story some day in the future and can prove what I say. That was like a fun mini-mountain type experiment just for shits and giggles. Mostly for Danny's consumption. Just to prove something about marketing and TIMING! TIMING! TIMING! Lightng a fuse and knowing EXACTLY when and HOW it will go off. I just LOVE when a PLAN comes together!! (Thanks A-Team!)

Leasing has made folks think and many see what we see. Why? Because we moved the mountain. We moved the needle. We changed the conversation. We changed the direction and most importantly, we changed the attitude from one of fear and doubt to one of optimism and excitement. Like maybe there is hope that you can regain control of what we all do.

So think big or think small. But you can't move mountains playing small ball.

I imagine the folks with less than stellar portfolios that now have an opportunity to basically own 5% of Rings.com. Do 20 deals like that and it is like owning a domain like rings.com. Look at things differently. DARE to try! Is it that uncomfortable to look at success right in the face?

This post is for the Great Gratz, Frank Critelli, Al Heller, Bob Hayde and all domainers past, present and future.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz