Location, Location, Location Does Not Mean a BAD Location!!

Morning Folks!!

Want some examples of really bad locations? Confusing locations? Cute but confusing and so they are nothing at all? Just a little of what is to come. Who you will share the stage with. Who will make the smart guys a ton of money. You can't make this stuff up and I am sure a few will stroll in here and tell me this or that. Let me start slapping my knee right now before they even speak.

They don't pass the radio test. They fail the radio test. They don't pass the word of mouth test. They fail that one as well. The ONLY test they pass is the one that creates a 'State of confusion.'

Hey it's the weekend. Maybe I will uncover a hornets nest of domainers that think this is the way. This is the future. All I can say to them, be on time Monday morning.

These guys have the right arguments, just armed with the wrong names. That means they will always work harder for less.

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Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz