Armchair Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: Sales Team Now Recruiting Future MVPs

Morning Folks!!

My partner with sent this informal email
response about 2 hours after a pretty persistent guy sent us his third or
fourth email saying he was interested in working on our leasing and sales team.
Before we’d ever said anything publicly about leasing sales positions, we’ve
received a LOT of interest from folks assuming quite correctly that what we
plan simply cannot be accomplished by the two of us alone, and they want to get
some of the $$$ earned too. IIRC this
emailed interaction from which we modeled today’s post was 14 days ago, while
our focus was still securing our 2013 listings.

I’m not sure what surprised me more…that the guy Danny
composed the below to as an email is actually one of our 120 domain owner
clients, or that Danny replied to him so quickly with such extremely focused
vision and value exchange. Even I’m not sure how much of all this stuff he’s
had planned out for how long and how much he just creates on the fly as needed!
Either way…I must say, it’s impressive.

BTW, I’ve agreed / not yet agreed with Danny’s “3 and You’re
Free” idea for sales brokers to attend TRAFFIC free of charge for life
(sleeping on it). But we ARE
accepting video applications from applicants for the 12 available sales broker
positions…starting NOW, posted as links right here in the comments of this
blog. How’s that for “out of the box”?

Rick Schwartz

Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: Sales Team Now Recruiting Future
By Danny Welsh

There are a buncha people sending us unsolicited resumes and
it's wonderful to see, but we're not quite there yet in our roll-out and
scale-up plan, Michael.

Think of building blocks or Rick's pyramid of priorities he
blogs about all the time when he's bored.
That's an extremely important building
block to exploding revenue in a company that is in need of great sales help,
giving a guy who's ready to kill and eat a chance to do just that

But first Rick has been getting the SALES GUYS and ME the
best damn domain names on the planet to take to market. I'm helping too, a
little. :)

So that was our focus til 2/1.

Sales broker opportunities? Yeah, that’s one of the next 2
things on my priorities list.

I will be getting with Rick about more details soon but
here's something tasty for a tiger before we're ready to make a formal
announcement about sales sub-broker opportunities:

You ever seen the
NFL draft? If Rick agrees with me, we're going to reverse it..

Imagine 12 players
(that's you and 11 others) doing their research to make their #1-10 draft picks
of teams (those are domains) in a live, round-robin format once our sub-brokers
are hired they'll have 7 days to prepare for.

And you are getting a head start to research our
'teams' and figure out for YOU who your #1 draft picks would be. We're
going to make this business FUN and if you're a stick in the mud or debbie
downer, they won't have a place in OUR game, Michael.

100 of Rick's domain
names will be included in the draft,
and a select # of 100 or so of our 3rd party listings.

Simple, straight forward, no bullshit.

$500 cash deal completion fee plus 5% across the board of all
lump sum and long-term money (lease fee, lease deposit, lease-option sale
buyout, straight sale, etc)

'Who else wants $500 cash plus 5% of $5000/mo for as
many as 5 years or more and then a chance for 5% of $5,000,000 buyout?'
kind of thing. This could be really nice residual money and you’re doing GOOD
by connecting two parties (domain owner and domain tenant buyer) who will both
WIN when doing business together.

Sub-broker's role
will be to use my marketing help throughout the next months and years to bring
parties to the table already willing and able to pay the amount of money per
month (or close) the domain is priced at on a lease.

Qualified, interested, saying 'yes' to the monthly
lease amount = done deal in most cases you'd get paid for, though some DO take
time to go to closing. Here’s one caveat, though, and something that we do that
might appear counter-intuitive. While
that party says 'yes' is NOT the time like in most sales to “get the
deal done” immediately…nor to let it simmer.

With a unique ASSET
when there's only one in the world, when one party is qualified and ready to
pay that's when you turn up the HEAT and bring other parties to the table too.

They compete, you win no matter what, and only ONE of them
gets to win.

Is that sneaky? Maybe. But that’s the price Corporate
America will pay for sitting on their damn hands when they should have listened
to the innovative marketing people in their OWN companies who have been saying
for years “I really think we should do
something to get the unused domain name, boss! I really think it
would increase sales”
only to be told by a moron in middle management who
knows NOTHING about internet marketing, increasing sales, or domain names
something to the effect of: “If it’s so valuable, why isn’t anyone using it?”

Time to bypass the scarcity and security-minded morons
afraid of making a mistake and break on through to the CEO who has balls with
the message that THIS is one decision he needs to make IMMEDIATELY, before his
competition strikes faster.

I’ll teach you how to reach the decision maker and if you’re
the right guy, all you need to sell is already written in the sales manual that

Here’s the truth, pal:
knowing what we do about how AFFORDABLE it is to lease a quality
domain name for a $100,000 per year to the RIGHT company...when you (sales
broker) win, and we ( win, then so too do our client (domain
owner) and the business who wants that domain name too.


Rick will handle all domain-specific and more creative
deal-specific questions and negotiations, lease buyout formulas etc.

Though anything goes for creative deal-making so long as the cash that
goes to our client is FIRST.

If you want to do as I have done and negotiate 'Free
Food for Life' at a restaurant in exchange for a domain name...go for it

If you want to put a
WaterJetPack in your garage, then the deal should include one for us and one
for the owner of in exchange for a reasonable reduction in the
cash fee to lease his domain name.

If you want free
lessons on flying a jet from a fighter're going to have to fight me
for, because I guarantee you when things slow down I WILL
be marketing that domain name for Morgan Schwartz and I have no problem at all
telling the companies that want it that the first to sign, write a check, and
put me and our client Morgan into a jet at supersonic speed just once...gets
the domain lease they all want.

You get the idea? Yeah...this is how I think. EVERYTHING is
a joint venture. :)

Protected properties and warm leads for proven producers.

Great commissions.


Bonus contests with unheard-of payouts.

So long as it’s your client you bring in that does the
domain leasing deal, then for as long as Rick and I get paid, the sales sub-broker
who finessed the other party into a deal will too, and that includes on sales
buyouts too.

As long as you can
prove you added value to the negotiation, anyway, I will trust first and verify
and you will NEVER see me take money out of a guy's pocket that he knows he
But just sending an email saying ain't gonna cut
it. I can hire a 3rd world country person happy for an opportunity to send
emails all day long.

These are high level deals and while our team will use
infusionsoft affiliate tracking to give you links etc for tracking cookies,
it's up to you to stay on top of your leads as they come in, our ops team
filters them to you as they raise their hand saying 'I'm interested'
by filling out a form on our website, and your role to continue following up
until they say 'Where do I sign?'...including letting them know AFTER it's leased to someone else that it
is no longer available.

That’s called “You snooze, you lose” and almost no one in
sales does it because they don’t have a UNIQUE PRODUCT that has no viable
alternative for a discerning buyer.

We do. And if selected for our program, you will too. They
missed out on Well, offer them after the first one
is gone. They hesitated too long on and it’s now leased to
their competition? Maybe they’d like to tender and offer for before we go to market with it next and they run the risk
that their company that makes and sells tablet computers online may become
increasingly irrelevant in a sea of “me-too” competitors who do the same damn
thing and have to “build a brand” when they could have just wrote a check to
get one.

Like I said, we'll have a blast.

Hell, pick your own email address and brand identity to use
while it's unused. That way you're not calling from if you
don't want to be.

Want to be the only in the world?
just for the shock value?

Come on, have fun with this one. I DARE someone to call
advertising agencies and Inc 500 companies and say “This is Michael with, calling for President _______ about his/her interest in
making more sales this year. Thanks in advance for putting me through.”

They'll get past
gatekeepers and thru to the CEO so often it'll make your head spin just from
the PERCEIVED LEGITIMACY of a domain name like that matched as a business. It
can still be PARKED because it won’t matter to perception during that ONE phone

Don’t believe me? Make 50 targeted phone calls and come back
and tell me I’m the only person who can do it. I guarantee you I’m NOT, pal.
I’m good…but I’m not the best sales guy out there. I just know how to be
and sometimes being sneaky a little bit is what you need to get a message to
the right decision-maker at the right company at the right time to make the
right decision to seize an opportunity…before his company loses the once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to get on never-before-offered affordable leasing
terms to their “Category” industry competitor forever.

OK so you've got me off track and I have a half-dozen
contracts to process in my inbox right let me just say I'm glad you
reached out again and I'm excited that YOU'RE excited.

There's one thing I want to run by Rick because it's his
business with Howard Neu, not mine...but frankly I'm going to try and twist his
arm to agree to a '3 and you're free' deal for our sales team of sub-brokers
to attend T.R.A.F.F.I.C
. So long as you have 3 monthly paying
domain lease deals, call it a perk and a chance to have some cameraderie and
build your network on our dime. Again I don't have any pull with Rick to get
people discounts or special offers to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in exchange for them
choosing to become a client but I WILL ask him to make a
special exception for the guys who maybe can't afford T.R.A.F.F.I.C. but are
busting their ass to make something great happen on our sales team instead of
bitching and moaning that Rick Schwartz is somehow 'lucky'.

Frankly I don't have that kind of power, only Rick himself
and his partner with the conference. I'm optimistic he and Howard may give ME a
special deal on attending T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and being a sponsor, maybe even
speaking if the people want me to...but even that is uncertain. Have you tried negotiating with Rick
Schwartz? ;) Let's say I'd be VERY surprised if a TRAFFIC special deal for
becoming a client were to happen, but I'll go to the mat with
Rick for anyone that's making he and I money in sales to get it. It's just a
different scenario, and everyone who's used to paying $1500 to come and it's no
biggie for them shouldn't complain. We'll see what Rick thinks so PLEASE don't
share that idea with anyone!

If all that intrigues you, stay in touch.

You're MY #1 pick just from the fact that you put your balls
out there and say what you say, asking for opportunity.

I told you a few weeks ago that guys like you and me are a
rare breed, pal. Well, it's time to create an INSTANT ARMY of us. I'm already
looking for the Sergeant so I can move up to Captain and prepare the way for
being the Colonel with the more leadership-oriented responsibilities I need to
be to make this all work. Rick of course is and always will be the
General...but if I could just share with you how much this guy they call the
Domain King has taught me about business and making stuff happen in the last
few months, your jaw would drop.

For the right guy or gal, with the right skills, and the
right mindset, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

And even though I know damn well Rick and I will be training
our competition within maybe 3 years when you start getting massive success...I
just don't worry about that stuff.


Danny Welsh

P.S. Sorry, but email address is going to be
taken whenever I get around to asking it to be set up. But you can have next
pick on that scenario.

Have fun with it, cuz if it ain't fun it ain't worth doing.