I am So Sorry to Those to Come and All those Before.

Morning Folks!!

I am sorry. Let me get it off my chest now so I don't have to address it in 2016 or 2020 or 2025 or whenever. I am sorry for something I routinely do and even tho you don't exist now you will be angry at me years later when you do show up.

So I want to apologize here and now just like I should have done in 1995 and 1996. I want to apologize for getting the jump on the masses. For seeing things before most others. For being years ahead of where you are even tho you have yet to even start your journey.

But it will be me that you blame for this or that because I was YEARS ahead of you and thus I will be enjoying the fruits and you will blame me for not leaving fruit for you. So I am sorry. So I want to say how sorry I am now so you know I was thinking about you even tho you are not even in the stadium yet. So I can at least leave you this apology and I can point folks to it in the years to come.

But I always left not only bread crumbs, but meals and feasts along the way with plenty of fruit. Did you not see those? Did you not read the directions left for you? Specifically for you? Everything but your personal name on it. Were you too busy using your energy to blame me? Walking east looking for the sunset?

I am so sorry if you missed all of that. I am even sorrier for the next stage and once again you will miss it even tho it has been no secret.

We have been called cybersquatters but have all but defeated that myth. We have been the target of many WIPO and NAF actions and now we win more than we lose. We have exposed the dirty secret of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and now those companies are marked FOREVER and that is making that practice one that may soon be extinct.

So I want to say how sorry I am for the many that will blame me/you tomorrow, the next days and all the days after. I am so sorry you are so misguided, jealous, work hard but not smart and that the only way to fix that is turn 180 degrees and use your energy more efficiently and effectively. Or not. But if you do then life will be better and you too will get to say you are sorry someday.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz