BREAKING!! The Entire 2013 Domain Leasing List.

Morning Folks!!

I want to thank the 120 different domainers that we represent with the following 304 domain names as well as 100 of my own. So this is the list we go to market with in 2013. I decided to put in in REVERSE alphabetical order. I like change!

We fought hard to arm ourselves with the best domains available that we believe fit our leasing model. We know this won't be easy, simple or fast. But each day we will press on until our goals are met. That means by the end of 2013 we should have built a head of steam and there will be no doubt how serious we have been these past few months.

It's not for me to release the names of the domainers involved. But I can tell you there are many familiar names and we really appreciate that you have decided to run with us.

You 120 are the ONLY folks we answer to from this day forward. Each of you know what we are up against. Each of you know this won't be easy. Each of you know that Danny and I will work TIRELESSLY on your behalf as well as ours to find the highest and best use of each domain below.

I think that is the one thing nobody questions. Some toss the word 'tirelessly' around. But I think we have demonstrated what that means when aimed at domainers just to get the following list possible.

Now we take that same energy and MORE on the road in the other direction! Aimed at end users that think big, dream big and have the track record and ability to see what we see. Pretty simple. For every 9999 that don't get it. ONE, gets it!

Now I have not told you everything. In time I will tell you a promise I made Danny later this year. Nothing happens overnight but in the months ahead we will demonstrate just how far we have all traveled from 'Base Camp' in October.

I am sure Danny will be making one more statement or two before we go off and do what we plan. Yes, there really is a plan. Don't underestimate Danny Welsh. In TIME you folks will all understand what I mean and together we are going to change OUR own destiny. Why? Because this is what we believe and our job is to explain why we do with the evidence we have. And of course because it is a win-win situation for all and when you demonstrate that FACT, the rest is pretty easy. Know why? NEED, WANT, DESIRE. And then when you add DOLLARS to the end of that equation, that my friends is called a GRANDSLAM.COM!

Rick Schwartz
Have a GREAT Day!

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