HallofShame.com to Add Attorney Section. Will List Each and Every Firm that has been Engaged in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking!

Morning Once Again Folks!!

With each Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision there is about to be a new price to be paid.

Starting next week, we are going to publish the name of each and every attorney and the law firms they REPRESENT and have the listed permanently on HallofShame.com.

There will be a link to each firm so they KNOW!

Folks, I am out to stop this and I will. Period! Lawyers know better. Now THEY are at risk of not only sinking their own careers but bring down their entire law firm with them. This is not fixable for them. But it can be stopped for us.

They know better! Their firms know better. And now they have to live with the consequences of their actions.

Rick Schwartz

Breaking: Jetgo Australia Holdings Pty Limited is a Reverse Domain Name Hijacker on Jetgo.com

Morning Folks!!

One more for the hall of shame.

Frank Schilling wins big!!

The Complainant is Jetgo Australia Holdings Pty Limited of Queensland, Australia, represented by Sparke Helmore Lawyers, Australia.

The Respondent is Name Administration Inc. (BVI) of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, represented by John Berryhill, Ph.d. esq., United States of America.

"The Panel considers that the Complaint filed in this case was brought in bad faith, and constitutes an abuse of the administrative proceeding, on the basis that it is seriously misleading. In particular, the Complaint fails to set out fully facts that were fundamental to the Complainant’s case and of which the Complainant had knowledge – namely, the Complainant’s unsolicited initiation and renewal of communications with the Respondent regarding possible purchase of the disputed domain name. By failing to state these facts, the Complaint makes an implied assertion that is false – namely, that the Respondent’s offer to sell the disputed domain name to the Complainant for a substantial sum was unsolicited by the Complainant. This false assertion might have misled the Panel had not the Respondent provided the evidence, readily available to the Complainant, that refuted this implied assertion. To knowingly make a false implied assertion on a material issue is evidence that the Complaint was brought in bad faith. Furthermore, it is simply not fair to require the Respondent to provide evidence establishing that the Complainant’s case on a material issue is without basis when the Complainant must have known this fact.

Having regard to all the circumstances of the filing of this Complaint, the Panel is of the view that the Complaint was brought in bad faith and constitutes an abuse of the administrative proceeding that is provided by the Policy."


This post will be updated. Congrats to John Berryhill and Frank Schilling!!

WE will end this! Reverse Domain Name Hiajcking is going to be at the end of the road! Sparke Helmore Lawyers, Australia, welcome to the club! You have soiled YOUR name too! Hope you are proud. YOUR NAME will appear on Hallofshame.com for the WORLD to see! Your entire legal team infected!


Rick Schwartz

Housing.co.in Buys Housing.com

Morning Folks!!

It's all about swimming upstream and upstream is .com and we just keep finding PURE EVIDENCE.

Today more pure evidence as Housing.co.in figured out what so many other will and that is they need the .com to compete in the major leagues of the world stage. Pure and simple. No nonsense. They are not the first and this will just be a growing trend. Viva gTLDS's baby!! The greatest fuel .com can ever dream to get.

The entire story is here.

World stage or a local yokel? Choose!

And they got a bargain!

Rick Schwartz


What do You do When the Confusion starts and You Get Confused?

Morning Folks!!

Within a year most folks won't know which way is up or down when it comes to domain investing. The voices will be all over the place and eventually you may want to put your hands over your ears and walk away. But walk to where?

Well, my advice in this coming year when confusion sets in is to come right here and read my posts and let me help you untangle the knot of confusion.

To that end you might want a get a current list of all extensions and see how many of each are registered. Then you have to discount each and every defensive domain. They mean nothing to anyone but the registries. They are not really part of the eco system because of their use or non use.

So don't be fooled by misleading this and that. Stuff that has no influence in value or need. Self serving press releases that will basically make a lot of stuff up. So when you do read these releases, read between the lines. There are going to be thousands of them to come. Many thousands. Our minds could not even absorb what is coming and then actually separate what is truly meaningful.

700 rocks. How many are precious and have long-lasting value? That is what we are about to learn.

Every extension has an infinite amount of combinations and names and that is only with trademarks. There is no limit regardless of what you hear. Just look at this story by Berkens. There is an infinite amount of domains in each and every extension. Every lawyer in the world should come to the domain industry because there is an infinite amount of work and billing. So more than anything else, it will likely open up trademarks to more abuse than ever before. Profiting on those trademarks.

It's gonna be fun tho as we all watch this clusterf*ck unfold. Like 700 different soap operas. And everyone reading this should benefit from it no matter how badly this was all thought out. 70o and who will dominate? Who will die on the vine. Consolidation is already in full force. Every domainer that does not have a domain portfolio to support themselves will eventually find jobs in these companies as domain experts. So that is just one of the things that will unfold and will be very visible.

So when you are exhausted and confused, this is the place to come to untangle the mess that is coming. You may or may not agree with my writings. 90% chance you won't agree. Maybe higher. Scares the crap outta me when too many agree. But it will be VERY hard to disagree with the questions I ask, the pitfalls I point out and the numbers that some will try to use to fool.

We each have an opinion about what is to come. If you really want to know, watch what they do don't listen to what they say.

Rick Schwartz

What do Millionaires See That Others Don’t?

Morning Folks!

As I have stated over and over since June, the recession is over and the boom has begun. I summarized things here just last week. Now what am I seeing that so many others are not? But an even more important question is asked by cnbc.com in a story today.

"What do millionaires know that we don't? Optimism hits high"

"The Spectrem Group's Millionaire Confidence Index, which measures the investment outlook of the wealthy, reached its highest limit in its 9½-year history. After bumping along in single digits since the recession, millionaire confidence suddenly spiked to 23."

"Basically, that means millionaires—those with $1 million or more in investible assets—are poised to move some of their huge piles of cash off the sidelines and into the market. The last time the index hit 23 was when it launched in 2004."

Rick Schwartz


Domain Registry of America NEXT to be Featured on HallofShame.com

Morning Folks!!

In the latest HallofShame.com update, we have added a new section for Scammers!

In this section we will be including Scammers, Spammers, Shill Bidders and those that don't follow thru on deals.

Domain Registry of America is a scam that most of us already know about. Here are some details.

They will be added with our first Inductee, WebNameSolutions.com

Exposure is their Achilles tendon until the law and the authorities catch up with these folks.

We want to start with companies and work our way down. This is not the place to comment against others. So unless I see many, I reserve my right not to post those comments that may not be appropriate for the blog.

Rick Schwartz


The TRAFFIC Auction List!

Morning Folks!!

This is the semi-final list of domains that will be in the live and/or silent auction at TRAFFIC on October 21st.  We won't accept any more contracts after Friday. So whatever we have in hand on Friday is what we go with. If you returned a contract and NOT on this list, contact me ASAP!!

Under $100k
GoldWanted.com (Pair)
SilverWanted.com (Pair)
Under $50k
Under $25k
Under $10k
Under $7500
Art DecoFurniture.com
BionicFashion.com & 
Under $5000
Under $3000
Under $2000
Under $1000
No Reserve

WebNameSolution.com First to be Featured on HallofShame.com New Scammer Section!

Afternoon Folks!!

Our first scammer, and spammer is going to be WebNameSolution.com when we open up this week. They seem to get credit card numbers and then not fulfill the orders. That would take you to the next logical question. What are they doing with those credit card numbers? They have been at it for years and I think the way to stop these folks is to have their merchant accounts closed. The FBI needs to be investigating and closing these type operations down. But until then, circulation is king!

From a domain owner that had  a domain sold by Webnamesolution.com to ME last week and I received this TODAY when I contacted the owner:

"Thanks for the heads-up. We have never heard of this company "WebnameSolution" and are in no way affiliated with them.

I have advised our legal team of this scam."

Here is what RipoffReport.com had to say about them.

And if you do a search on Google, This is the junk they have to live with. They need to be shut down!

If you have been scammed by these folks, please leave a comment below.

Webname Solution
3551 St Charles suite 293
Montreal, Qc H9H 3C4


Administrative Contact:
Solution, Webname Email Masking Image@webnamesolution.com
3551 St Charles suite 293
Montreal, Qc H9H 3C4

Technical Contact:
Solution, Webname Email Masking Image@webnamesolution.com
3551 St Charles suite 293
Montreal, Qc H9H 3C4

Record last updated 11-21-2012 09:39:44 AM
Record expires on 12-02-2014
Record created on 12-02-2004

If you have been scammed by a domainer or company and have the evidence, send it over for review. If a domainer backed out of a deal and you have the evidence, send it over for review. If you know a fake bidder and have the proof, send it over for review. If you keep getting spammed even after you ask several times to remove, send it over for review. This is the way to clean things up. You free to try your way.

Rick Schwartz

HallofShame.com to Add Domainer and Company Section

Afternoon Folks!!

There are some bad players in our space. Some are fake bidders. Some are domain name hijackers. Some just don't complete their transactions. Some are spammers that lie and fake you out. So we are going to EXPOSE the low-lifes of our industry as well as Reverse Domain Name hijackers with a new special section on HallofShame.com

I will start by featuring a company this week, that fakes people out as I promised in an email to them a few minutes ago. Time to clean things up. If that pisses you off, then be pissed. But I am going to expose each of your asses one at a time and then you can go look for something else to do with your new found time.

Rick Schwartz

Need, Want, Desire, Fully Defined Like Never Before! What it Means to You!

Morning Folks!!

If you can't get over the hurdle of Need, Want and Desire, you can't even talk about value or price. Now unsuccessful domainers and those in failing businesses everywhere ignore these 4 simple elements. Easy elements. Elementary elements. The basis for business itself. But if you don't get that part, how are you as a domainer going to have the capability of looking at something through the eyes of another? The John Jones Story. Go search for it on my blog if you are the type to progress.

So let me help define it for you so maybe you will see why you are not succeeding and on the wrong track. And for those that are doing well this will reinforce and sharpen what you already do naturally but may have never sat down to isolate each piece of the equation of business like I am about to do.

I know I repeat Need, Want, Desire a lot. So ask yourself why? It was the missing elements of gTLD's that led me to figure this out and not articulate a bit further. At the end of reading this ask yourself the question. Put anything you want to the test. Is it needed? Is it wanted? Is it desired? And "Need" is the top of the pyramid.


: a situation in which someone or something must do or have something

: something that a person must have : something that is needed in order to live or succeed or be happy

: a strong feeling that you must have or do something


: to desire or wish for (something)

: to need (something)

: to be without (something needed)


: to want or wish for (something)

: to feel desire for (something)

: to express a wish for (something)

:  to long or hope for 


: the amount of money that something is worth

: the price or cost of something

: something that can be bought for a low or fair price

: usefulness or importance


: the amount of money that you pay for something or that something costs

: the thing that is lost, damaged, or given up in order to get or do something

: the amount of money needed to persuade someone to do something


These are the building blocks of business! Any business. Any good or service. Without defining and fulfilling these elements means you can't. And if you can't failure is in the direction you may be heading.

The difference between a $100 domain and a $1 million domain is understanding this post. There is nothing to argue with here. If you are arguing, you are not understanding. You are not wrapping your head around the most basic building business principles. You have an opportunity to change that right now.

These are not things I was ever taught and I doubt they teach this anywhere to begin with. Just things I was able to figure out over time and experience. Take it for what it is worth.

Good Luck!

Rick Schwartz