Where are the Numbers???? It’s all BS without NUMBERS!!

Morning Folks!!

This is the best! No, this is better! Forget them this is the way! No, this one has a better solution. So now that we have established that everyone is full of shit, it is time to allow them to redeem themselves.

Let’s talk NUMBERS folks!! Only numbers. Specific domains and specific numbers. Don't list one, that does not count.

List 50 domain names. List the income on ppc or whatever the starting page. List the income on a new solution. Mini -site, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, CPL, choose your poison. Let’s see NUMBERS not bluster. Numbers. Dozens of domains not isolated blips. Folks have 100,000 domains, so list 1000 names. Just 1% and let’s see numbers. Doing it once on one domain, does not count. You must be able to repeat and do it hundreds of times, thousands of times, not 3 times. List with daily traffic and earnings and then the revised numbers after any type revision. If you are not willing to post NUMBERS…..I believe nothing. Not just ONE domain. Minimum of 12. Then repeat next month. The following month as well. A solution for 1 month is no solution at all. Let me see a domain grow over 12 months, 24 months. Come on. I think it is all Bullshit. I think 90% of the posts these days are just self serving BS.

Now the truth of the matter is there are tried and true ways to make more money off a domain. First is building a full blown business. Second is hooking up with someone with a full blown business. Any questions? The whole point is being able to do this on a mass level and repeat, repeat, repeat. Let’s peel back all numbers, all costs, all time involved. Real numbers. Not percentages. Not hocus pocus. DOLLARS and CENTS!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “Where are the Numbers???? It’s all BS without NUMBERS!!

  1. Steve Fox

    I think you are 100% and we won’t see anyone taking you up on your challenge.
    I developed only two domains so far.
    sell sheets
    Unfortunately after teaming up with them they go hit with a virus.
    scrabble cheat
    But nobody clicks any links.
    So I am off to a very poor start.

  2. Aron

    OH, I know exactly who you’re talking about ;)
    If I wrote a blog, this would be one of my first posts as well.

  3. Anunt

    If you are a seller, why show the numbers?
    If you show the numbers, most buyers are only willing to pay 5 years income or less…and you are trying to get atleast 20 – 100 years income…so why show the numbers?

  4. Frankie Aladi

    Have you considered the fact that most people who have 1000 effective domains may not even read this post or bother to prove there effectiveness. My point if you have 1000 effective domains, you will not have time to talk about it.

  5. John

    Third is stop reading blogs and get to work :) You never answer any questions in the comments..

  6. Shiphouse

    I find Anunt’s comment to be ridiculous and a material flaw with respect to the mentality of some individuals involved in the domain industry. When I approach somebody to buy a name and they will not provide me with any earnings data I find it hard to take the price they are selling the name at seriously. Perhaps I like the name xyz.com and I see the asking price is 100K, fine, but at least provide me with some raw data to back it up, if you are unwilling to do this that is it, obviously you are overcharging for the name and know that hence the lack of transparency.
    Time and time again the phrase “they just don’t get it” comes up when speaking of mainstream media and mutli-national corporations regarding domain names. Perhaps they don’t fully yet grasp what the value of a domain name can currently do for them but what they have no tolerance for is lack of transparency. In order for them to make any type of investment an ROI needs to be assigned to the investment they are making if they cannot model or quantify the ROI the investment cannot be made.
    With that said analytics behind the names need to be made transparent. In addition, if you are unwilling to invest even a small amount in the names you hold (both $ and time) you should not expect to realize the names full return. With the advent of mini-sites and services that are creating turn key business models why would somebody take a punt on a crappy name when they can go buy a functioning site with a solidified return stream and platform on which to build on?

  7. Richard St.Cyr

    Hi Rick,
    One question? Does the potential of a name count in its value or only the numbers.
    You know the x factor.
    Have a nice 4th of July
    Richard St.Cyr

  8. Lda

    A domain’s ‘intrinsic worth/future potential’ vs. present earnings (all sources) is a very old argument.
    Why are you now suggesting the latter is more important when YOU have disproven this MANY times (PartnerCash.com, iReport.com etc.) ??
    Present earnings is an upper asymptote which limits valuations by ignoring future potential.
    Take your trousers off Rick, your voice is being muffled.

  9. Rick Schwartz

    This post is not about buying and selling domain names. Has nothing to do with buying and selling domains. The focus of this post is earnings that domains are making and increasing those earnings. It’s about numbers a domain earned on ppc and the same domain after you build a mini site to use. Or use another method to monetize domain names.
    Sorry, but not about buying, selling or flipping domain names. It’s about taking a domain name that is making $5 a day and making it make $25/day, $250/day, etc and do it on a mass scale.


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