Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs are what Domains are all about

Morning Folks!!

The #1 question I always hear is basically how do you pick great domain names? To that I can say it is all about nouns, adjectives and verbs. That is my guiding light of picking domain names. My foundation. The best domains other than 1 word nouns, adjectives and verbs are 2 word domains. A preceded by an adjective or a verb. So you can start with the base which for example would be which is the noun. Then the job of mining begins. How many different ways can you either describe candy or categorize candy? There are hundreds if not more. (Adjective, Noun) (Adjective, Noun) (Verb, Noun) (Verb, Noun) (Adjective, Noun)

You can repeat this for every noun there is. However I focus on “Commercial” type domains. Items to purchase. Businesses to create. Sometimes the two word domain can trump the one worder because it is more specific. It is not limited to this but this is the foundation of how I mine. Verbs are great as well. would be a verb domain. Then you could describe different ways of travel with an adjective or a noun.

So when you see unrelated words stuck together with a .com on the end…..that is NOT a domain name. I am not sure what it is. Great domains have certain elements. Finding them just depends how far down you want to drill. A domain like candy already has been mined and mined so little is left. But other NOUNS have not been mined to that degree. Pick a noun any noun. You are now on your way.

Have a Great Day!

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs are what Domains are all about

  1. Ross

    LOL, Rick sounds like the old gold mine days the way you talk. Sound advice none the less though ;)!

  2. Altaf

    Great Post! We always tried to follow you and will be doing it at our best to try, tho cannot like you. Gone are the days..
    Have a great time!

  3. Rob Sequin

    Right again and this applies to geodomains as well.
    Pick a city near you and drill baby drill!

  4. Richard St.Cyr

    Hi Rick,
    I like the way you explained that noun stuff.
    Simple but true, thanks for helping us out so we can grow!
    Richard St.Cyr

  5. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I happen to own a very special 6 letter domain that can be branded as either or and have struggled with accentuating U.S. or the other choice the verb Use along with the connecting Biz. They are both powerful combinations and I am wondering how you would recommend I accentuate these six letters ? I would be most grateful for your comment.

  6. Christine

    Thanks, Rick, for putting it so simply.
    I have what may be a stupid question: what are your thoughts on domains like TrafficZone or RefinanceArea? (Just making these domains up as I type.)
    Strictly speaking, those domains are AdjNoun / NounNoun, but the power noun is up front and the second noun is nonspecific. I surmise these would be considered somewhat second class, but would you consider them to be crap?
    I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.


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