20 Year Plan enters the 4th Quarter.

Morning folks!!

My family (mom, wife, 2 brothers and 2 sister-in-laws and sometimes
my niece) meet on Sundays for breakfast for the past 15 years or so. We have a
9AM breakfast about 35 Sunday’s a year. So more often than not. That is nothing
unusual. But what is a bit quirky, is that if you are not there by 8:15, you
are late. Go figure.

I love getting up early on Sunday and out the door by 7:30. No traffic.
No stress. The only day of the week I have to be somewhere early. It
makes me appreciate not sitting in rush hour traffic Monday-Friday like
I used to do and most people still do. Every 6 months I have to go to
the doctor for bloodwork. That is the one day I have to deal with the
real world. I hate it, but it makes me appreciate not dealing with it on a daily basis.

That’s kind of the way the domain business works for me. I
retired back in 1998. But in my retirement I work more than ever because it is
no longer work. It is a hobby. A passion. A way of life. A great love. Maybe even a calling. A
lot of different things. I can remember only one time I did not check my email
in a 24 hour period. That was only because I was on a plane and could not get
online back in those days. That does not mean I will answer the email at that
time. Some emails need time to think about or check with others or a host of
things that would make it a different timeline for answering. Sometimes I just
don’t feel like it but since I prioritize things, I always answer things that
are pressing. 24/7/365

One time in all these years. So do we really ever get a day
off? I watch folks online with different business ethics. I don’t get it. If
your cash register is open your customer service has to be open. Servers are
down for hours and they don’t even know about it. For $30 you could have your
servers monitored 24/7. I have used those services since 1997. I would not live
without it. I even put it on SPONSORS SERVERS before I even use them to see if
they get bogged down with traffic at peak times. Sometimes I know more about
that part of their business then they do. ISP’s are the worst. MOST ISP’s are
down for considerable amounts of time. MOST. Don’t argue unless you have tested
them. I have. MOST.

So if their basic work ethics are still based on real world
bankers hours, their customer service is only open part time, they still depend
on their techie to make sales and they don’t know how often their servers are
down…..you can see the Internet has a long way to go to mature, develop and
expand. Hey, let's have another meeting in which we fail to make timely decisions and file a report to the higher ups who can also have a meeting and make no timely decisions. Where the hell is the 'Sense of Urgency' in all this?!!

Life as we know it is changing. Those that see the change, embrace the change, understand
the change, will be able to harness the power that change is making. Domainer’s
too must change. But I don't have the patience and my posts are not geared to
people that buy and sell 4th class, low quality domains. They play a
game that may make them a living, but won’t make them wealthy. I do try and
reach them and hope they raise their game. The opportunity is there. Just like
the pretty girl in the room. But for some reason they are afraid to approach

The point of all this is there is so much opportunity, so
much room for improvement, so many mistakes being made, so many ways to fix
things and make them better. But one thing keeps standing in the way of
progress and success and that thing is called “Human Nature.” The greatest
asset and the greatest enemy. The good news is that the worse things get the
more of a chance you have to crack and change human nature. That my friends is where OUR
opportunity comes to life. We are on their path. They just don’t know it yet.
Many of you don’t know it yet. I just decided to set up an umbrella on the
beach, have a Pina Colada, and wait for the masses. I KNOW where they will end
up, so that means that if I chase them for 20 years I will be wasting time and
energy. I can just sit on the beach because I already found what they are
searching for. When they finally get here they will be in shambles. But they
will get here and they will be ready to do business when they do.

I will be announcing 4 new deals that I did in July alone. I love a recession. The pain is yet to come. That is the best part. Pain equals opportunity. The next 5 years will be the years and the recession only helps. I will demonstarte before your very eyes deal after deal after deal and it will be when folks think I am taking about doom and gloom. Folks that think that are not reading my posts correctly. It's about catching record amounts of fish during a great storm. When you are prepared for the storm you can fish. When you are not prepared, you have no time to fish. Some play offense, some play defense. I play both at the proper time and do it in my leisure becuase in life if you are one step ahead you can be on cruise control with no worries. One step behind and your life is about scrambling. Catching up. Never being ahead. Are you always late to an appointment? Set your watch 15 minutes ahead.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “20 Year Plan enters the 4th Quarter.

  1. Anthony

    Rick have you ever contemplated getting your own reality TV show ? … Imagine the possibilites of all that exposure with the corporate world … I know it would be fascinating and inspiring to watch … while people bought lotto tickets … you literally printed your own and cashed them in one by one :) Anthony

  2. Michael Castello

    I like this post. Your Title popped off the screen. At the last conference I told the audience David and I have waited the last 15 years for the next five. For years we have been telling people that domains are their safe harbor from the approaching storm. Things are going to get real interesting.

  3. Anthony

    You sound peaceful Rick…. I can usually detect the frustraion in your posts.
    Good for you man, I am jealous though. I am the late one that always seems to be in the right place after everyone has shown up. Never believed in wearing a watch. Became a habit, always had the pretty girl in the past though and everything always seemed to fall in place…. I think it was youth;) Thought I had some pretty girls, but now i’m thinking I’m shallow Hal! Time will tell!

  4. Harry L Shields

    My family (mom, wife, 2 brothers and 2 sister-in-laws and sometimes my niece) meet on Sundays for breakfast for the past 15 years or so. Very powerful statement of fact. If we all could be so fortunate to have close family gatherings the world would be a better place. Many may not believe this, but I believe this is where Rick obtains his strengths. I’m sure mom, wife, etc. have been very influential in Rick’s hobby. I’m going to be early from now on!


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