You Can’t Control What you Can’t Control. So why do so Many Try to Control it? DUH!

Morning Folks!!

There is a big difference in what you can and can't control and otherwise smart people have yet to learn that. It blows me away. You DEAL with things you can't control head on, you don't WISH for things to go one way or another. That's wasting time.

You can't stop progress yet that is exactly what so many in this business and other businesses try and do. You MUST evolve with the changing times and times are changing faster than any point in all of history. That's a FACT! You may not be able to see it, but whose shortcoming is that?

There is no substitute for awareness. NONE! You have to be aware if you really want to survive and thrive. I have seen REAL depressions and folks, this ain't one of them. There are some hard times, but depression is between the ears because more opportunity right this second than any point in history. But how do you convince those that don't beleive it?

At Harvard they teach you to CREATE jobs not to get a job. That my friends is all you really need to know.

When an item is introduced like iPads and iPhones there is a NEED for supplemental products. In the USA we have basic accessories. Go to Asia and you would see thousands of new products not offered in the USA. Anybody reading this can go and find one item to market and change their destiny.

So control what you can and stop wasting all that time and energy on things you can't. With your new found time, you should be able to make something happen. When you make something happen, you make money.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz