T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App Update and Sponsoring Opportunity

Morning Folks!!

As is the way I view life and business the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App is out there and working. Water thru the pipes. May not be the best, but water comes in and goes out. But now the work really begins. We will be refining the app and making it much more valuable, usable and address some basic issues.

Below is a list of improvements. We have things scheduled in 3 phases. The first phase will be in progress by next week. Once we do that and evaluate how much progress we have made we will prioritize things for phase 2. It is going to cost ten's of thousands if not more to get this evolved to where we want. But our deadline is not until next October, however I think it will be the spring when all 3 phases are complete.

Each phase will add value and usability. It is geared to the top tier of the domain industry but we do have plans for a parallel platform for a general domain audience with limited functionality.

  • Turn the domain list into an accordion menu and offer an ‘expand all’ button.

  • Allow users to return to the same spot when returning to the list.

  • Automatically resize uploaded images to 2 sizes, 1 thumbnail, 1 card

  • Fix appearance of pictures

  • Allow users to filter list by categories AND sort list by last name or company name

  • Add additional domain attributes (Looking for Buyer, Looking for Partner, Looking for Service)

  • Add a personal message for the domain

  • Add text search for domainer names and domain names

  • Link forgot password page to the login screen and shorten reset password

  • Add a change password page link to “Your trading card”

  • Automatically email users their name and password when signing up

  • And many more

So just a quick update about what we are doing and hope you enjoy it more and more as these basic things are addressed and major additions come.

We will also be looking for a sponsor or two. We can integrate their companies right into the app itself. We will probably price it by a bidding process that we will open in January. One slot will already be allocated to the overall sponsor of the show and that means there will only be a couple slots that are ever open to a sponsorship. Right now the platform could handle up to 4 total sponsors and be sold on an annual basis only. The sponsorship $$$ will keep going into development to make the app more and more valuable. Sponsors can even have input how their company would work inside our app. A new avenue of revenue.

So we are working on all types of enhancements and hope you enjoy as we keep adding value to the App and the Show itself.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. May Offer up to $25,000 CASH PRIZE to Best Developers of OUR Domains!

Morning Folks!!

Thinking out loud mode ON.........

It all starts with an idea. An unpolished idea. But a nucleus. There are contradictions in an idea and the key is figuring out those dilemmas. So here is an idea to build on. It's not an original idea, but it is unique to our dilemma of having great properties and in need of a profitable idea/business. A business.

Our #1 common problem is we have great real estate and we have yet to have many ideas to turn that real estate into income producing businesses. Into an asset that is exponentially more valuable than a parked page. Into a thriving business or marketplace. If we unlock that door, everything we do changes.

As always, first you must identify the problem. Then you need to identify the missing pieces of the puzzle while you are strengthening the pieces of the puzzle you have. Time and Times are the other 2 ingredients. The time and timing is right o pull this off.

So I have a seed of an idea that Howard and I started exploring last summer but there was not enough time to do it in a meaningful way. Instead of 'Test Track' next year at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. What if we had a competition? A competition with maybe $25,000 if that what it takes. $50,000 if we can really nail a solid formula.

The idea is to reach outside the domain industry to the developer world. It is something I already explored a bit over the summer and a couple development companies I talked to liked the plan. Not freelance developers, but they would not be excluded, but top tier development companies.

Here is how it could work: (and this is raw and will evolve with your help)

Domainers could offer up a domain they would like to get developed into a business. They pay an entry fee to have different companies build out their site. The winning developers would not only get a cash prize, but would be highly sought after for future development projects. I would think 50% of the prize money would come from folks that want a site built and to have 5 different versions to choose from. What is the value of that to me? To us? I guess that depends on who builds out those sites. But the more we have entered, the broader the contest and the more prize money could be awarded.

I think the cash prize would drum up a lot of interest. I think there is also a possibility that one of the developed sites could be profitable. Could be wildly successful. So there could even be a long term component of this for the winner.

The key is figuring out a formula that is attractive to all parties and moves the ball forward for all to see. Maybe even corporations, schools would get involved. If you have been pitching an end user, this may be of interest to them.

Here are a couple of guidelines. The site should have a 'Cash Register' and there can be no 3rd party PPC ads on the site. This MUST be a business.

Again, this is simply a SEED of an idea. It's rough, raw. Together we can figure out a winning formula in the days ahead and I can implement that idea. If it fails, we will learn. If it succeeds, not only will we learn, but we have a chance to BUST OUT at a crucial time and blaze some new paths.

The key is bringing in developers from outside the industry. A fresh set of eyes. Not mass marketed type sites. It could be large companies or solo acts. Sometimes a 1 hour simple site can catch more business than the fanciest of sites with all the bells and whistles.

The ability to grow what you have is the key of any successful business. What do you think would work? Keep it SIMPLE. It's all about the 'Formula.' This post I am simply thinking out loud. It weaves and turns and repeats. But that is the evolution of a successful idea and actually implementing it.

I would like to see 5 different domainers each come to the table with 5 domains and $2500. From that we would have at least 5 bonafide development companies each pick one domain from each domainers group and compete to make the best site. So we would get 50% of the funding via those that have the most to gain and TRAFFIC would pony up the other 50%. Again, just thinking out loud and how to construct a winning hand and make something BIG happen.

Like always, some will get on the field and play and participate. My gamble is just finding 5 domainers that like the idea and want to be a player and then going to those development companies and making the pitch. I will need help in targeting the right companies.

Thinking out loud mode OFF.........

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

When you Celebrate Great Success One of Two Things Happen.

Morning Folks!!

When you celebrate great success one of two things happen. You either help folks in back of you or you step on their fingers to make sure they don’t catch up. The overwhelming answer is most help others. You feel a need deep inside to give back. That is the bi-product. That certainly upsets the other group that wants to keep folks back. So there is the first line of battle. First line of detractors. They are out to protect what they have and they believe by locking others out they can accomplish that. They are wrong, but don't tell them that.

I believe when you help those behind you do something good and when you do good, you get rewarded. I believe that opportunity is not a threat when more are involved. I believe that more involved provide greater opportunity.

Some see all the next extensions as a threat. I see it exactly the opposite. I see it as great opportunity that will make my dotcom assets increase in value, not decline. Expansion is not a bad thing. Yes, if you are a one trick pony and don’t know how to adapt then you are also likely very defensive. If you believe in the future and the future holds more opportunity not less, than you are on offense.

Lots of millionaires have lost their homes in the last few years and a lot more will be losing them in the future. Which way do you think they see life? Somewhere along the way they did a bad job of planning and not doing the math if things get tight or unforeseen things strike.

I have been in domains when nobody knew what a domain was and I have been in domains as they evolve to be mainstream and more. Guess what? I like the odds of today’s opportunity even better than 1995 because not only am I armed with more knowledge, the world is armed with more understanding.

In less than 60 days I start my 17th year investing in domains because I saw a unique opportunity in time. You will be STUNNED by the progress we will make in the next 3 years. Stunned beyond what any of you can fathom. The understanding that is happening is vast and the puzzle is turning into a clear picture. When that happens, get ready! STAMPEDE is in our future just like STAMPEDE has been in the past. Only difference is the size and mass of this coming stampede. The first stampedes only involved small groups. The next one will involve everyone.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz