Thankful for being in the Greatest Industry in the World!!

Morning Folks!!

I have seen a lot of Thanksgivings come and go since I started investing in domain names. The landscape today looks nothing like it did a decade ago and nothing like it will look like in 10 years from now.

We are the 'Homesteaders' of this era. It’s really that simple. We are in a great industry with unlimited opportunity and we are still in the first innings of a great game. Investing in domains is money in the bank if you are patient and KNOW what makes a domain have great value. Great domains are on the market and some have great prices because of the times we live in and the “C” word. Circumstance.

I would venture to say that things will bottom out next spring. But between now and next spring will be some of the best buying opportunity we have seen in years if ever. After that, the shakeout will be over and those that remain will be stronger than ever before.

Have a safe holiday!

Rick Schwartz