December is Time to Reflect. So Let’s Reflect a Little Early.

Morning Folks!!

Just days away from December and every year I use the month of December to do two major things. First is to look back and see what was accomplished in the past year and the next is to see what the future holds for next year. I also take the month off. It's a working vacation. My mind is going but my body is relaxing.

December was the month I got my first domain. How did that happen? Doing exactly what I just described. Using the time to think, plan and then implement. 2012 is not going to be a boring year.

It's still a bit too early to see 2012 because we have yet to get the info from Christmas 2011. That is an important piece of the puzzle. Watch the news in the next 6 weeks. I look for big deals to happen. The last days to get your ducks in a row financially speaking.

If you never take the time to STOP, you can never reassess where you are. Here is myDecember 2007 post. I took inventory then and was not to happy with how things were set up. Take a look and see if the landscape has changed.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz