Mainstream FAILS AGAIN! Christmas Online Still not Ready for Primetime?

Morning Folks!!

17 Christmas Seasons online and I am still waiting for mainstream to get it right. Whether it was that could not figure out that when people had to put in the http:// they would lose a lot of business. You type in and got a 404 error. GENIUS!

Where are we and where are we going? Well this Christmas season was a giant step BACKWARDS! Retailers are now forcing their own workers to work on the one holiday a year few work. Most restaurants are closed but the waiters that do work make 3X the tips they normally do. But retail?? What happened to pointing them to your website on Thanksgiving? I mean this is just desperation at the worst because their remedy just may backfire.

The one day a year that your website should be carrying the load. Sales won’t necessarily increase because of the move, just change the dates the $$$ go into the register. I think they must have been consulting the guys in this flawed decision. Sure, you will hear how much business they did, but who cares?

It just shows they STILL don’t get it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz