Are you Time Based, Productive Based or Just Marking Time?

Evening Folks!!

We have turned from a TIME BASED society to a PRODUCTION BASED society. But few know or even see that. So let me point it out. I did not know it until today myself so no worries.

But think about it, in the past you were paid to sit at a desk or an assembly line for 8 hours and just do your job and not slow things down. That formula does not exactly bring out the best in us. You become a government worker. Doing just enough but never too much. I don’t blame them, it is the framework that was built 100 or 200 years ago that no longer works and is not that effective.

Today many jobs are production based. In sales it is all production based. You don’t sell, you don't produce anything, you earn nothing. So you learn how to sell or get a job like I described. Now many jobs are production jobs. You get paid on your output. Whatever it is we measure like that and then that allows folks to work at home when they want to work and when it fits in. It's flexible and that flexibility makes folks work smarter and harder and become more productive.

In a very short amount of time, most people learn to be much more productive at home or in their private office as opposed to the 9-5 company framework. Business and the world need to sync up.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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Want to have Successes or is being Defeated More Comfortable? Here is your Blueprint of how NOT to Think. It’s YOUR Choice.

Morning folks!!

I wrote this post a week or two ago and like so many posts I have been deciding to post it or not. Sometimes posts like this are well received, sometimes not. But since I am posting it, I will be referring to this single post for years to come. Pointing it to those that need to read it and then either they can deal with it or hate me for it.

Let's start with FACTS today that were not facts then but I acted as if they were back in 1996.

1. Buying a great domain is a unique opportunity in time. For those that think it is over, some parts are. But new ones still emerge. There is so much opportunity that still exists IF you deal in meaningful domain names. But shit is still shit. There is no unique opportunity in time for SHIT. It was here before you and it will be here after you and it is still shit.

2. Domains will go up in value faster than any other commodity in the history of mankind. Nobody on this planet has yet to challenge me on that in 16 years. Steve Forbes corrected me. Domains are not a commodity. But it is still the easiest and most specific way to communicate things.

Remember 2007?? That was a GREAT year! The last really good year many had business wise. But even then folks were TRAPPED in their minds and of course it was my fault or yours. lol. The folks that say this and that today would have said the same garbage in 2000 and I will prove it right here, right now with an actual post from September 2000 from my private board. Maybe some will WAKE UP to the bullshit swirling around in their heads. There really is no other word for it. They are missing something very important. Some ways of thinking NEVER CHANGE. Just the dates, times and names change and the folks are sadly trapped in a prison of their own minds. Then they lash out.

Some are jealous whining, lazy people that refuse to do the heavy lifting but quick to point a finger. So for those people, they will either LEARN from the exchange below or not. I don't expect much.

But there are also good folks that just have not connected the dots in a way that gives them true direction. This can help be your compass. None of us have all the answers. But when you have perspective and purpose and direction you would be amazed how life changes.

When you isolate the bad and the negative you have room for the good and the positive. On the other hand if you are just a miserable bastard trying to make everyone miserable with you......screw you. Get lost. Take a hike. :-)

I am going to show folks themselves in a mirror. And when they look into that mirror, they will not see themselves. They will see another person with a defeatist attitude and they will see how truly ugly and unbecoming it is. This WHINE is aged from the year 2000. He too complained about this and that. How many of you wish you had the opportunity to go back to 2000 today just for a few hours armed with the knowledge you have today?? There are always reasons you can fail, but the desire to succeed trumps that when you have your shit together.

What would you tell that guy if you could listening to his babble a decade ago?? What do you tell somebody that sounds like you might today? He is not a bad guy. Not at all. But he has thoughts in his head that crowd out other thoughts.

Until these poor folks change how they think and how they interact and approach things they will be lost and wallow in their own gunk. The only person on earth responsible for where they are is THEM. I am just trying to reach one willing mind. Lord knows I have spent over a decade trying to reach those that are trapped and unlock the door. If this does not do the trick, then they are hopeless and that's that. The brain dead won't even look. And that is fine with me. No skin off my nose if they keep talking out their ass. But now everyone else will clearly see it as well.

Look, success does not come easy. Everybody on the planet wakes up and looks for it. If it were easy, it would be called something else.

When you read this post below, remember one thing as this poor guy feels sorry for himself. The post was before Frank Schilling bought his FIRST domain. But he defeated himself. Many folks defeat themselves. Want to start succeeding instead? I don't want to see anyone out there go down that defeatist path or I would not take the time to make the case to illustrate things.

I really can't do anymore than PROVING what I say and showing folks I have been dealing with this same clueless mindset for over a decade. The same shit!! AMAZING! It could have been written this morning or last night because this misguided way of thinking is as hard to kill as a cockroach. Now don't get me wrong. This is not a bad guy. This is a good guy with bad thoughts and those bad thoughts were his prison. No matter where you enter, it will always be later than some and earlier than others. Just get your share.

So for those that still don't get it after reading are brain dead. Call the mortuary. Probably too lazy to even read it cuz you may be hit with a big dose of reality and then you would have to admit that you are seeing the world wrong and of course you are too proud to admit the obvious. You have one more chance to get your life and mind on track.

Look at my response over 11 years ago and compare with this post from just days ago. See any similarities? That's because 2+2=4 then and it has not changed! The thought process has not changed either. Just the people with the thoughts.

I truly want all domainers to succeed and be wildly successful, But it has and never will be up to me. I can only show folks what still works for me and others can show what works for them. But until they lose the attitude or think they are entitled to success because others are successful or think just because their pockets are not as deep as others or they got in the game TODAY and that they can't compete, then they will be disabled and worse and waste their time while others are on the right path. Others enjoying great success and PARLAYING their profits to the next deal and the next and the next after that. So it is never too late to get it right and get your mind synced in a different manner. Some repeat success, some repeat something that does not lead to success. READ the words from 2000 and today may be your 'Lucky' day.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz