My Take on Revisited as They go back to the Future! .COM 1 .CO ZERO

Evening Folks!!

Less than a year ago I said this about and and the confusion that would happen.

' I mean or has done one thing so far, caused confusion and they are likely pissing away a lot of money by not owning which of course is associated with Oprah not Overstock. And right now neither of them has it. It does not resolve.

My point is this is a test. This is a canary in the mines. I don’t know which way it will go. But I do have a hunch it will be more difficult than they expect with a lot of blow back. So far, the winner on this one is the ad exec putting this grand experiment together. There will be a lot to learn here. Some you may want to copy and some you may want to avoid.

Is confusing your customer a good thing? I guess we will find out. The unknown is how many folks will go to to find nothing and then just say what a bunch of idiots never to return. A real risk.'

Today they said: 'Confused? So were customers. Mr. Johnson said customers responded well to the advertising, but after watching the spots, 'a good portion' of those who sought out the website went to, instead of

Is there an ECHO here??

Rick Schwartz Live and Now in Beta

Morning Folks!! 1.0 is now live and in Beta. The site opened Friday, 11-11-11. Like everything else, it takes time to evolve and that evolution is now in progress. joins in domains I can point to as not only both Multi-million dollar domain sales, but my original vision of selling a domain name and being able to retain a piece of the new business. I passed up a lot of deals in which this was not a component. For me it is a deal breaker on any truly category defining domain name.

A great day for all of us. What was laughed at and thought impossible not long ago is now a reality that has already been duplicated several times. The next one hopefully to launch is and a couple more behind that. A vision turns into another reality regardless of what others say or think. Those opinions can never deter you.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz