$4 Billion a DAY Pissed in the Ocean. Let’s get Political

Morning Folks!!

I just don't get it. Like you, I am ripping my hair out. Folks want to save the world, build schools, hire teachers and all the rest. They don't seem to care about $4 BILLION a DAY in interest. $4 BILLION a DAY. How many could you feed, clothe, educate, etc. with that $4 Billion a DAY? I just don't get it.

Never in my life have I watched a President Squander his good will. Never in my life have I seen a President basically abdicate his duties with over a year remaining in his Presidenctcy. Never in my life have I seen somebody blame everybody in sight. Never in my life have I seen a President that can't seem to lead. And when he does lead, he goes where the majority do not want to go.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden got booed at a NASCAR event this weekend. There is a reason for that.

Don't take my word for it, just listen to some of the more responsible Democrats. Even lefies like Chris Matthews is ripping his hair out. This country is in DEEP shit. Obama is fiddling while the country goes bankrupt. There is no excuse in the world for what is going on. I can narrow it down to 2 people. Harry Reid and President Obama. The only thing good about 'Gridlock' is they can't do anymore damage. Actually they can and are. Each passing day we dig deeper into this financial hole we will likely not climb out of without great inflation.

Sorry, but even the Democrats are calling for Obama to not run and have Hillary Clinton instead. We are in perilous times and it is self induced. The train is derailed and the guy in the Whitehouse seems perfectly content.

My biggest question is why would he run again and a bigger question is why would America hire him again as their CEO when he isn't doing the job he was elected to. Leading is a job. Having ideas is a job. Harnessing the power of Americans is a job. Turning the country profitable again is a job. The money people are going towards Romney. Lots of them. Last time most supported Obama. They are abandoning him and that is a great rebuke.

Lastly, his campaign to divide people is doing quite the opposite. He can try class warfare, but that is unbecoming a leader. That is a divider not a leader.

His support of Occupy Wall Street, along with Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi is probably the final straw for most folks that have a job and a mortgage. But the very worst thing he does is talk down his own country at every opportunity. I would call his administration a thugocracy and I can only hope the majority is as sick as I am. I don't like these years of intimidation when you don't feel free to speak your mind for fear of retribution. I never saw that until the last 3 years.

He is an incompetent CEO and a disappointing President. Look what I wrote about him on inaguration day. Look what I wrote about the world and our enemies. I just hope the Republicans put up somebody electable. This country will not survive a president that has his heels on the throats of business. He is choking the economy with uncertainty and fear. He is strangling the lifeline of our economic engine. It may or may not survive the year. It is MATHEMATICALLY impossible to survive 5 more years of meandering. It will all come down to the vote and we will be responsible for the outcome even more than Obama.

Personally, I think there will be clarity after the 2012 election because America will speak loud and clear. There is still right and wrong. There is still a sense of 'Can do' and I think the words of Obama will be what comes back to haunt him during the months ahead. The buck stops where? With Obama you never know who he will blame next. Who he will try and shut up or who he will try and shut down. He can try and pit Americans vs Americans, but that will fail. Americans want an optimistic leader with bold ideas and the wherewith all to carry it out.

Romney would probably be the most acceptable to the broadest electorate but getting through the primaries will be no small task at a time where Republicans want a true conservative. Going to be an interesting year. Mark my words on this one no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on. But if I were a liberal, I would be going crazy pissing away $4 BILLION a day when that money could be used for the very things we will have to cut.

In 2009 I suggested we 'Give them Seattle' to satisfy the debt, today we would have to give away everything west of the Mississippi. How sad!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz