.Whatever in 2000 and .Whatever in 2012. The Same Story, the Same Stubborn Domainers.

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My views back in the 1990's only get stronger today with more and more proof. My words then are almost identical to my words now. How can that be? It can be because almost ALL the evidence that has come in during those 10-15 years support what I say. That means I get to be even more certain of things. I don't have to argue my point. I just present proof. And that proof will largely come from 3rd parties.

And here is how I explained .whatever back then and before and the SHIT I was met with then sounds just like it does today. I state it in the FIRST sentence. They chased garbage back then and little has changed now. In 2000 they said, 'All the good dotcoms were gone.' DUH! DUH! DUH!

Maybe this post from 2000 will have SOME stop spitting in the wind and understand WHY they are spitting in the wind.

Owen posted something I wrote 11 years ago about .whatever.


Good Morning Folks!!

I know a lot of you don't like my thoughts on the new extensions, but step back for a moment.

Let's use Owens pet.com example.

Will pets.biz make them more or less successful?
Will pets.aero make them more or less successful?
Will pets.info make them more or less successful?
Will pets.museum make them more or less successful?
Will pets.pro make them more or less successful?

Don't like that example?

Let's try it with Amazon.com or priceline.com

The fact is the new extensions are virtually meaningless. But if you WERE to speculate, and you guys still buy worthless domains......it will still be worthless. Anything more than a ONE WORD new extension at THIS point in time is SILLLLLY.

Point is.....IF you DO get a GREAT .biz, it won't be GREAT until you build something GREAT there.

Look at human nature.....

He will type in porno.com
He MAY type in porno.net (1 in 100 at best)
He MAY type in porno.org (1 in 1000 at best)

The new extensions will get even less. Especially since the most you are likely to find there is a for sale sign.

I'd rather have a $1500 .com than a 100 .whatevers

As for .biz.......wait for the SALE!!!

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Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz
Sat Nov 18 09:24:48 2000 - message #7257

Do you see change? I don't. Compare the post below with these posts:




ok, so 11 years ago what exactly did I get wrong? What views have I changed? Does the example have more or less validity? I mean you can argue anything if you want to argue. But don't argue with me. Argue with Mr. Johnson. Argue with a guy that spent millions to PROVE ME RIGHT!

'Mr. Johnson said customers responded well to the O.co advertising, but after watching the spots, 'a good portion' of those who sought out the website went to O.com, instead of O.co.'

I told you I would 'Hang my hat' on this statement and I ain't kidding! He is just the first of many that will spend MILLIONS to validate what I have insisted on for over a decade. Then I will use THEIR QUOTES to validate and PROVE MY THEORIES.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Think of”Domains” Like you Think of”Diamonds”

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If you want to know what makes one domain have great value and one domain have almost no value, you need to look no further than the Diamond Business. For years I tell folks to get the best domains they can. That would be like me telling Diamond miners to get the biggest and best diamonds.

Here is the parallel that I hope will have you understand how I see things so you too can see what I see.

A 1 carat diamond can be any price. It depends on the quality and a few factors. For this example let’s leave that part out for the moment. Let’s agree that an average 1 Carat diamond is about $5000 today. As you go up in size to 2 carats the price just does not double. It goes up much more. So by the time you get to 10 carats you are not at $50,000. You are more likely at $500,000.

The opposite holds true when going smaller. If you have 100 little diamond weighing 1/100 of a carat each,(1 point each) you would have 1 carat of diamonds. But that 1 carat ain’t worth $5000. It isn’t worth a fraction of that. Those diamonds may only be worth a few hundred dollars. They are not significant. Their value is much less. No significance.

But when you have BIG diamonds, they mean something. They have exponentially greater value. That is why I look to domains that are like raw diamonds. I am not looking for tiny insignificant things and no domainer should with all the opportunity with the GREAT domains out there.

So we can see parallels with domain names in Land, Real Estate, Oil, Gold, and Diamonds among so many others. That is why it should be easier for many than it is. The road map is already there. Understanding of the map is what holds the KEY to getting a domain name that others would desire. If nobody desires something there is no value. Simple. Selling sand in the desert just may be hard to do. But if you look at it the right way you may have the right idea just the wrong domains. You sell water in a desert.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz