BREAKING: Eva Longoria Talks About Domain Names at Democratic Convention.

Evening folks!!

Eva Longoria, speaking on stage at the Democrats Convention, just told a story about her friend Amanda who tried buying a domain name from a person with the same first and last name. The website was not in use so her friend Amanda contacted this person. The person who owned the domain name was a 13 year old girl who said she can't sell it to Eva's friend because she needs her .com name because she wants to be President of the United States someday!!!

It gave me chills! That 45 second story had a pretty large audience.

Rick Schwartz

20 thoughts on “BREAKING: Eva Longoria Talks About Domain Names at Democratic Convention.

  1. They won't listen

    You keep trying to tell these people what is going on, but they won’t listen, Rick. They will keep buying garbage names and then trying to scam others when they realize they are left holding the bag.
    The bottom line is that for a name to have value, it has to eventually be a part of a legitimate functioning site, or there is no value. The only exceptions are traffic names or vanity names like someone’s first name.
    Now, with names with traffic, they are defacto sites, as a parked page with relevant links is certainly a business, and advances society by offering the person what they are looking for.
    Most of these people who read your site tell you how solid your reasoning is, yet they turn around in spit in your face by doing the exact opposite. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life.
    You are not only speaking to the choir (very few members), you are speaking to the Pigeon Shit Choir (tons of members).

  2. HenrytheSecond

    She said nothing about DOTCOM or Domain, she said Website. The words DOTCOM did not come out of her mouth. Domaining is more than just about Dotcom bro!

  3. Rick Schwartz

    For the average guy sitting at home watching this on TV, website and .com are one in the same.
    Even if she did not say .com, it was implied. One in the same. Except to domainers.

  4. Ian

    Good exposure nonetheless. Probably just a coincidence but I had an offer come in a few minutes ago for JosalynDotCom.

  5. Anunt

    ALL Dotcom owners…Vote Democrat…
    Go Obama…
    Bin Laden is Dead…
    GM is Alive…

  6. Anunt

    Obama Campaign is paying $1 per click for ALL Dotcom Traffic sent to their campaign page…
    ALL Big Domainers are moving their traffic domains to this page…
    Vote Obama…

  7. M

    LOL just watched the video clip- that was awesome.
    But wait, the problem will be solved when the new gTLD’s come out, right ??? They’ll be able to register !!
    Ohh nevermind, .name has already been out for years … no takers.

  8. Dotcom is King

    99 percent of all UDRP disputes involving personal names are about dotcom names. What does that tell you? Very few celebrities even care about names other than dotcom, unless you are intentionally misleading the public.

  9. Joe A

    I saw it Rick. I thought that was huge! She made a very large audience aware that they can buy domains from others. That was better than a Superbowl ad (for domainers). Anyway you put it, today was a good day for domain owners. :-)

  10. Scott Alliy

    Not sure if you were watching and was going to write.
    I was waiting for the line but the rih SOB wouldn’t come off the name Whew!!! was I relieved with the actual ending to the story.
    I was amazed by the real powerful statement that her remarks made if you read between the lines which is
    She opened a business… one of the first things if not the first thing she did was to register or seek the domain name. Powerful Powerful inference and suggestion indeed.
    Hoping this plays well with end users on the fence or about to start their own web business.

  11. Bro

    Quote:”For the average guy sitting at home watching this on TV, website and .com are one in the same. Even if she did not say .com, it was implied. One in the same. Except to domainers.”
    Right now, I’m training a guy to buy domain names and he is having the hardest time not calling them websites. He’s been doing it for over a month and can’t break the habit easily. It’s driving him crazy every time I correct him. :)

  12. BFitz

    @Domains. Amen, I got 3 out of 4 kids names. Had to get middle initial for youngest.
    @anunt. What site are you referring to for traffic to be redirected to?

  13. dennis

    Well stated, Rick ~ I have been a rep for a friend in Florida for MANY great domain-names and specific-industry categorical domain-name bundles … and MANY”Big Companies” have NOBODY in charge that even UNDERSTANDS the values of a GREAT domain-name … MUCH LESS the”Domian LINGO” that WE all TAKE FOR GRANTED. Even the”Business Public” is LARGELY ignorant, and I mean companies like DOLE FOODS, big BOOK-PUBLISHING companies, food manufacturers … when I have COLD-called many of these … THEY JUST DON’T GET IT !


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