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Quite stunning numbers for a one day event. But that really is not the surprise here.

I like seasonal domains just like seasonal businesses. Can be very profitable. Not my true cup of tea but I have known folks to make fortunes doing it. Lose fortunes as well.

I have been tracking the alexa numbers for and was impressed to see the rise in traffic starting in October and building up until just over a week ago. I also wanted to see if it had any staying power past Black Friday. It did have for that weekend, but then it crashed like a Christmas Tree tent the day after Christmas. What I was looking for was to see if the decline would be sharp off a cliff or whether it would ramp down like it ramed up. They were in the top 100,000 and top 10,000 and eventually in the top 200-300 for a couple months. Very strong performance. I was just looking to see if it would sustain the entire season or just the weekend.

Still a very impressive run and set of numbers. There is a political push to change the name of Black Friday by several groups. So I think may be a good back up plan.

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Rick Schwartz

18 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of

  1. KA

    They’re doing now approximately 30M visits per yr, and gross revenue to their affiliates of approximately 50M/yr. Not sure about net rev.

  2. Acro

    While Alexa numbers don’t reveal the amount of traffic accurately, the drop in traffic is to be expected once the”single day” event is over. That been said, I’ve no objection to changing the name of this day of infamous wrestling matches, panic and hysteria. Maybe Phriday would be a good fit.

  3. Duane Higgins

    Ive got a fantastic alternative to Black Friday. I registered the name on Black Friday-eve this year.
    The name was actually registered as an alternative to Black Friday. The name sounds like Black Friday. Also, any online shopper hearing the name will immediately know that the name means. The name is completely self explanatory. It is catchy and meaningful. It also is designed to be a (stay at home shopping) alternative to Black Friday. By the way, what percentage of people actually take part in Black Friday? Very small percentage. Most people will avoid the malls like the plague on that day. What percentage of the”Black Friday avoiders” would take part in”Click Friday” if there were fantastic deals? That is certainly where all of the trends are headed. How much was spent on Cyber Monday? Ive seen estimates of 1-1.5 Billion with a B. Whether Black Friday changes names or not, I think”Click Friday” may end up being the new phenemon. Thanks for the space to post this.

  4. UFO

    Quite amazing stats, large amount of SE traffic I would expect as it ranks No2 on ‘black friday’ etc in Google. But it only seems to be around 20-30% SE traffic.
    I guess its the sign up to emails etc that drives traffic consistently. You only have to see 2011 performance v 2012 to know its gaining traction.

  5. John

    Maybe rename it black eye friday, but the safe bet would be discount friday, I hear rumblings as well, as this event gets bigger there are some who find the term offensive.

  6. Jason Thompson

    Nice run for It is a seasonal name but it encapsulates the entire retail industry. The traffic shows that it is continuing to grow.

  7. Duane Higgins

    Just got
    for 1.17 at Godaddy.
    If that name takes off it will be the best domain purchase in history:-)
    I figure thats a better shot than a lottery ticket:-)

  8. Laters

    How about we leave the name alone since it represents exactly what is implied. Enough with the political correctness.
    The dramatic-sounding name is part of the reason it caught on. Remember branding 101.
    It’s a great domain that is growing into it’s own mega powerhouse, even if it is for a brief moment.
    If you look at Google Trends you’ll see that Black Friday literally exploded this year compared to last year. I’m talking about the event, not the domain. This thing just leaped in importance in our culture.
    BTW….they call it Black Friday overseas as well all over Latin America and probably more. This is not just an English thing.

  9. RAYY

    My lottery ticket for $1.99 deals……..
    Couch Friday can be the”all year round online shopping spree” website …… term derived from the new trend of couch commerce and mobile commerce. Can develop into website for every Friday night shopping deals………
    Tablets and smart phones have made online shopping easier, with the term ‘couch commerce’, tablets encourage a relaxed approach to browsing online from the comfort of your Couch.

  10. Duane Higgins

    “Click Friday” can take on Black Friday head to head. May the better shopping experience win…

  11. Trico

    After seeing some videos online of the fighting, grabbing, punching, pushing and stampeding by some Black Friday shoppers perhaps the day should be renamed:

  12. Owen

    Actually in the online shoe biz Thursday is the biggest day. The women get together to shop shoes on the PC while the guys watch football. The best Black Friday names are WalMart and Best Buy because that’s where the crowds go. However I give Kevin props. The industry told me I was crazy when in 2009 I proffered that Schilling and Ham were leaving billions on the table by ignoring Lifetime Customer Value. Kevin took heed and proved the theory. Now if only other domains could put such focus on a high traffic name (that they are among the very fortunate to have these days), no one would need to worry about parking or minisites or anything.

  13. Duane Higgins

    ClickFriday (com) is waiting for someone to buy it and take Black Friday in a head to head competition. Ill take sitting on my sofa and finding the best deals over banging heads with a mob of crazed shoppers on Black Friday.

  14. Duane Higgins

    Ill give up as much as 75% of the ownership of the name for the right person(s) to take the name and develop, market and launch it. I am not a domain developer. However, I believe this is a very unique and potentially huge opportunity.

  15. Max

    I don’t want to be rude, but someone are bombing type-in practice and you’re doing jerking off seeing few beatiful domains?!? ;)
    please go to write”for lease”, with monthly price, incentives, etc., on your parking pages instead of doing domain masturbation (or may be you have already loosed your sight…) :) :( :|

  16. Max

    of course I’m talking to everyone in general (not to those who have already made ​​millions with few super-domains and can even afford to be distracted ….)


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