What does a”Type in” Look Like? Why is it so Important to Have? Masters and Slaves!

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What exactly do 'Type ins' look like?

Well if you have never had a store or a retail shop then you are at a disadvantage in domaining. Domains are like having a shop. Whether it be donuts or diamonds, you have a shop. And that shop has an entrance. The difference is when you have type in traffic you have folks waiting at your door each morning waiting for you to put the key in the door and unlocking what they want and what they are looking for. If you have it, they buy. Maybe not 100%. But either is search. And whether you want to believe it or not, conversion of type ins when matched with a proper good or service blows the doors off search. But we need BOTH! Who in their right mind would poo poo bus loads of customers waiting at your door each and every day? Most of which decided you were a destination whether they were fed up with search results or whether that is their surfing style.

And if you don't have type ins? Then you are a slave to 3rd party search engines that may you you shit unless you pay and pay big!

Now we all need customers. What's the difference if I have 100 customers each day by type ins and the guy across town has none? He has to kiss the ass of search. Well he has to WORK and maybe PAY to get those 100 customers that I already started with. Not only that, he has to repeat that each and every day and some days he may come in to find no customers. However the domain with 100 type ins continues to get customers without effort like a clock. Day in and day out. Good days and bad days. Cold days and hot days. Etc. So while the other guy poo poos the 100 type ins he is also busy being a whore sometimes trying to get those 100 customers while the other guy is concentrating on selling something to the 100 he already has. Plus that 100 grows when matched with the proper item. It becomes 125 150, 200. Organically. By germinating on its own. Again not dependant on the master!

So if you are not wired to retail, not wired to sales, then it is hard to appreciate 100 customers. But for folks that understand that it is sales that makes the world go round, they look at it differently. If you sell cars you can have a stadium full of people. But f you can't zero in on the buyer quickly, you just waste your time and energy. So 1 million search hits looking for something specific only has value if it produces sales and what sales ratio that occurs. 1 million visitors and 10 sales or 100 customers with 10 sales. That is a real world equation. One makes a lot more noise. But the other is an efficient engine that purrs as she idles thru. Day after day after day. Beholden to nobody but your own customers.

Even on Christmas.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “What does a”Type in” Look Like? Why is it so Important to Have? Masters and Slaves!

  1. Joao

    Let’s not forget the number of people that search for a domain in a search engine. That is the form of a lazy type in, and it is not told by anyone to be a part of that 96% crappy statistic.
    Merry Xmas!


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  3. David Wrixon

    There is nothing wrong with Search if you are Google.
    But SEO is like trying to make a living out of guiding customers from Walmarts Car Park to the store.
    Why the hell would they pay you for traffic that is already flowing through their site?
    OK, they are stupid because you have been getting away with it for years. But you are stupid if you think they are not catching on!

  4. UFO

    While what Rick has said is a starter it is by all means only the tip of the iceberg.
    There is a high correlation between type in’s and recollection.
    Lets say you have a reasonable name and its getting 15 real type in’s a day. Lets say with a decent product range applicable to that URL you convert 2% and your average selling price is say $25 with net profit 10% of that. So over a year you might make $250 net profit from totally new people simply typing in your URL.
    Big deal its not that special.
    But where the action is on the recollection front. See, if they typed in your name then you can bet they can remember to type it in again. So what is a life time customer worth? Let’s say 10x. Well you’re making $2.5k a year now from that traffic.
    The people that buy your products services discuss their purchases with friends and family, and guess what they can remember to tell them your name and the people hearing it can remember to type it in. That easily doubles your traffic. So lets be very conservative and 2x that 2.5k Pa. So its now $5k.
    Then there is the benefits when advertising in the media, online, in blogs/forums etc etc etc.
    So, in summary, type in traffic is incredibly valuable not on the basis of what its worth relative to paid advertising on the SE’s but as an acid test of how well your shop would work in the real world. Like having a shop which everyone walks past all the time rather than in the middle of nowhere. Type in’s are footfall but even more importantly they signify recollection which replaces location in the virtual world of consumer actions.
    This is why I say decent .com’s 7/8 letters and lower that are brand able related to goods and services and get decent type in’s are worth 100k, not 40 to 60k as shown at the moment. Try getting a freehold on a shop or paying rent for the same potential. You won’t get it. You could pay 60k Pa for rent alone and get 15 NEW people visiting your shop a day (conversions would be high though).

  5. Altaf

    Nice of you Rick to clear the Type Ins with excellent examples. UFO comments could be more exclusive. But while checking an unregistered domain we only could find Overture. How far that is useful or accurate? What is the relation between Type Ins and Overtures? Do the Names having Overtures have same weight of a Type In?

  6. UFO

    There’s so much mist around domains and what they really get by way of type in’s… you only really know until you own the domain or have extensive access to the log reports and can see the actual evidence of straight type in’s.
    I don’t go looking for domains anymore, but I did used to use the Adwords function that allowed you to see keyword searches… It was a good proxy for likely demand for that relevant name on a direct match. Also the bid amount gave you an indication of how valuable a click could be. Vol x CPC = Value in my eyes.
    You’re unlikely to find domains anymore with more than 10k searches in Adwords (that a .com’s) because it’s been basically scrapped to death. However, I could find .org’s etc that can be used to get SE traffic with development. (SE traffic can be cheaper to procure this way).

  7. Altaf

    Sweet ! That’s mind boggling how to know its intrinsic value prior to buying a 7/8 or less letter domain. I use AW too, and Rick’s tips on advertizement trends & bid or exact match KW. Does that make sense? I will know from PPC revenue. A .org may not be worth .com. I prefer the later as Rick once told , ‘I don’t see other .what in the radar’.
    Thank you. Have a Festive mood!!

  8. UFO

    Sorry, only just read your post. If you want type in’s and branding and ecommerce etc then you want .com. But if you’re still looking for cheap traffic then you can get a non .com and get some love from the search engines. I found that small sites on non .coms with keyword exact matches of certain amounts could work quite well, you just had to see what competition there already was on the SE’s by typing it in… If the .com’s are parked it’s not hard to beat them. Like I say, it’s a tricky game and for all the effort involved its better to stick to other things where I can effectively scale a real business. (Which is good .com’s with real delivery of real branded product).


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