Covers Top 25 All Time Domain Purchases.

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A little birdie just sent me a link to this article just release this morning chronicling the top 25 reported domain sales of all time. Just when you thought things were cooling off......BOOM!

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Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “ Covers Top 25 All Time Domain Purchases.

  1. BullS

    They did not report my sale of”BullS” because it is a very private transaction and I don’t want to be subjected to tax scrutiny.
    Underground economy.

  2. UFO

    Loads of transactions going that never see the light of day. used to be for writers, now it seems Vogue has it, so whats there plans? is now owned by someone else. What did it sell for? is now part of a wider group when it was the preserve of a harvard geek if I remember correctly. So what did it sell for?
    There are loads and loads of domains that have sold for megabucks that have never been told. The ground has been changing for quite a while and the whole landscaping is changing. It will change more, the whole new area to compete on is the net. The big players are definitely moving in.

  3. Theo

    You see deals like Rick being on the record.
    As mentioned in the comments there are deals that are not on the record for whatever reason.
    The thing is deals are being done. Whatever it is under NDA or not the keyword is SALES.
    Happy holidays to all of you!


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