They Come with Passion or Money. Seldom Both. How to Turn Passion into Dollars

Morning Folks!!

You can sell an asset many ways and you can sell to many people. But at the end of the day it comes to money and/or passion. Money is the simple way but passion comes with more opportunity.

Passion is one of the only things that can substituted for money. Passion has value. But only when matched up with something you know and have enjoyed some success with. Passion is the main ingredient in a domain lease not money. Less money gives the seller more opportunity to share in the upside.

It saddens me to see domains sold that I KNOW can be leased for the same amount in just 1-2 years. That is desperation or shortsightedness. Not all great domains are lease-able. But many are and my eye can tell the difference.

I could have sold for 3x what I paid for it. But holding on to it gives me 2.5x what I paid for it EVERY year and it is increasing. Plus I now own 10% of the comany. Plus I share in the next sale of at an even higher percentage rate. Which was better to do? Is it easy? Nope? Can it be done? Yes. Is it easier to lease today than 5 years ago? By a mile!

So before you sell, you should at a minimum ask me if the domain has a lease potential. Transform a $10,000 one time sale into a $1000/month revenue generating machine. I am sorry, but anyone not seeing the upside is missing the boat. AGAIN!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “They Come with Passion or Money. Seldom Both. How to Turn Passion into Dollars

  1. Alem

    You pointed out something obvious but I never thought about….that they do show up with passion or money to buy our domains, but rarely both.
    Actually, I find passion missing most of the time.
    I’ve had a small handful of domain lease deals for awhile, nothing huge like what you have, but am looking to increase the numbers. I think you are probably a better negotiator…..LOL. You really get a piece of everything. :) Most of mine are sub-$100,000 deals, but a couple are not, and those $100,000 + deals I have a nice piece of like you, Rick. :)
    People are still very resistant to leases, but if it is a domain you don’t want to especially sell anyhow, then leasing it a great alternative answer to telling them”NO” year after year, and if you get enough leads, eventually some will bite. Why not take some money until you get around to those domains, or if they have a great enough idea, then partner with them.

  2. RK

    Hi Rick,
    I have asked you before but I will ask again.
    I have few domains that can be leased…many get regular nice traffic.
    What are your sales or leasing commissions?
    Where can I find it?

  3. RK

    Thank you Rick.
    Just couple more question:
    1. Is it 20% of the lifetime of the lease?
    2. What happens to your commissions if the deal is structured with us having an equity in the venture?

  4. red

    is it correct that you piad 140k for the domain? prettty close to that number…so if you could have received 3 x that then you are in essence saying that the domain is worth 420k??

  5. RK

    Thank you for the details.
    I will be in touch over the next few days.
    What is your contact info to send the domains?

  6. RD

    I feel that leasing domain names has limited potential. This is because the pool of great names is so small. What will be laughable is when everyone holding pigeon s**t starts to jump on the leasing bandwagon. I run into people now that think they can flip their 10 dollar hand reg. into 100 grand and laugh off every sensible offer. So this could get real interesting.

  7. MarkH

    I just sent the contract over on the 6 domains you accepted of mine and I am really excited knowing that you will be working your mojo on my domains.


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