My A/C Repair Guy has 271 Domains and he gets it! What’s the Excuse for Folks with Fancy Titles?

Morning Folks!!

So yesterday my 65 year old Hungarian Immigrant Air Conditioner guy is working on one of my units. He asked me what I did. I said I make my living on the Internet. Asked more info. Told him I invested in Domain Names. He then tells me he owns 271. Really I ask?

He says he never got any traffic from his company name. So what he did was register 271 domain names. and uses the local zip codes or city names. And that is just how one guy in a service business takes advantage of generic domains to drive traffic to his site to make his phone ring and keep new business coming in. DUH! DUH! DUH!

So please somebody explain to me why well educated men and women that have fancy titles in corp America and Madison Ave. can't seem to get their head around what my a/c repairman can figure out? When the man on the street gets it, those folks that are really smart can't be THAT far behind. Can they?

As a side-note I own and that shows shows the value one domain can have. This to me is the PERFECT example of a yellow page category killer domain name that has many uses to many people.

If I had no other domain in the world to focus on, I am sure I could make my fortune just as easy doing this one thing full time. But instead, I will find a partner that will do it for both of us.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: will be leased by December 31 of this year. This is such a no brainer. ACRepair is a huge, worldwide industry with an average residential ticket of $250-$4500 or more and commercially of course much higher. You mean to tell me I can't find ONE PERSON on the planet that can not see that opportunity? I INSIST I can and WILL! But my job is not find one, it is to find the BEST one!

Here's how you use Google. Look up ac repair and look at all the paid listings. DUH!!!!!

45 thoughts on “My A/C Repair Guy has 271 Domains and he gets it! What’s the Excuse for Folks with Fancy Titles?

  1. andy kelly

    Great question, how come so many from corp America and Madison Ave, the square mile in London etc can’t figure out that targeted traffic is they key to thriving online for any business.

  2. Scott Alliy

    I own During the bad mold issues in Texas uears ago I offered it to an A/C company. When asked to buy the name the owner replied…”What would I do with it?”.
    I don’t ask much any more. Like a hibernating bear when these folks who need our names get desparate enough they will come out looking for food err domain names. And probably cuss and spit at us all the way through the payment process for being squatters
    BTW as you know Rick I have about 1570 names related to our core business that serve and protect by driving traffic, keeping competition out of our space, and of course add asset value at time of sale of the business.
    Your A/C/ repairman is a smart business person indeed.

  3. BullS

    why well educated men and women that have fancy titles in corp America and Madison Ave. can’t seem to get their head around
    because US colleges teach you BS and want your money.

  4. Danny Welsh

    Rick, tell your AC Repair guy to call me. Especially if he plans to pass on his business to the next generation. I can teach him something I discovered by accident that makes the phone ring all day long for landscapers and HVAC companies and roofers. It’s so simple it’s embarrassing how well it works for the dollars invested per lead generated (forever). Which is why I keep it a secret and only tell good people who will use it to crush their own competition…and never share it with anyone I might compete with!
    Danny Welsh

  5. Joe

    Great story, Rick! It always amazes me how only one man out of 7 billion registering domains in certain field, actually prevent all the other 6,999,999,999 from doing the same.

  6. Scott Alliy

    Danny Welsh Great minds think alike :-) So happens that I own
    Would make a powerful sales marketing training or lead gen site IMO.
    Just one of the 2700″when they get it” gold nuggets we own.
    As I say for domain investors specializing in end user sales.
    We’ll get it when they get it” I always say. Some might get it with prodding .. some will get it on their own and in time. Sadly Most never will.
    America is not in a bad econsomy because of what people are doing. WE are in a bad economy because of what they aren’t doing IMO.

  7. Owen

    He IS the point. The ac man is NOT in corporate America where some committee would order and debate a report then a report on the report and by the time they say no he’d been laid off cause he’s over 40 and using too much healthcare

  8. Guy

    great story Rick
    before he registered all those acrepairzipcodes he must have checked who owned acrepair, sure he’s not stalking you? lol
    a true case of the prince and pauper
    he met the king!

  9. Jen

    Now that would make a great episode for Monk or Murder She Wrote.
    ACrepair guy goes through sinister lengths to acquire prized domain name. hehe…

  10. Poor Uncle

    If even your A/C guy is getting it, then the end is HERE. Likewise, if the Taxi Cab driver is giving you a stock tip, then it is time to exit. =)
    Common Sense comes from experience. Experience gives you knowledge. Knowledge makes you wise. Wise men have a lot of common sense, but no compassion. That’s why they called their expertise”common sense”. =)
    haha. It’s a beautiful Thursday morning!

  11. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I think lots of the problem lies in the conditioned responses people are used to under the current Search Engine atmosphere. When they use serch engines they are used to being hustled or biased to SEO manipulated results that are frustrating and not really honest search when looking for company services.
    In my opinion Type Ins are a much more honest search method, that is the target, of Marketing Companies discrediting propoganda. This influencing is continually reinforced by the media, not for consumers sake but for their own selfish interests. The uneducated are being duped.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  12. RaTHeaD

    most ceo’s don’t get the internet. they leave it to their”web guy” who is usually a kid with no business acumen whatsoever. madison avenue just hasn’t figured out how to bill 15% a month for doing little to nothing in the domain space. eventually they’ll come around but only because they’ll have to.

  13. Ryan

    If ac man got it, he would be paying for 1 prem domain rather than $2k per year in renewals, obviously not all can own premium so he is gobbling up names on a secondary level.

  14. henry

    Did you tell him before he fixed your AC or after he fixed it that his domains were pigeon shit? Who types in ACrepair plus zip code? NO ONE!!

  15. Rick Schwartz

    May not be true.
    He told me his problems with Google and he told me how people search for ac guys.
    They type in ac repair and either a city name or a zip code. That’s how folks search.
    He doesn’t have to get thousands of visitors. He needs enough to keep him busy 8 hours a day. Can’t you see it thru his eyes? He can teach you a thing or two and me too. Don’t discount the man on the street. That’s called your audience. For $2500 a year that’s all the advertsing he needs to do. Seems smart to me.

  16. DonnyM

    Nice to see this article.
    We picked up Commercialacunits.— the ticket prices on those units can run into 5 figures also when it is a big building you have multiple units. Could this be leased someday I think so.
    Owen- funny over 40 and using to much healthcare. How true that is with companies. Many people stay with their jobs for health ins, at the end of this year that will no longer be the case. Good or bad it is going to be a huge change.

  17. Michael Li

    I’d be willing to bet that most people here don’t understand what really goes on at Madison Ave. because they’ve never worked a day in their lives in a corporate setting, letting alone thrived in one.
    It’s easy enough to sit behind a computer screen behind the safety of your portfolio of names (most”domainers'” portfolios are pure shit), and disparage the mighty”corporations” from afar. That’s pretty pathetic, but it’s normal because most folks live mediocre lives without really knowing any better. So they take solace in their shitty domain names because it’s their only life achievement.
    While I normally agree w/ Rick’s views, sadly, this AC Repair guy’s entire portfolio is pure garbage.

  18. Rick Schwartz

    It is NOT a portfolio.
    It’s names that generate enough leads to keep this guy busy every day of the year for an ad budget of $2500. It’s see things through HIS eyes not the eyes of a domain investor. He could spend $1000/month on a yellow pages ad and get less bang for the buck.

  19. Michael Li

    Rick, I get it now. Thanks. I was under the impression that this gentlemen was a part-time domainer of sorts. If he’s an outsider, and the type-ins are working for him, then good for him. But I question the value of that $2500 per year spent on domain renewals vs other forms of lead generation that could be more cost effective.

  20. Jeff Schneider

    @ Michael Li
    RE : I’d be willing to bet that most people here don’t understand what really goes on at Madison Ave. because they’ve never worked a day in their lives in a corporate setting, letting alone thrived in one.”
    I am a domainer and you could not hold down the positions I mastered in my lifetime. Some Domainers outclass your type hands down Bro. And as to Madison Avenue I could give you a dress down in that area.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  21. Scott Alliy

    In this age of free services you and millions others forget how business used to
    get done and will again return to IMO. That being self promotion and
    initiative. Today’s news of twitter manipulating users by restricting
    characters is further proof that people are prostituting themselves by using
    these free services.
    Are you aware that if you don’t use your twitter handle, they can take it from
    you and give it to somewhere else including your competition?
    Businesses and people need to get back to real and take back responsibility for
    themselves and their business. Having a strong brand domain name that you and
    your customers can easily share helps you escape from the grasp of search
    monsters and free services that in the end are absolutely worth what you paid…
    Nothing IMO

  22. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I just gotta get this off my chest and lay some straight talk on so called Marketing Experts who toot their horns. Years from now Domainers will be looked upon as Marketing Visionary Geniuses.
    Our image has been tarnished by the media in constant attacks because they fear our Strategic Marketing Arsenal. This will all come to light and mark my words =” Domainers will be known as the savy elite in New World Marketing Techniques”
    Gratefully , Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  23. NotAGemSorry

    Sorry, but simply isn’t cutting it. Do you guys who post your names even have a clue? You are acting like is even in the same ballpark as It isn’t, and I am getting sick of people with below average names thinking that they have something valuable.

  24. Nervana

    Sorry, but is wothless. Go list it on a forum and if you get $200 I will drop dead. The nerve of some of you guys.

  25. jimmy

    you should re-direct it to his main website until you lease it to show how good of a guy you are. he may just do your ac for free next time :)

  26. UFO

    Not sure how many referrals AC Man gets from his domains. But he probably doesn’t need many a year to cover his renewal costs.
    And I do agree with your statement on Madison Ave / Square Mile etc. Too many people that don’t have experience in a particular environment are far too quick to say they know best. The big corps are not interested in half assed domain names, they don’t build new business generally but by established ones they can grow or gain synergies etc etc etc from.
    Too many domainers think the world revolves around domains. It doesn’t. There’s plenty of other types of IP that make a company successful. In a few circumstances and at specific price levels do domains represent the ideal vehicle for improving xyz corporation.

  27. craig

    Hard to imagine that all this tradesman domains are producing leads that keep him busy, but many likely are…and that’s the point,
    he IS on the right track.
    My (city)HVAC names don’t even get inquiries……so, I ……just wait.

  28. Ed Keay-Smith

    Hi Danny & Rick
    Great post as always guys!
    Danny, I have quite a few Landscaper clients here in Perth Australia, love to have a chat to you about your”accident” you discovered. Feel free to say hi on Skype at”edkeaysmith”
    Ed Keay-Smith

  29. Altaf

    To get the head being non-English I had to read all the posts with Ricks & most comments since 16 years and learned and learned endlessly. So with his teachings and that of Danny’s I got the following Y/P Cat.Domains:
    Grateful to Rick & all folks.BTW I pass about 16-18 hours daily on domains.


    I looked up”ac repair” three paid ads on the top like always, them one top search and then seven local ac repair people.
    An ac man could get a lot of call just making a few Craigslist ads :p
    The real question Rick is how did you find him? I looked up ac repair and your zip code an it is totally not registered!! I was hoping it was registered so I could see if the guy has 271 website or if they were all link to one website.

  31. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Type-in traffic the more honest and resourceful Marketing alternative for corp. End Users, is often deflected away from the End Users attention by all the competing Middle men, who thrive on the Search Engine Strategy. They have been very successful at this diversionary tactic for some time now. These middle men Ad bloodsuckers have enslaved innumerable End Users and drained their pockets for some time now. I don’t have to mention the Industry middlemen here because they will become very evident and vicious on comments on this Blog.
    Dear Mr. End User please stay tuned to this Blogs exposing the players, in time, by example.With time and education of the facts you the End User will learn much and escape the Ad syndrome slave indenture that some lucky End Users are experiencing by Incorporating New World Marketing techniques that are slashing their Advertising costs to almost nothing.The Genie is slowly coming out of the bottle,don’t miss his valuable news, right here on Ricks Blog.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  32. henry

    No he doesn’t have 271 websites because there are only 28 domains registered with acrepair plus a zip code that starts with 3 which is florida. All florida zip codes start with 3. So I don’t know where he adds up 271.

  33. LS

    Henry and Bako-
    Neither of you understand what Schwartz saying. Frankly, few people responding in this post do.
    He’s saying that his AC guy owns 271 domains, including (Zip), as marketing peripherals to his AC repair business. These types of names may not be worth holding speculatively from the standpoint of a domain name investor but from the standpoint of an actual business in that field, it only takes 1- that’s ONE- big conversion for a single one of those domains to pay for the entire lot.
    I have two uncles who are in residential and commercial plumbing. They have a good little business going, four trucks, four men plus themselves. Being family, I take a little time each month to crush google for them and as a result, they make a lot of money from the internet. Do you understand what ONE dead simple 20 minute service call is worth to them? $150. Net of expenses, $100, cash in their bank. They figure one internet conversion is worth about $30 (which I don’t charge them for, since it’s a family thing), the click to conversion rate on local service terms is very high, so it actually breaks down to about $4 a click. I have them P1P1 organic for most of the best ones, still, there are a few I buy.
    Do you know what I have to bid on those clicks? NOTHING. There is no competition in that keyword space, yet its profitable for those businesses. My script autogens their lead information right into their inbox and they make plenty of money.
    If this AC man is using domains to generate leads and they’re making him money, he’s looking at a couple grand a year outlay that only has to make his phone ring ten or fifteen times in a 365 day year to pay for itself.

  34. Anunt would be worthless unless I own an AC company that services the whole USA.
    Why would an owner of an AC Repair company in Miami, FL want
    I would rather pay for local google ads and do alot of free advertising like Craigslist etc… traffic coming from all over the world would be useless…would NOT pay you $100 to lease the name.
    Even if you owned a domain like, I would NOT lease it because it will NOT get any traffic…
    I rather pay for google ads…


    I found him! hehe after reading henry’s reply up there I was like I will just try some other zip code in a ten mile radius of Ricks zip hehe
    I am sure Anytime – Aircare does have 271 website! Smart SEO move for your AC buddy Rick would be to do a 301 redirect to a main AC website so he has at least one website and it wouldn’t be penalized for the duplicate content he is generating, having so many of the same sites. Very easy to do and he would get even more business and it won’t even hurt him seeing how none of his sites are index anyway.
    So type in traffic is totally working for him! :)
    I FOUND HIM hehe

  36. Danny Welsh

    RE:”He IS the point. The ac man is NOT in corporate America where some committee would order and debate a report then a report on the report and by the time they say no he’d been laid off cause he’s over 40 and using too much healthcare.”
    Owen, can you email me your phone number at some point please? I want to run a few of mine and Rick’s ideas for what we’re calling the”Domain Launch Formula” by you. It’s designed to do exactly what most domainers think is impossible: get corporate America to make a decision on a domain name in 21 days or less. I’d like to see if you would find value or interest in helping me refine the basic plan we’re slowly rolling out. I think you are brilliant, man. Hope to get that email!
    Danny Welsh

  37. Danny Welsh

    Keep working on your 10 Altaf.
    10 great domains make you a domain INVESTOR to be reckoned with. None of those 2 is as good as some of the ones you emailed me about last few weeks and bought. What you sent me and Rick before we started refining your buys with some advice…were not good.
    You’re picking much better domains buddy.
    And both me and Rick think you’re going to have a GREAT portfolio soon. I don’t know if it means anything to a really smart guy like you with a PhD in Economics, but…from a guy that barely graduated college…I’m totally proud of the progress you’ve made in how to RECOGNIZE good vs bad vs GREAT domain names since that first email you sent me filled with hundreds of”pigeon shit”.
    Well done.
    And I don’t mean”well done” just for a guy for whom English ain’t his first language.
    I mean WELL DONE, no conditions.
    If Rick and I can find a dozen guys/gals this year with an interest in domains, talent in sales, and most importantly…your HEART and GUTS…we’ll change how the whole world views premium domains.
    “In a world full of people, only some want to FLY…isn’t that crazy?” – Seal
    Danny Welsh

  38. jack

    Many Corporate Directors and Executives aren’t very smart – but they sure are good at dressing snappy, being politically correct, and brown-nosing.

  39. Danny Pryor

    You’ll recall, I told you about a South Florida company that was proud of their long-tail domain and paying Goolge $60k per month, totally unable to understand the value of the generic, which was Well, whatever. It seems”the obvious” is about as commonly perceived as”common sense” is pervasive. And we all know the maxim about common sense, right? :))

  40. Anunt would be worthless unless I own an AC company that services the whole USA.
    Why would an owner of an AC Repair company in Miami, FL want
    I would rather pay for local google ads and do alot of free advertising like Craigslist etc… traffic coming from all over the world would be useless…would NOT pay you $100 to lease the name.
    Even if you owned a domain like, I would NOT lease it because it will NOT get any traffic…
    I rather pay for google ads…

  41. Adam

    ac repair buford, has always been my top priority when it comes to renovation and design in all my projects. The comfort and lifestyle is my basis to make things easier for my clients. I do not settle for less and will always provide excellent service that will make them go back.
    I care about what the customer thinks after a job well done and a pat on the back is what I always receive.


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