Location, Location, Location Does Not Mean a BAD Location!!

Morning Folks!!

Want some examples of really bad locations? Confusing locations? Cute but confusing and so they are nothing at all? Just a little of what is to come. Who you will share the stage with. Who will make the smart guys a ton of money. You can't make this stuff up and I am sure a few will stroll in here and tell me this or that. Let me start slapping my knee right now before they even speak.

They don't pass the radio test. They fail the radio test. They don't pass the word of mouth test. They fail that one as well. The ONLY test they pass is the one that creates a 'State of confusion.'

Hey it's the weekend. Maybe I will uncover a hornets nest of domainers that think this is the way. This is the future. All I can say to them, be on time Monday morning.

These guys have the right arguments, just armed with the wrong names. That means they will always work harder for less.

JesusSav.es and InGodWeTru.st are Among the Hot New Domain Names Now Being Offered Exclusively at WeFollowJesus.org


Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

16 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location Does Not Mean a BAD Location!!

  1. BillW

    Pretty much a total list of Columbidae droppings….and sales hype like this:
    QUOTE:”Every Smart Christian knows You Can Never Lose Investing in Jesus especially in his Holy Name.”

  2. Dave Wrixon

    Well, I don’t suppose it much worse than the heap of pooh bearing the same Motto that was given in exchange :)
    I reckon Moody’s would give this AAA.

  3. Anunt

    You can make millions on a $8 domain name…
    Just need a great idea…
    A great location with no idea is worthless…that’s exactly what’s going on today…people have great locations and earning only pennies…
    Stop looking for great locations…
    Start with a great idea first…
    Good Luck to ALL

  4. Jeff Schneider

    R E :” Just need a great idea.
    Just certain word combinations in themselves can be great ideas. Certain words are the starting foundation to the manifestation to things. Thoughts manifest into things,and most thoughts are expressed through written symbols as their starting point.
    R E :” A great location with no idea is worthless…’
    How do you explain the many Great Idea .COM foundations selling in the millions that had NO Capital Structures YET built on their great Foundation Idea ??
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. Anunt

    What the fuck is a fucking metal tiger contact group…you fucking moron…
    Don’t be late Monday morning metal tiger…while i sleep and wake up when i want for the rest of my life…
    I’m giving u a promotion…u a gold tiger now

  6. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The so called Heap of pooh American DOLLAR is the worlds most adopted currency STANDARD. The only reason the DOLLAR is weak is because we have waged foolish Wars without paying for them.
    The DOLLAR is in full pendulum swing to the upside as we speak. The DOLLAR will emerge from the Global financial Melt Down as a clear winner. A big part of the upward bias in the DOLLAR will be accomplished with Digital Capital Structure Formation with Virtual Business Foundations leading the way.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. Dave Wrixon

    Not until you fix your broken democracy it won’t.
    Besides, you cannot afford a strong dollar.
    Do you think China is going to pay your bills forever?

  8. Jeff Schneider

    R. E. =” Want some examples of really bad locations?”
    Physical Real Estate cannot compete with Virtual Real Estate !
    In physical real estate the saying is Location, Location, Location! In Virtual Real Estate you have the worlds best locations wrapped into one”Virtual Business Foundation ™”. This is because the Total sum of all the Worlds best locations is contained in the world wide web. With Virtual Real Estate you are front and center and have access to the worlds highest traffic volume in all of recorded history. And unlike, Physical Real Estate, Virtual Real Estates, EXPONENTIALLY, expanding Traffic Stream never stops EVER ! So in Virtual Real Estate the key is Foundation,Foundation, Foundation !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  9. UFO

    These so called hacks like Art.sy are just bad news. But, if you have a negligble budget and a super great idea then you can always start with something like this.
    Its just harder to get going.
    But these hacks really only lend themselves to some a bit more ‘hip’ and ‘offbeat’…
    Even then the more gorilla type approach tend to even use .com’s. A couple that have an offbeat outlook with good recollection that I have spotted on the TV/Radio are ones like”funkypigeon.com””IwantOneOfThose.com””TheDogsDooDars.com”
    Trying to get the public to remember hacks is just a bad marketing move, there’s plenty of marketing double word .com’s to choose from.

  10. Josh

    “Christian.com sold for $600,000 – Click Here Jesus.Net sold for more than $124,000”
    They actually think their domains are on par with the above. Reminds me of the old user generated Afternic appraisals on the Afternic message boards, circa 2001.

  11. jbs

    I noticed you put a TM after”Virtual Business Foundation”. You might want to grab the dot com to avoid having to file a UDRP later on. Right now VirtualBusinessFoundation.com is available to register…LOL

  12. Altaf

    Many folks here misinterpret what Rick means with Location, Location,Location. Only mere criticism will not help. This is a great thought. How do you interpret is up to you. Only some folks will
    find its intrinsic meaning. For example, US consumers buy most of the Indian products due to their way of life and buying power while most of the billion Indians do not buy most of US products. That does not affect any industry in US while it does affect Indian industries as a whole if US stops importing Indian goods.If you have an idea, built it in the desert without any buyers, how your idea will be profitable.
    As far as I am concerned most of my traffic comes from US and North America, & nothing from Asian countries despite a few Asian nation is having better internet facilities. Why?

  13. Jeff Schneider

    R.E.=”I noticed you put a TM after”Virtual Business Foundation”. You might want to grab the dot com to avoid having to file a UDRP later on. Right now VirtualBusinessFoundation.com is available to register…LOL”
    (LAST LOL) No need to get Greedy, its a gift to Domainers,
    Besides I already own the most Valuable Virtual Business Foundation ! I Already Bought The .COM
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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