Compelling and Brutal Posts to Come.

Morning Folks!!

You have no idea what is about to come at you! You are about to see more ideas and more ways to look at things than I can even describe. It's gonna be one of those 'You gotta see it for yourself' type of things.

All I can do is warn you that everyone in this industry is about to be brought out of their comfort zones in a very big way. I promise in the next 100 days things are going to take a dramatic shift. Ideas and action are a very powerful combination.

Transparent, on the record, stated goals, timelines, examples and then watch the show unfold.

It comes down to 'Circulation'. It starts as a seed of an idea and it circulates. And when it works, it spreads like wildfire.


So if my math is right I share this distinction with some 2 million others and not sure where on the top 2 million I might reside. But hey, it's a starting point! 1% sounded impressive, 1 in the top 2 million, not so much lol.

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “Compelling and Brutal Posts to Come.

  1. Anunt

    Mahatma Gandhi…first they ignore u, then they laugh at u, then they fight u, then u win.
    In JointVentures, we already ignored u…now we are at the”laugh at u” stage…
    Prove us wrong Rick…
    Long road ahead…The bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you refuse to take the turn
    we still going to”fight u”…then”u win”
    Good Luck Rick!!!

  2. Ryan

    I have been collecting art for about 20 years, one industry that has same price percentage like domains on top tier priceless painters. Got a call from a gallery from across the country who said a corporate CEO would like yo buy your painting. Since we know it is considered priceless, and you have refused to sell it in the past they are willing to lease it, is that something you would be interested in?
    Two keywords: priceless, and lease


    Please bring us out of our ‘comfort’ zones Rick.
    p.s. I hope this is all about .com and how the
    gTLD’s are all worthless…
    I’ll get my popcorn, and await the wisdom that is
    sure to unfold very soon!

  4. Owen

    I got one saying that I am in top 5%. Beauty is that they circulate the blog headlines and more and more people see them and click. It opens up our universe to the end user demographic and will become as valuable to delivering that prospect as Domaining is for delivering domain investor insiders.

  5. Owen

    These are also a trick to get you to their pages- they try more and more of them everyday so they are spending marketing efforts to deliver eyeballs to us

  6. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We are all witnessing the worlds waking up to the fact that .COM URLs are the key to Mass Marketing Principles and the platform for this recognition is largely do to you Rick. It has been nothing short of miraculous entertainment watching you paint the palet detailing this coming out phase. Congratulations Rick !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. Yo Eugene

    Very simple Rick.
    .com’s matter. others don’t. Also, I agree that the tld’s are going to all fail.

  8. UFO once sent me something similar, I was in the very top users of its email services… but the issue was that it really was due to inbound emails that were spam. I had thousands a day coming in, I never opened them and never clicked spam, in fact I used a different email address…


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