Gordon Martin Hits Domain Leasing Gold!!

Afternoon Folks!!

This just came across my desk and I think you will see this begin to spread like wildfire. Once domainers see and understand what they actually have, they are going to look at everything they do differently.

Many domains fads will come and go. But leasing prime domains is just one of those things coming that will likely outlive everyone reading this today.

If you don't have linkedin.......oh well.

'In total if successful the guaranteed portion alone adds up to 800k over the term of the lease and the performance amounts would be in the 1.2-1.5 million range. (not adjusted for inflation)'

And my sources tell me this is not a .com but in fact a .ca but this has yet to be confirmed.

UPDATE: I have confirmed this is a .com lease along with the next 8.

Congratulations Gordon (DropWizard)!!!


Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Gordon Martin Hits Domain Leasing Gold!!

  1. Bill Roy

    Just logged back on for the evening stint and found the post by Gordon, damn brilliant news. For the little while I have corresponded with Gordon through the LinkedIn group I get the feeling it is absolutely deserved.
    I am sure Rick will not mind me posting this so here goes. If any of you are members of LinkedIn and have any interest at all in ccTLD’s then you should join Gordon’s group (follow the link in Rick’s blog post above). If you are not members of LinkedIn then you are missing out IMO fairly big time in making contacts and finding out opinions of other people, and if you are serious about business then you should ask yourself ‘why you are not a member yet’.
    Again, congratulations to Gordon, a big thumbs up mate.

  2. @Domains

    I came across this news today first at DNforum, and it is great news for domain leasing and for .CA domains.
    It would be great to get the full story, who is leasing the domain, what is the domain, and what are the other 8 domains this group is interested in building out. Hopefully in time we’ll find out.

  3. MarkH

    I just went and paid my annual “rent” on about 30 domains expiring soon and it hit me, none of us actually own the domains we love so much, we rent them (lease, whatever?). So technically Gordon sublet his domain name, and that is what Joint Ventures is doing, subletting. You are basically doing the same thing a registrar does just adding a few zeros. The same thing IdeaLab attempted to do (and semi-successfully did) with .tv 12 years ago but you are doing it with .com’s, brilliant…

  4. DomainsCrawler

    Hey Rick
    The concept of Domain Leasing has been around for some time now (many of which have been failures.) But the INFERNO of information that is coming at us right now is a direct result of you and your new associate. I receive daily alerts regarding this issue and the results a phenomenal! One thing I’ve noticed is a huge amount of plagiarism going on. Some have what you have word for word. Others think they are being clever in changing a few words around. No originality! (You have ‘Copyscape’ on JointVentures…might want to start using it on your blog…just a suggestion)
    Commenting on others inability to be original is not the reason I’m taking the time to post this evening. But rather to congratulate you guys on bringing the information you do to the Domain Industry. I for one have gotten rid of hundreds of”pigeon shit” domains and purchased many others I believe have greater long term value.
    Domain sales will always put bread on the table. But Domain Leasing will give us all a really cool table to place that bread on.
    Domain Leasing is the new age for the Domain Industry. Look at what Gordon just did…WOW…a .Ca even! Fantastic!
    As always, looking at the future…

  5. UFO

    Looks like they signed a 25yr deal as 20k rising to 45k Pa takes a while to bring in 800k.
    Think more than a few start up’s could be interested in this sort of low cost entry into the websphere. They don’t need a shed load of capital if they can do the development themselves, and I am guessing if they run out of cash after 3 years the domain simply reverts back to the owner.
    This could become very popular as we follow the upswing in the market. Quite a number of domainers could find themselves on million dollar income streams.

  6. Daniel

    “Looks like they signed a 25yr deal as 20k rising to 45k Pa takes a while to bring in 800k.”
    What would a name with a deal like this be worth?

  7. Gordon

    The deal is for 20 years not 25.
    The domain itself is a generic in a high ppc industry. It would cover any country although their business model is US centric. It allows them to sell geo targeted advertising right across the US.
    My estimate is that I could have gotten about 75k for the domain previously. As to it’s value now I would want to see what develops with it before speculating on that. I would expect based on industry parameters that it would rise to around the 480k mark.
    I always expected to have a large firm come looking for that one and the other 8 someday but this was a very attractive alternative. If they are successful, and I have every expectation they will be, I can’t wait to see what develops out of all this.
    Thanks Rick for the posts and others for the kind comments.


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