Fake site on a Fake GTLD Sale? The tale of “No Results Found” at Vacation.Rentals

Morning Folks!!

We have all heard the fanfare about the "Record" sale of Vacation.Rentals. Some in the industry doubt the authenticity of that sale. I have been checking on the site from time to time for the past couple months. Again more fanfare as they got a page 1 ranking. But is that bogus SEO too?

Some companies in the domain space are ethically challenged to put it nicely. Some chronically. Seems there are financial motives for the publicity that helps their sales. Especially when those sales are lagging and even the biggest GTLD fans are starting to question their "Investments". Let's not be naive.

Go to the site, punch in the dates and no matter what place you punch in only one thing happens. I keep getting "NO RESULTS FOUND". Nothing worse than going somewhere and being fooled. Those folks NEVER come back! It's bad business and I think that will just fuel the debate on the authenticity of the sale.

Go ahead, search for any place. Here are Maui results: NONE!


Here are the stories about the sale. 

What do you think?

Real Sale? Fake Sale? Don't Know?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz