Local or Global? Your Domain Name may be the Decider!

Morning Folks!!

Are you a local company or are you a global company? If you are a local company you can do lots of different things and tricks and not worry about it. Your business is small. It's intended to stay small. That's fine. However if you intend to grow and grow without limits then you may want to be careful of how you present your company to the public.

Your domain name screams out whether you are local or global. You cant silence her. You are either on the world stage or you are not. You are in the major leagues or you are not. You make the championship round or you dont. If people forget who #2 is imagine when you are 3rd or 4th or 34th or 434th.

Why place any type box around your future that can only limit and suppress that future? Why take that global ability away from yourself?

Cctld's are fine. But it does say we service a limited area. It silently says that. It doesn't matter what extension you choose is fine and it will work, but without the.com counterpart you limit yourself. You communicate to the public things you may not want to communicate. And you're not there to correct them. Remember that! You are not there to correct them. Perception is reality. The perception is local not global. That's the perception whether you like it or not. Whether you accept it or not. Whether it's helpful or not.

Recognize it and give it a number value. Because that number will never be zero. What number am I talking about? Business loss. Business loss multiplied by the lifetime of that business.

That's the loss that's 100% profit. Pure gold. It can't be dismissed. Those that dismiss this number dismiss all types of other things as well and it's costly. They don't count this, they don't count that. Eventually they may go broke. They underestimate EVERYTHING!

I do the opposite. I ADD 20% to every expense whether needed or not. That way when something unexpected happens, and it always does, I am financially prepared and it does not make a dent.

I would make domainers cry if they saw how may people get the extension wrong. Tell 100 people just ONE TIME that your website is at whatever.net and you will have close to 50% go to the .com counterpart and YOU are not there to tell them they got it wrong. And that's with a .net. What happens with .crap?

Rick Schwartz

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

Morning Folks!!

One of the famous lines from the Godfather. "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in."

That may be a line in a movie for most, for me it was a cautionary take because it is so easy to be pulled back in. It's like going to a casino, winning many millions and you go back and you lose it all. But in my case, it is staying retired. I was retired from 1998-2004. Then I got pulled back in and did TRAFFIC for 10 years until I stopped and could retire again. I wanted to quit TRAFFIC in 2007 and leave at the highest point. But Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.

I have ideas every day and then I realize the last thing I want to do is be pulled me back in. I am out and I want to stay out. If not I would be globetrotting doing all types of deals and finding new products to bring to market.

So to prevent that, THIS is what I refer to to keep me out of the damn casino of business.

Rick Schwartz