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Morning Folks!!

Ask around, I NEVER EVER give appraisals. I get many emails every day looking for appraisals. Sorry, never have and I doubt I ever will except TODAY!

I have 6 categories of of Appraisal for domainers selling me domains.

  1. Laugh Hard!

  2. Laugh Harder

  3. Laugh Hardest

  4. I can't get off the floor

  5. I am dying to catch my breath from laughing way too hard

  6. ok, deal!

But here is a lesson. If you are foolish enough to sell your domains to other domainers always multiply the price you quote by 10. So if you are asking $200k from a domainer, make sure the domain can be turned at $2 MILLION without the above scale applying. If you don't ask what's in it for THEM, you are not going to make many sales and the ones you do will be for chump change because they will be getting the benefit, not you.

And the 10 multiple is a minimum. Don't like that, then stop selling to domainers and do the legwork REQUIRED to sell to an end user! You are not selling something liquid. So the upside for the buyer has to be tremendous or they would not buy nor be interested.

Personally I see the best bang for the buck in domains up to about $2500. I look for a domain like that, that has a value of $100k or more and snap them up when I see them.

Domainers selling to other domainers is a sign of desperation. That made a lot of us rich. But I understand it is the only game in town for so many. It's the only way to make ends meet. And when you do that, you end up selling your best for the cheapest. Not a smart equation. So you have to figure out how NOT to do that. How not to be in that position. Not saying it's easy, but it's your JOB! It's the other half of your job that so many ignore.

My best domains slipped thru the hands of those I bought them from. I don't mind sharing that with you because I said all this very early on and throughout the years. But as I buy less, I can share more and more details.

Whether you want it asked or not. Whether you are willing to be straight or not, type-in traffic is still an important qualifier. Especially when dealing with high value domains. There should be SOME traffic. Now I don't base my purchases on traffic like I did early on. That was the holy grail to pay for the renewals. Adult was ALL about traffic and I never looked to "Search" to find that traffic. There are many other methods to grow your audience.

To me, SEARCH is the extra you get and not what you depend on to grow. It's a perk not a foundation. Maybe upside down to most, but that is my strong view. Anyone only talking about search is misguided in my way of viewing the Internet and long term marketing. You can't depend on search. You can't depend on Google. You can't depend on Facebook. You can't depend on Twitter. You have to do some heavier lifting than just spending money or fooling the system for the short term.

A domains' value may be in the different ways it can be reinvented. A great location can support a gas station or a bank or a restaurant or a rental center or a host of other businesses. Other locations may be landlocked in the way it can be used. And that may not be bad. Just know the difference.

So what's the value of your domain name? Hell if I know. I only appraise the ones I buy with my wallet and the ones that make me laugh until I cry all day long!

Rick Schwartz