Is the Domain Industry Brain Dead or just Stupid and Foolish? And a Namescon Secret I Have NEVER Revealed Until Now!

Morning Folks!!

Sorry, but maybe it is time to question the mental health of the so-called "Domain Industry". There are very smart people in it. There are also some very dumb and silly people. There are predators too. You can decide which group is biggest.

I have been in dozens of industries in my life. 55 as a matter of fact. Never saw one as bjg as ours and so splintered and messed up. Directionless. The golden goose has been abused and misused and many of you are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and also justify the time spent. That equation is in real and serious trouble.

I don't sell domains to domainers I BUY domains from domainers. I don't sell you folks anything since TRAFFIC closed in 2014. But just like before, I share. I share what I see and how I think it will unfold and I share why. I will always piss off multiple groups because the truth is sometimes their enemy and I don't carry water for anyone but progress and success!

We are not progressing. We are not even stuck. We are sliding backwards. Long gone are the VC guys of 2006. Long gone are the $12 million domain auctions of 2007. Long gone are the shrimp as big as my fist in 2008. The month of the stock market and housing crash. Long gone is the hope for new GTLD's of 2013. Long gone are so many things. But folks think they can ignore that. You can. But I look at the pattern. The trajectory. The fallout. The differences. The similarities. The ups and downs. The quality of domains and their prices. I only buy domains in a depressed market. This is a depressed market.

However with time, there is also clarity. Even with the dense fog of bullshit and noise. Noise. Noise. Noise. YEARS of it!! But until you realize that registries and registrars MEAN NOTHING to you as domainers the industry will never have direction and meaning. I am so glad you are letting the Division of Drivers Licenses have so much influence when they should have NONE! Who are they to YOU?? They are not your FRIENDS! They are salespeople! And that is fine. I don't blame them one bit. I blame domainers for being ignorant of their true role and value. They facilitate and protect. PERIOD!!

The domain game is changing. It always has and always will. But we had a 5 year detour that is now coming to an ABRUPT end! With the reported bankruptcy of Famous Four, this is the beginning of the end. But it was all predicted RIGHT HERE on this blog. We looked at it from every single angle and it was a loser each and every time.

Most products may have 1 or 2 weak points. GTLD's have 122 weak points! They sold you a bag of shit and you ate it like Filet Mignon! That's the ugly truth, deal with it!

GTLD's took a thriving industry and derailed it. Did not kill it. Derailed it. The motivation of GTLD's was not to make it easier to navigate like the Library and the Dewey Decimal System. It was a money grab by people that were not making money!

One of the biggest reasons I closed TRAFFIC in 2014 is because I did not want to be involved with this pump and dump scheme and promote their NOISE. I would rather walk away than be USED as a TOOL for their agenda! I was even offered a percentage of Namescon. Howard was not interested. I could not do it. I don't sell out. PERIOD! I would not lend MY NAME to give credibility where it was not deserved. So it was easier to leave the scene for a few years and come back when my predictions started to unfold and MOST domainers would stop being BLIND. They are on record, I am on record. GTLD investors got their heads handed to them and the industry got hijacked.

The worst thing, just look at the GTLD CRAP that they register. Most would be worthless as a .com. What are they thinking?

So the industry is now controlled by registrars, registries and GTLD companies. Domain Investors are just a group to be used and abused because they are either brain dead, stupid or foolish. The evidence is overwhelming and it increases every single day. RIP GTLD's. Now run along and make room for the pros again!

Do you know that the difference between a .com and a any of the 1000 GTLD's?? One is recognized universally and is synonymous with the Internet and the other is a total FRAUD brought to market for all the wrong reasons and means nothing to NO ONE on earth but the peddlers of this crap and silly domainers that swallow their shit! (registries, registrars and domainers looking for the second coming). Enjoy driving your Yugo's as they fall apart. I am happy with the Mercedes of extensions. The Rolls Royce of Extensions. The Cadillac of extensions. You GTLD guys are sick of me posting? TFB. Too bad! I had to listen to YEARS of your noise promising this and that and delivering on none of it.

Rick Schwartz