Your NEED is not MY concern. What’s in it for ME?

Morning Folks!!

I don't care. It's not important to me. If what's important to you is not to me, why are you wasting my time? Why are you wasting your time? That's not working smart, that's working dumb.

See John Jones thru their eyes. Stop selfishly looking it thru yours. John Jones does not give a crap!

Yeah, I know, you need to sell a domain. you need to sell a car. You need to sell a house. I don't give a shit about YOUR needs. They are meaningless to me. You are so worried about eating that you are preventing food from entering your mouth.

If you contact somebody you better have done your homework. You need to explain why they should waste one second with you! That means don't waste your breath with anything other then getting to the point.

Don't tell a story. Don't tell him your story of woe with a long introduction. Get to the ending and work backwards. "The property next to yours is coming on the market tomorrow and thought you might have an interest." Then shut up. When he rejects the idea before even considering, just tell him your name and the way to get in touch in case he has any second thoughts. Thank him for his time. That was 30 seconds.

If someone calls me that I don't know and he does not get to the point in about 5-10 seconds, CLICK!

That's why I prefer email. It is a bit slower. You can expand more. better get to the point in the first paragraph or, DELETE!

Selling is about knowing when to shut up. Knowing the questions to ask. Knowing the response you should get. Knowing the conversation is within the boundary lines. That's right, there ARE stupid questions. When they ask you multiple stupid questions then either go to lunch without them or look them in the eye and get to it. Why waste your time if the guy is not serious? Let him know you know.

Know when to say NO, know when you get to YES. Answering questions completely or completely ignoring some. The only rule of sales is there are no rules. Just tell the truth. That means never lie about your product! Never oversell. Never minimize a legitimate objection. EVER! Then again never legitimize an illegitimate objection. How do you tell? When you know your product, it's easy.

And last thing, no matter what you may be selling, never ever mention the name of your competition. That's the kiss of death! I can't tell you how many folks were about to make a sale and then mentioned a brand I never heard of. Guess what? The conversation would end, I would leave, do more research and in 99% of the cases, never went back to the original guy. Not only did he lose the sale, he made one for the other team! Not smart! And sales and business and LIFE is all about being SMART!

Here is my 2010 guide to selling a domain name. ENJOY!

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Part 2 has a step by step guide!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz