Do you Flip Mobile Homes or Oceanfront Mansions? Work for Denny’s or Capital Grille?

Morning Folks!!

What you sell and how you sell and to whom you sell may make a huge difference in your life and your lifetime earnings. Waiters and waitresses make a lot more money at Capital Grille  than the same  waiters and waitresses at Denny's. Not only that, they work harder at Denny's and get paid much less.

When I first came online I ended up with a group of folks that flipped mobile homes. That was like working for Denny's. Then I saw folks selling Oceanfront mansions. They were doing much better. The only difference is one group  had a low target and a low goal and the other saw the sky is the limit.

Same is true with domains. YOU are the one that decides which end of the spectrum you will be working. It's NOT about the size of your wallet. It's about the size of your brain. The size of your ambition. The size of your work ethic. The size of you inquisitiveness. The size of your understanding of Business, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Consumers. The size of your dreams and goals. It's the size YOU put on it.

If you go out and just double $1 every day for 30 days you will be a millionaire. Do the math. Start with $1. Double the amount each time. $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64. Oh damn you are a fool Rick! Only $64 after 1 week! $128, $256, $512, $1024, $2048, $4096, $8192 At end of week #2. $16,384, $32,768, $65,536, $131,072, 262,144, $524,288, $1,048,576. At end of week 3!!!!

Ok, I admit, I screwed up. I should have started with a PENNY to be a millionaire in 30 days! I did the example in 3 weeks!! MY BAD!!

Point is, this is easier than you think. It may not take 3 or 4 weeks. What if it takes 3 or 4 years? Even 10 years. Stop being a jack rabbit. Stop chasing shiny objects. Put one foot in front of the other and climb the ladder like the Man or Woman you are! It won't matter if it takes 20 years. Once you are on the right path, you will ENJOY the journey at each and every level.

They always say the first million is the hardest! That's true. Once you find the path as I have shown, you can repeat, repeat, repeat.That's all the successful domainers in the space did. Not all came in in 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015. You can come in TODAY and make your mark and make your fortune.

So buy GREAT domains no matter what your budget is. What constitutes a great domain? A domain others would want to buy. The reason I don't NEED to sell, is because I understand that and I understand value. When the right offer comes, you will know it.

A domains value and your value on yourself and your time are related. Some sell their souls to Denny's and some retain control of their souls and end up in much higher places. It's always a choice. And YOU are the only one that can make that choice no matter how much you want to blame anything or anyone else.

Stop looking at your feet and start looking at the stars. But when you look at the stars, it's one step at a time to reach them! Folks are wired to skip steps and when they do, they always fall flat on their face, have to start again and frustration and anger is the only dividend.

Rule #1 in domaining: DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!! The day job is what funds your new purchases until you can fly. Imagine a plane trying to take off at 50mph, it's gonna crash each and every time! Keep the cash flowing in from another source until you reach speed to fly and then cruising altitude. Put yourself in a position not to be so weak that you have to accept bad offers on your best names! This is not rocket science. This is having a map, a plan and a goal and sticking to it. Pick a direction and go.

Dress for success. Think for success. Act like success. If you do that, you won't be working at Denny's or flipping mobile homes. You will be living on the ocean!

So if you are not making it, drop them all and start again. But this time work smart and understand the patience you need. Just remember one thing. It takes 20 YEARS to become an overnight success!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz