New GTLD’s Record 33 TOTAL Registration gains in past 2 YEARS!

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2 Years ago there were more new GTLD registrations then there are now. 2 years of gains wiped out and that is during a time that hundreds of them were released for the first time. Numbers should be skyrocketing but they are not. They are crashing and they are crashing very badly.

On June 22, 2016 there were 22,654,036 new GTLDs registered on the way to a high of 29,470,568 on April 13th 2017. Since then, it's been almost all down hill. As I write this today, the number stands at 22,674,069. A TOTAL of 33 domain increase over 2 YEARS and now we have over 1 million still to drop.  We have 2 days left before it's exactly 2 years.

22,654,036 on 6/22/16

29,470,568 on 4/13/17

22,674,069 TODAY (with 1,072,036 to be deleted)

Registries made money. Registrars made money. Domain investors lost their asses and continue to get financially hurt! Every day that passes most get weaker as renewals never take a day off.

Whatever your nut is, be sure to multiply it out by 10 YEARS! That's the real carrying cost. 20 50 years if you are smart.

The chart below tells the sad story. And that's with all the pumping and dumping and domain shows that are only held to prop up GTLD's. They have turned into Registry and Registrar shows for new GTLD's. Domain investors be damned. None of this is in YOUR best interest. It's in THEIR best interest. So they told you black is white until you swallowed it. Hook, line and sinker and guess what? What Many/MOST have now are BILLS not ASSETS! It's 5 years. It's not looking good!

Even Favorites like .Club are down 20% and more from their top level and their growth looks to be over as they struggle to maintain 1 million registrations. 14% of their entire registration base is about to be deleted. That's over 145,000 names and that will drop them to about 860,000 registrations from a high of 1.3 Million. That's about 35% of ALL their registrations and EVERY ONE is a domainer that lost money!

Even with TWO Triple Crown Winners in 3 years .Horse struggles as one of the worst performing New GTLD's with 2300 registrations in FOUR YEARS!

So many others are simply DYING ON THE VINE! A term I have used for 5 years. Now you see why.

Domainers looking for the next coming are just being foolish. And the CRAP they register is just sad! They are chasing yesterday and not tomorrow.

Win, Place, Show. There COULD be up to 3 winners. But that means there will be 997 losers. 997 .Mobi's. Speaking of .Mobi, Estibot estimates my holdings that are worth $0 are actually worth $179k. LOLOL! But I have GREAT keywords! Guess what?? It is MEANINGLESS!

GreatKeyword.DumbGTLD = NOTHING!

GreatKeyword.Com = $$$$$$

One plants a bad seed hoping to sprout and it won't. The other buys someone else's thriving plant and it continues to thrive and grow.


The poor (and i mean poor) GTLD guys refuse to read what was predicted YEARS ago and memorialized and see how it dovetails with reality today. They refuse to recalibrate given new information. They are in way too deep. They are angry, frustrated and BROKE! Worst of all, they WASTED 5 YEARS of their lives on a bag of smoke when they could have actually made money with something tried and true. So they reinvented a square wheel that nobody wants. Especially end users.

So they said it was for startups. Well I would beg to differ. The best way to put a startup out of business is with a beautiful brand new GTLD that nobody ever heard of including MOST domainers.

When you see tens or hundreds of thousands of registrations and Godaddy has just 1000 of them, it's a really good chance it's a LOSER! If Godaddy is not the #1 registrar of any GTLD, you got a loser. I won't mention the names of the registries to be careful of. But you should be able to figure it out if you do your homework and research.

Domainers got lied to. They got fooled. They swallowed ever piece of shit that was fed to them by people with a motive. These folks have their minions that they use as their LOUD mouthpieces. They make up press releases and distribute them as fact. As news. As something important. Why not label it the advertising it actually is and charge to publish? I am sent stuff all the time. It seldom if EVER gets posted here. Glad so many others are willing to carry their water. I don't think they serve their readers very well and many censor negative viewpoints when it affects their agenda to begin with.

Independent voices are shut down, shot down and minimized regardless of the evidence at hand. And I still see the other side and look for it in the wild. I am even willing to post a picture of one in the wild. But if you don't ask the question: How much traffic do I lose to the .com" you are a schmuck that would rather ignore reality. There is a loss. There is a number. You MUST put a number if you don't want to fool yourself. Then of course you tell me about search. SCREW SEARCH!

Here is how many people see your url. On a BILLBORD. In a MAGAZINE. Advertised on TV or RADIO. Only a total techie fool would IGNORE those mediums. And don't forget Word of Mouth. The one below was in blacked out windows. So you have Does anyone really believe there is no leakage to .com?? Really? If you do, let me tell you one thing, you could not be any wronger and that means EVERYTHING gets filtered thru something based on hope not fact. Put a number on it. It's bigger than you think!! It's not 1%. Or 2% or even 20%. But keep fooling yourself into believing whatever you want. I guarantee that is getting a lot of free and potentially targeted traffic.

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Rick Schwartz



The Untold Steering Wheel Story & Picking a Loser. Do you Know how to Spot a Loser?

Morning Folks!!

So, this is a story about sales, markets and steering wheels for cars in Detroit. I did business for many years with an importer. Then one day he got this bright idea that he was going to sell steering wheels and make a fortune. I laughed at him. I said Detroit has been buying steering wheels, brakes, etc from the same vendors for decades. No way they will buy.

Well he did not listen. I asked before you buy inventory, why don't you try and sell some first? He laughed at me. Said they needed inventory first. I laughed back, first sell one and the buy. He did not listen.

So he imported 7500 steering wheels.

How did he do? Well it sat on his shelves for years. He never sold any. I mean NONE! I think he died before the steering wheels were even sold.

Point is, get your first sale, FIRST and then figure out how to fulfill it. The only way to prove something is salable is to sell it first. Have a fist full of orders and you will be on your way up and be taken seriously.

There are millions of websites that have never made a sale and never will.

I have never started a business with a physical product without sales before I opened the door. If I can't make THREE sales FIRST, I have NOTHING! And the sales can not be to anyone I know. Cold calls. NO NONSENSE! You want a REAL result? Then you have the GUTS to get NO RESULT!

So many folks waste their time with something unproven and are too scared to actually prove it first. They are scared of the RESULT?? I would be scared of wasting my TIME! I want to know and I want the info quick!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz