2 YEARS of New GTLD Gains, WIPED OUT and still Hemorrhaging!

Evening Folks!

There is no question that the new GTLD's have been a disaster for domainers as well as most registries with too many horrible extensions to list.

After hitting nearly 30 Million total combined registrations a year ago April, the current number registered are the same as June 2016 standing at 22.7 Million. Wiping out nearly 2 years of gains. And there are still 1.25 million upcoming deletes and that is with the success of Google's .App now climbing to #17 with 250,000 registrations in just a few weeks.

8 of the top 10 extensions lost ground yesterday with .Loan leading the way shedding 73,773 domains. The #1 extension .Top added 120 domains and #6 .online registered 2 for the extensions that gained.

.App gained 2750 Yesterday making it once again the top gaining extension vs 550 others! Most of which lost ground.

The other 99 of top 100 had a COMBINED total registrations of 7793. Compared to 125,566 drops for the top 100. That's 16-1 losses over gains!! More than 16 domains DROPPED for every 1 domain registered. That's not growth, THAT STINKS! And if the majority of  top 100 are stinking I can't even describe the bottom 450. Most of which had gained or lost less than a total of 10 each. Most of those with just +/- 0- 3. That's called Dying on the vine!


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Rick Schwartz

Old Time Domainers Stand-up, Speak-Out. Our Accomplishments Shall not be Diminished!

Morning Folks!!

We live in an era of flipping domains ASAP and not for the best prices vs the Patience Game that did. TheDomains did a very good post on how the old timers would do today. Many times our accomplishments have been minimized by folks that have come later. Many lash out because they just have not done well in domaining. But got news for ya, 80% of the folks that were domaining in the 1990's and in the early 2000's did not do well either. The story and comments were very interesting. I posted the following comment myself and decided I wanted to memorialize it here with your indulgence and hopefully your comments. A blog post to me is only as good as the thought provoking comments readers leave.


Just a few points if I may.

1. There was no aftermarket in 1995 or 1996. I and a literal handful of folks were the entire aftermarket that started in 1996 and 1997.

2. In 1995 very few people were online. Only 10% of businesses were online and many of them with just a holding page.

3. In 1995 not everyone had their own personal computer.

4. The average person had no idea what a domain name was.

5. Most businesses did not know what a domain name was.

6. There were no parking companies to monetize your traffic.

7. Many people did not believe there was such a thing as type in traffic and would refuse to pay even tho they made sales and money.

8. I was working in the blind. I had no technical experience. I had not even learned to cut and paste or FTP. What I had was a keen sense of business and understand that the adult world is consistently first in adopting new technology.

9. It cost $39.95/month to activate EACH domain name

10. Domains cost $100 per pop for 2 years after being totally FREE. I completely missed the FREE. So I got in too late RIGHT??

11. Since I was looking at 20 years before I would see great value, each domain was really $10,000.

12. There were NO TOOLS whatsoever.

13. Many of the folks that were domaining at the time and earlier bought domains that had no value. I had a different focus. They were techies. I was a businessman. I was a salesman. I was a marketing guy. I was a student of business and industry and the history of both.

14. I was a loner. Nobody understood what I was doing. I was just a fool according to them. There was nobody to reinforce what I was doing was not insane and might work. There was no support system.

15. There were no domain blogs. There were no chatrooms other than the one I opened in 2000. RicksBoard. That was the epicenter of a fledging industry.

16. There was no Google, no Facebook, no Twitter.

17. Online banking had just begun.

18. We did not have smart phones.

19. You could not get email on the phone until the Motorola Startac

20. I did not have a CLUE which way things would turn out. I had a hunch that I based on an assumption and took a RISK looking for a big reward. I KNEW it would take years if not decades for this to evolve.

I am sure I missed a few. But the point is, when you get on the merry-go-round of life and business, there is NO STARTING LINE!! Only FOOLS and IDIOTS think that way. If I were to have thought that way after domains were FREE just a few weeks before, I would not be writing this post today. I have no sympathy for those that wallow in self pity and only take shots to excuse their own very visible short-commings.

There are domains of value every single day of the week available. I NEVER EVER buy a domain trying to resell it the next day. As many have mentioned, have some patience! And as far as valuations go, the ONLY valuation that counts is YOURS! YOU are the only one that can pull the trigger on a sale. YOU are the only one that can determine your circumstance. And yeah, I get that you need to pay bills. But you can build a machine that stays WAY ahead of the steamroller if you work smart and not deal with that CIRCUMSTANCE!

There has been some great advice given here by many folks. They KNOW what they are talking about. Don’t argue with them. They are right, you are wrong. You need to rise to their level, they don’t need to come down to yours. We have all been there before as we climbed the ladder and WE know the difference.

Just remember, the smarter and harder you work, the luckier you will get.
“Luck is a residue of Hard Work.” Branch Rickey.
Don’t know who Branch Rickey is? Look him up. History is the #1 part of business. success imho.

Good luck and great fortune to all!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz