My Very First Visit to

Morning Folks!!

One of the deals I am most proud of is my deal of 2008. It has all the elements of what I like in a domain deal. Now, after 10 years, later this month, I will be going to Boston and while I am up there I will visit the factory for the very first time. Have never been there, never seen it. But they are now a $15 Million annual entity and growing!

Back then I invested in 2 guys that won me over and I believed in. Before they were married, (not to each other) before they had kids and before they had a successful and growing entity. I like investing in PEOPLE!

Every once in a while an unexpected check will come in. Just a dividend. The last one earlier this year would have paid for the domain name when I bought it. They also paid off the $1 Million balance owed on in 2018. It took them 10 years to get where they wanted to go but now they are flying higher and higher and have a very bright future. I am just along for the ride and never hid my intent.

I started with 5% and thru several restructures over the years I ended up with 12.55% as a silent partner with no duties or responsibilities. However I do make suggestions about the site flow from time to time.

And make no mistake about it, it was the DOMAIN NAME that transformed and propelled their small company along with their work ethic etc. But you need BOTH or you will always be working harder to make less and maybe just flop. The domain name made folks STOP and take notice. It was instant credibility. The industry was forced to take them seriously. They got a seat at the table. You can't buy that and it's very hard to obtain to begin with. A great domain name allows you to elbow your way into the inner circle and grab a seat at the table of most industries. Whether they want you or not!

Matter of fact, the other similar deal I have structured after the deal is, they are just up the road. Never been there either!

Life is about working and surrounding yourself with good and talented people. Don't crowd them. Give them time and space to do their thing. Finding those good and talented people is always a challenge! Matching a domain name with the right person and/or company is what makes all the difference.

I don't sell domains, I invest in people and their ideas. They can have the domain name for pocket change or even free, but they better come armed  with a great and solid business idea and a well thought out strategy to achieve it.

So, looking forward to physically seeing what a great domain name has built and where the future leads form here.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz