Estibot Appraises my Portfolio at $44 Million Retail, $2.4 Million Wholesale. Both are Wrong!

Morning Folks!!

So Estibot came out with a tool to appraise your entire portfolio. It is very cool. I have never given a lot of credence to Estibot. Anyone that waives their appraisal in my face gets their email automatically DELETED and NEVER answered. Rookies!

To me, it is strictly an amusement tool and I am completely amused!

What is stunning is that it shows if  YOU as a domainer are selling to other domainers, you are leaving YOUR FORTUNE on the table and willing to give YOUR FORTUNE to somebody else!! That's just downright IDIOTIC and I have been saying so for 2 decades!

A FOOL would sell my portfolio and probably get less that even their $2.4 million because so many domainers are clueless when it comes to value, weak on negotiations and scared. They sell in fear instead of confidently holding what has great value and they don't even know the difference. SAD!!

In their estimate, Estibot shows a 22x difference in what ends up in your pocket if you sit around selling to other domainers. WEAK!! VERY WEAK!! In this respect, Estibot shines! It clearly shows the disparity! So PLEASE WAKE UP!! If another domainer wants YOUR domain, RUN!

They appraise both and for $5 Million EACH. Hello?? Sorry, I wish they were worth  $5 million each. They are not! If Estibot has a cashier, we can cash these 2 in right now!

On the other side they show many domains that have value under $100 that are missing 3 other Zeros! So while it is cute and maybe some of you will get your rocks off, the actual value of a domain name can not and can never be done in mass. I don't do appraisals, but a domain must be appraised individually just like a diamond, house, car or other things of great value.

The charts below show my numbers.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz