Sale Set to Close

Morning Folks!
The long awaited sale of is just about complete and could close as early as today. Moniker will be handling the escrow and transfer. The press release is ready to go and will announce the company that bought it. Then we can all watch this small candy company transform themselves to a powerhouse right before our very eyes. In all the deal took about 6 months. Besides the $3 million for the domain, I will share in the profits with 2% royalties off the gross for 15 years. That should more than double the entire transaction. And with a little luck…..who knows.

I will post the release here once we close.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

23 thoughts on “ Sale Set to Close

  1. Scott Alliy

    Congratulations Rick and best luck with your sale and new business venture. When sales like this one get completed its great for the domain industry and helps combat the ill will created in the end user community when large sum offers for mediocre names are spurned by domain holders hoping for even biger profits. Your percentage royalty ofer was a great way to accomplish a win-win situation should be a guide for all domainers to follow IMO.

  2. - More than just domain Feeds

    That was really a candy of a news. Congratulations on the sale from dnclips.

  3. Drew Sharma

    Congrats Rick. You are doing a great job of paving the way and creating credible end user case studies.

  4. Steve

    All the best to both you and the new owner on this awesome domain. The natural traffic that flows to will catapult the new owner onto the world candy stage. Hopefully the products they provide on the site will be as high caliber as the domain. Everyone loves good candy! Congrat’s on another major generic deal.
    Good on you!!! :)

  5. UFO

    Thats a whale of a deal.
    But then again, the US market is a whale of a market. That domain only need generate them an additional $6m in sales and it will payback easily.
    One of the large competitors will buy them out if they start taking market share… hope you’ve got provision for that..
    Congrats again.

  6. Graham

    If 2% of candy sales gets you another $3M they’ll need to sell $150M in candy. That’s $10M a year.
    A longshot, unless it’s an established Co.

  7. Javier Zaffaroni

    Congratulations Rick. And thanks for helping taking the domain industry to a mainstream level!

  8. Domisfera

    Congratulations Rick!
    Something about luck:
    I hear this some time ago. A journalist made this question to one golf player: I think this game is matter of luck. The player answer was”I’m agree with you. But the more I train the more luck I have”

  9. Patrick McDermott

    “Besides the $3 million for the domain, I will share in the profits with 2% royalties…”
    The sale is a very sweet deal. :-)
    You are the (candy) man!

  10. Ron W.

    Congrats Rick!
    Hopefully this deal can help open the door to more mainstream companies to enter the”generic” side of domain names (most companies own their brand name as a domain, but don’t realize the true value of supplementing that with a great category defining domain…maybe that will change when the name is seen in all forms of advertisements) maybe a lot more will”get it” once this name is developed. I’m sure with 15yrs and a 2% royalty at stake for you…you will guide them into the right direction with your expertise:-)

  11. M. Menius

    This is a newsworthy story. And I’d love to see a great domain sale get major media attention front and center.
    Honestly, I think it will.”” is as pure as they come. Nightly network news should announce this one.

  12. Steve M

    Why; I do believe that such sweet success should by all rights also be posted on… ;-)

  13. Jessica

    Wow! I can’t wait to see a site being developed on this eye-candy domain. Just hope visitors won’t get diabetes in the long run. lol. :D
    Congrats on the sale, Rick!
    2% is still something regardless of the plight of the economy.

  14. Perchboy

    Congrats, Rick. And thanks for mentioning the part about your receiving a share of the gross, rather than the net.
    That’s because I recall reading Skip Hoagland’s comment that working off the gross is the best, and most above-board method.

  15. Chris Johnston

    Congrats on the big sale Rick. I was contacted a couple times about selling my domain name over the last couple years. (which I didn’t want to do) A new contract requires me to get rid of mine now. Any tips for a rookie at this?

  16. Anunt

    Most people who type in are usually looking for an adult porn webcam site with screen name candy. I hope the new owner knows this and turns this domain name into an adult porn webcam site instead of trying to sell people candy. Sell eye-candy, not candy!

  17. DomainVirus

    Congratulations, Rick! Imagine all your wonderful domains are sold with royalties built in for renewable income year after year … that’s the candy.
    Looking forward to more good news.

  18. Altaf

    Congratulations Rick!
    We cannot even think how did you manage deal,cause you have been a sales expert all through your life. It needs real guts to negotiate for such a figure & make it done.
    How much is your target for in the near future?
    Have a great moment!


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