Rick Schwartz, Rick Latona, Howard Neu Team Up to Change the World

Morning Folks!!

In my posts over the past year I have stated over and over this is the time to do bold things. This is the time to expand not contract. This is the time to take advantage of the times if you can navigate the treacherous waters we are in. To stay ahead of the times you have to build when others would think this is the wrong time. When the common wisdom is to think it crazy. At first look you might think this is crazy. But it's really not once you digest what we are trying to do and accomplish.

In the past months TRAFFIC has expanded from just shows in the USA to
doing shows in Australia and Amsterdam. Both shows have had very
favorable reviews and outcomes and we are looking to expand on that


Howard and I are happy to announce a new working
partnership with RickLatona.com and his team with respect to future TRAFFIC shows.
Starting in 2010 TRAFFIC will put on 6 shows worldwide with even more
slated for 2011. The 2010 schedule that we presently intend to use will
look like this:

January/February in Las Vegas
March/April in Amsterdam
May/June in Toronto
July/August in Reykjavik, Iceland (But also considering several other spots) What's your choice?
September/October in South Florida
November/December in Hong Kong
aggressive schedule will bring TRAFFIC To North America, Europe and
Asia in 2010. We have other exciting things in the planning stage that include South America and
we will announce them as soon as possible.

More importantly we
want to break down the walls of the domain industry and bring in folks
from allied industries and we have a formula and a team that can now
make that happen. By the end of next year it will be evident how big
this change is and everyone reading this will benefit by the reach out
program we are about to engage in. Nothing happens overnight, however
we have set a new and exciting course and you will become the
beneficiary of those changes.


Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz, Rick Latona, Howard Neu

24 thoughts on “Rick Schwartz, Rick Latona, Howard Neu Team Up to Change the World

  1. Thailand SEO

    Great to see a conference scheduled for Asia.
    Hong Kong is great, Singapore would be great also or even BKK.
    Reykjavik nice Idea, but relevant?
    Why not London?

  2. Robert

    Not an excited news as I wished, but still a great move to this industry! :)

  3. Robbie

    I would make London your location in Europe – Many domainers here in the UK and also many large worldwide companies that should be attending and realising the power of Generic domains.

  4. D

    I agree with others above, London should definitely be on the map for one of the European shows. An alternative you guys could also think of is Geneva.

  5. Anunt

    duhhh…why not do more shows…more shows means more easy money in your pocket…atleast $500k to $1M profit per show…not a bad idea…you guys are smart!

  6. Daniel Dryzek

    Good news and I think it will bring a lot of additional value to all of us. It’s great that TRAFFIC will come to Europe twice a year (finally!).
    How about Warsaw or Cracow for one of the TRAFFIC shows? Poland has central location and prices aren’t so high as in most of the Western European countries. Warsaw is a business city and Cracow is a cultural and touristic capitol of Poland – very much similar to Prague.

  7. Bob

    @anunt – You sound jealous and ignorant! Don’t you realize that the more visibility that TRAFFIC creates, and the more mainstream that TRAFFIC shows (and domaining) becomes, the higher it floats ALL of our boats? Grow up or get out of the sandbox!
    I agree that London is a better choice than Reykjavik. Lots more domainers and easier to travel to. Even if a blue pool party could be arranged!

  8. Shay

    Is there any particular reason why London has been left off the list so far? I mean it would seem an obvious choice – but I’m guessing there is good reasoning behind why you wouldn’t do it in London.
    Poland, Warsaw is also an interesting option. There is a big market there and as stated before me, it is a growing business city.

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  11. Vimax

    Both shows accept had actual favorable reviews and outcomes and we are attractive to aggrandize on that success.

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    I would make London your location in Europe – Many domainers here in the UK and also many large worldwide companies that should be attending and realising the power of Generic domains.


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