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Morning Folks!!

I have often said the greatest value of the Internet is that everyone gets their own soapbox. Ya never know when just one guy on one soapbox can change the world. Here’s an example of what I see as the power of the Internet. Check out this organization with 500-600 employees. Most could not pass the employee screening test at Taco Bell.

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Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “ finds a Soapbox

  1. Altaf

    All I heard from him”F***in”.Why he is so upset of USA/Congress etc.?
    The size tells that he eats/drinks everything F***in and F***in 4-5 people’s food/drinks.Thus F***in life will be too short…
    LOL! It is rather a good laughter machine.Any way thanks.

  2. Intheflow

    That guy is hilarious, classic. He’s got a point though, looks like a bunch a clowns running the show in congress these days.
    Boston guy needs to chill out and go on a diet and exercise plan or he’ll soon be ranting from above.

  3. Anunt

    The guy from boston says,”we need to build a border so the mexicans can’t get to the u.s.”
    Guess what you fat freaking prick…who do you think is going to build this border? The Mexicans! You fat lazy pricks sure can’t do the hard work.

  4. Mel

    Hello Rick,
    There are few questions,
    1.How do I contact you? There is no contact information.
    2.I own a technology domain name that has received investment in millions of dollars. I needed your opinion on the name.
    3. Where will you recommend to sell that domain name?


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