Are you Time Based, Productive Based or Just Marking Time?

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We have turned from a TIME BASED society to a PRODUCTION BASED society. But few know or even see that. So let me point it out. I did not know it until today myself so no worries.

But think about it, in the past you were paid to sit at a desk or an assembly line for 8 hours and just do your job and not slow things down. That formula does not exactly bring out the best in us. You become a government worker. Doing just enough but never too much. I don’t blame them, it is the framework that was built 100 or 200 years ago that no longer works and is not that effective.

Today many jobs are production based. In sales it is all production based. You don’t sell, you don't produce anything, you earn nothing. So you learn how to sell or get a job like I described. Now many jobs are production jobs. You get paid on your output. Whatever it is we measure like that and then that allows folks to work at home when they want to work and when it fits in. It's flexible and that flexibility makes folks work smarter and harder and become more productive.

In a very short amount of time, most people learn to be much more productive at home or in their private office as opposed to the 9-5 company framework. Business and the world need to sync up.

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Rick Schwartz

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One thought on “Are you Time Based, Productive Based or Just Marking Time?

  1. Mike

    I think 9 – 5 pattern stills work in many fields. E.g. I am a medical professional and it makes more sense to work 9 – 5 pm and 5 pm- 9 pm, 9 pm to 9 am (oncalls) etc…. so that people can be allocated better. Otherwise patients may suffer if there are lazy doctors.


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