Thankful for being in the Greatest Industry in the World!!

Morning Folks!!

I have seen a lot of Thanksgivings come and go since I started investing in domain names. The landscape today looks nothing like it did a decade ago and nothing like it will look like in 10 years from now.

We are the 'Homesteaders' of this era. It’s really that simple. We are in a great industry with unlimited opportunity and we are still in the first innings of a great game. Investing in domains is money in the bank if you are patient and KNOW what makes a domain have great value. Great domains are on the market and some have great prices because of the times we live in and the “C” word. Circumstance.

I would venture to say that things will bottom out next spring. But between now and next spring will be some of the best buying opportunity we have seen in years if ever. After that, the shakeout will be over and those that remain will be stronger than ever before.

Have a safe holiday!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Thankful for being in the Greatest Industry in the World!!

  1. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you for inspiring. You always said and we always did it. We will remain with your vision for ever.Gratefully,

  2. Pablo

    So why next spring Rick?…would you point out few thoughts on this
    and happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  3. Matt

    I dread a Nuke attack. That scares me. Dont thi9nk domains will do to well if a nuke goes off. That said, a dollar collapse,… that would be dandy [unless it is followed by a nuke attack].
    These NWO Bilderberg types are NUTS!!

  4. Christopher Bon

    Greatest industry in the world? It’s arbitrage…nothing more and nothing less. It’s the same thing I did when I was day trading. Well, not exactly…it does take a lot of finesse and negotiating skill.
    I just think we shouldn’t heap too much praise on the industry. We’re not saving lives here.
    Happy Thanksgiving from a Canadian who is still full of turkey from our Thanksgiving months ago.

  5. Domains, Oil, Gold, Land, and Food

    @Christopher….almost everything in retail is arbitrage also.
    Selling cars
    Selling homes
    Selling boats
    Selling watches
    You name it. Even if you make the product yourself you are paying X and selling it for Y.
    btw….it is so much more than simple arbitrage as you can do many things with domains besides just flipping, earning ppc, etc..

  6. Ian

    Not sure I’d call it an”industry” but I sure would call it a”game changing sales channel”.
    Very big entities are now really beginning to hurt financially from the continual erosion of foot traffic to eyeball traffic online. They systemically are in the sh*t because they can’t compete and make the same margins online….
    The next couple of years will be very interesting; it’s like us the”mammals” watching the old dinosaurs getting nailed and dying off. Will they allow themselves to die or go on an acquisition rampage to force margins up…. lets see.

  7. BullS

    I called this the best BS game changing industry in the world because everybody has the BS qualification to participate.
    It is a BS equal employment opportunity


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