Occupy…..Is that like Having a Job? Let’s get Political!

Morning Folks!!

Always good to stay away from politics but at some point it is hard to ignore things that are happening. Especially when you have some that would like this to turn violent. It's only a matter of time especially when you have forces fanning the flames of Revolution and you actually have politicians that should know better supporting that violent talk. If this spirals out of control, we will have Hell to pay.

I have never heard such misguided whining and blaming in all my life. I have never seen such filth in this country. And I have never seen the media Romance BULLSHIT and ANARCHISTS like they are doing with the Occupy crowds around the country. Finally somebody tells it like most people see it.



Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


27 thoughts on “Occupy…..Is that like Having a Job? Let’s get Political!

  1. Bill Roy

    Rick, we have ‘Occupy’ here in London as well – well occupy might be a strong term as there are a load of tents but the majority of them are empty at night when the owners go home to a nice warm bed.
    I like most others here are totally sick to the stomach of them, and by the way of those that ‘support’ them.

  2. Jody

    Without question, everyone is ultimately responsible for their own lives but visit YouTube and watch these movies
    1) Zeitgeist – The Movie
    2) Zeitgeist – The Addendum
    3) Zeitgeist – Moving Forward
    If you are smart and not garbage, you will learn a lot

  3. Steve O'Brien

    We sold a group the domain name – Occupy.us just this last week. They paid a great deal for it (I think it would have been one of the larger .us domain sale I have seen reported anywhere this year). We never report sales – just thought you might find it interesting that they are buying domain names to support their cause worldwide and they have the funds to do it.

  4. tc@

    The occupy movement is a Karl Rove creation designed to make progressives look like morons and takers so the base will be fired up to come out and vote and congres will vote rout entitlements. Brilliant. Whata bunch of fools they are as are we all sheeple trained what to think, what to believe, who to love and who to hate

  5. Izaak

    The problem with most of these liberal drive by comments is the fact that solutions seem to elude their messages. For some reason private sector profit is a bad thing and government should regulate all businesses to the point of bankruptcy or should I say own them. That’s the solution? If liberals are so smart and educated why aren’t more people going that way instead of running towards the middle and even to the right? I mean come on liberals have most of the media, public schools, unions, ACLU, and Hollywood (well most of it) to get there message out…
    The truth is if you hate America so much leave row your boat gently down the stream and tell all of your other international friends that also hate us to stop asking for handouts. America was founded on Capitalism your true form of Opportunity. Work Hard and Make Money!
    I guess all of the stupid and uneducated people in this World are the ones that have good paying jobs and own businesses. Don’t you get it?!… Or was that Garbage?

  6. Christopher Bon

    Confirmation of my theory that domainers are assholes. People aren’t pissed that some people are rich and they aren’t. They are pissed that the system is rigged and Wall Street is full of cheating, greedy, scumbag liars that the government basically allows to cheat and rob the taxpayers AND the government while getting what amounts to corporate welfare for their failure and greed. Pull your heads out of your asses and read something. You should start with this http://x.co/arQ8

  7. Occupy.TV

    LOL the occupy people act more like corporations than they know. Turning down the opportunity to buy both the occupy.com and occupy.tv names for a reasonable sum, and then paying $8k for a crappy name like occupywallstreet.net Seems they realised the mistake and tried to fix it with yet another mistake and grabbed the .us – congrats to the sellers!

  8. Izaak

    It’s funny that liberals spin the argument not just in here but elsewhere and saying its not about someone being rich and them not, when these same people believe in redistributing the wealth to the less fortunate in a very demanding and thuggish way.
    So, let’s say these protesters accomplish a system breakdown on Wall Street, what do we do? Do we take away Capitalism? Then what genius plan do the liberals have in place. What type of system would you like to see?
    Let’s spin the wheel some more…

  9. Gazzip

    “Finally somebody tells it like most people see it.”
    You really think so?
    I thought it was just entertaining satire as he misses the point of the protests completely.
    Some of which are the 15 Trillion Dollar National Debt, 45 Million Americans On Food Stamps, $60+ Trillion in unfunded obligations(over $500,000 per household)the huge wealth inequality in America, the 20% or more unemplyment, 6 figure bonuses for Bankers doing a crap job, the trillions in Bank bailouts…not to mention all the corrupt shit that goes on in Wallstreet.
    Tick Tock
    Its pretty obvious why people are on the streets protesting and yes it is very likely to get ugly.

  10. Dude

    The Occupy movement is about people standing up for what they believe in and for what they feel is right. While others are worried about which iphone to buy, these people are out there in the streets trying to make the country/world a better, fairer place. They’re not whining or spreading hatred. The negative responses to their message comes from people who already have hatred in their heart and who are very quick to despise and name call in general. It sucks that these types of people perpetuate the divide between left and right with nasty, borderline violent rhetoric. OWS is a movement that is organic (not orchestrated by Fox News) and represents democracy in action. It is exactly what a democratic society is about. So anyone who believes in America and the ideal of representative democracy on which it is founded should at least appreciate what they are trying to do, even if you don’t agree with their message. Get over it bros and give OWS a chance.

  11. Occupy Wall Street Anarchy

    The ‘movement’ is seriously losing traction with each masked anarchist spray painting walls or breaking windows. Anyone see the video from Oakland? Very alarming. There’s protest, then there’s scofflaw anarchist assholes. The OWS movement is at grave risk of being defined by the latter and if that happens, public support goes away. They go from being ‘the 99%’ to a miserable, insignificant 1%.
    Of course, we all know what will happen. Someone will say that the violent anarchists were simply agent provocateurs sent by the NWO/Rothchilds to smear the movement and that’s why it wound up collapsing…

  12. Christopher Bon

    I hear this same anti-liberal hatred from my gun forums (yes, i am a gun-toting pro-capitalism progressive liberal) and it makes me crazy. Who said liberals are anti-capitalism? Oh right, you must watch FOX news and believe whatever they tell you to believe. The Right in the media are so bigoted and ignorant it’s laughable. Did you also know that conservatives have more active and enlarged amygdala? That means they base their decisions more on fear. You can tell when you listen to them. They are fundamentally afraid of change. It doesn’t matter anyway…everyone comes around to the progressive side. It’s called progressive for a reason. If the conservatives had their way there would be no women voting, no emancipation, no gay rights. I don’t know…maybe that’s what most of you want. I want progress.

  13. Gnanes

    So the guy on the video picks a random person and says whole thing is waste of time. I want him to go down to the protest and try telling that to the people here. How big is this protest? Take a look at aerial footage of Occupy Oakland > http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r4jYdCaHrjQ
    Majority of the protesters have been peaceful so far and it’s the cops who were violent. Go through 100s of videos from the protest. Or go here > http://www.reddit.com/r/occupywallstreet/

  14. Izaak

    LOL! See what I mean liberals know how to whine but have no solution at all. When you rebut someone make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s or you just look foolish.
    BTW I have not mentioned FNC once on here other than right at this moment nor have I referred to any articles to complete my thoughts. Some people can think for themselves.
    It’s also funny liberals continue to attack FNC for being the reason so many people are against this movement. FNC has more liberals on its one station than all of major networks have conservatives combined. Most people are sick of dealing with big baby’s and want to hear solutions not listen to liberals whine about who didn’t get what.
    The Tea Party protests against Government spending while liberals protest against not getting enough from the Government such as new social programs, assistance, media funding (NPR), higher wages (unions), better benefits (unions), event funding (socialist agenda), and so much more all while asking the wealthy to pay higher taxes to fund this. Do you see where this is going?…
    You are right about one thing progressives change things, but conservatives fix them.
    Also I have no hatred against liberals or anyone for that matter I just disagree with them most of the time and believe in a system where anyone can prosper instead of demanding a handout.

  15. Sick of Your 1% BS

    Right. And the Tea Party activists bringing weapons and Obama as Hitler signs to their rallies were model citizens…
    The Occupy Movement has no place for violence if they want to maintain their legitimacy, agreed on that; but you’re missing the main crux of their argument — something the media has, as per usual, failed to convey:
    It’s not”Give us some of your 1%” — it’s”You 1%’ers are getting bailed out, while we lose our jobs, our homes, our opportunities for better jobs…all while corps. pay less taxes than the average middle class, fail to create mass jobs and keep their cash for their bonuses…”
    If you can’t sympathize with that, then ok. But sooner than later, if the rest of us go down, you go down with us. Think about it.

  16. Christopher Bon

    Izaak, you are so ignorant I’m surprised you were able to barf out your thoughts onto the screen. Why are my comments”whining”? Is it just whining because I don’t agree with you. I won’t bother arguing with you. You support the Tea Party so you are obviously a knuckle dragging bigot who doesn’t know how to think critically.
    I’m Canadian by the way so I’m not as vested in the direction your country takes as you are but I know that the US is going into the toilet fast as the world passes them by. Your country is too polarized. No one can agree on anything and the tone of discourse is acidic and damaging to the country as a whole. Have a nice day.

  17. Critical Thinking

    Can we assume that the same keen critical thinking skills that lead to your liberalism is what caused you to buy all those .co domains?

  18. Izaak

    Christopher, you are only mad because you and the rest of your liberal friends cannot come up with even one reasonable solution. You whine all day long about things that just don’t matter to normal people and you’ll continue to do so because you have those rights, but it gets old and sometimes the truth hurts so why not cut your losses and actually do something constructive instead of being destructive. Also If you’re going to protest and/ or support them stands to reason you are going to hear an ear full from the opposition. I’d recommend not saying anything at all if you can’t handle the right side of things.
    A bigot for real? Are you even old enough to be in here? How do you get that with anything I’ve been saying? I have not made any personal attacks on you or on any one person I just disagree with your politics and the protesting.
    Before you make charges at me you better get your facts straight. I never said I was with the Tea Party, but I do agree our Governments need to stop with wasteful spending especially on agenda oriented programs and investments like Solyndra which contributed to the mess we’re in.
    Maybe you should stick to your neck of the woods because you certainly aren’t doing your protesting buddies any justice in here. Brush up on your politics a little and talk about something that will help solve problems instead of cause them.

  19. Dave Wrixon

    Basically not only has America being getting too much cake, but many have been getting more than their fair share leaving somme without in a what is seemingly a land of plenty. As reality sets in Anarchy is virtually inevitable. You reap what you sow.

  20. Matthew

    at Rich –
    The Occupy movement is the sane movement as the Tea Party movement.
    Have you gone down to an occupy site?
    Until you have, I think you are merely parroting talking points you have swallowed from the MSM.
    Yes…the sites are the Hoovervilles of our time…but dont blame the people…blame the Govt!!!!

  21. Occupy.TV

    I can only assume that the people calling Occupy ‘violent’ have seen just a 5 second clip on FOX news, and then bought into the attached report – hook line sinker and copy of Angling Times.
    Anyone who thinks the protesters have been violent should watch some of the thousands of hours of 3rd party and mainstream media footage of these events. Or better still, watch some of the live streams and you can see things as they unfold.
    Almost all the violence so far has been perpetrated by the cops, only a few isolated instances of damage can be attributed to people who tagged along with the Occupy crowd. Furthermore – many of these have been proved (photographically) to be under cover police acting as agent provocateur.
    The majority of the protesters are normal Americans, fed up with the situation. They arent ‘kids’ or ‘students’ or ‘gangs’ or ‘mobs’ . They are the people next door, veterans, workers, teachers and the guy at the gas station.
    I sympathise with the Occupy movement but dont particularly support their current strategy or some of their crazier opinions, even so – the huge volume of video evidence does not support assertions that the 99% of Occupy protesters have acted in a violent manner. jus sayin.

  22. Larry

    You think what we have now is capitalism?? Try being a 20 year old who did everything right. Undergrad, business school, law school,…300k in debt who cannot get a job. Oh, and the debt is non-dischargable because in 2004 the bankers so this coming and enacted a law. Oh, and they get bailed out 700Billion because they are too big to fail.


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