The March of .Whatever and what it Means to Domainers

Morning Folks!!

I think we can safely say that we are all veterans of the next extensions. We have seen them come and we have seen them go. They are a FLASH in our destiny’s and they mean something at the time and then they each go off into the sunset.

So whether it be .mobi, .co, .xxx or the .whatever’s to come, they are here, and then they are not. But that does not mean you lock them out or avoid them. You embrace their out reach. It’s a win-win situation. We all use each other with a common goal. Long as that common goal is met, all is well.

We are likely to see dozens, hundreds and even thousands of new .whatever's come to market in the decade ahead. Most will be flops. But flops still have budgets. What may be a flop to us, may be a success to them. The point is it will be their dollars that push us all forward during the next leg of this evolution. And no matter what comes, there will be dollars chasing .whatever and domaining is not a religion. I am a dotcom guy but that does not mean I can’t get some of the dollars that will fly around there for the taking. .Whatever is not a threat, it is an opportunity that will come in many shapes and sizes and your job is not to close your mind. Keep that mind open at all times because things change all the time.

I have 6000 dotcoms and I have maybe 1000 .whatever. Guess what? They are all investments in the future. I am not smart enough and nobody reading this is smart enough to KNOW how things will unfold. But when you follow the $$$, sure as hell gives you a roadmap. Follow the money. Get your share. Buy low, sell high, doesn’t matter one bit what it is. Chickens, pigs, furniture, hot dogs, advertising, gold, stock, put whatever you want in the wheel barrel. The recipe is exactly the same.

If you know how to sell, then it is no harder and often times easier to sell something for $500,000 than $50,000. If I were a Real Estate Agent and I closed sales, I would be wasting my talent at the $50,000 level when I could sell the same amount of homes with a $500k or $5MM price tag.

When you invest you buy time. With that time you get new information and then can adjust accordingly. With time you can make a decision what to do. Time allows you the luxury of watching things evolve. If they evolve towards you, hold pat. If they evolve away and not well, then you can abandon or sell. Just spot whichever it is before the market figures it out. Sell high when there is demand. Nobody hits .1000. Few hit .500. Baseball players make millions with .333 and few hit that number. That does not mean millions can't be made at .100 or even less.

If you get 1 out of 10 in domaining you can still make millions. That seems like pretty easy odds when you look at the whole picture.

Speculation is about striking out 100% of the time. That's it. Striking out each time until you make that strike and everything changes. Others can laugh that you are digging here, there and everywhere, but the same folks will wish they were you when you strike it big. The bigger the reward, the bigger the likelihood you will strike out almost all the time. But 'Almost' is not 'Never.'

We can all fish for record setting catches and we do, but you also have to eat along the way. Dotcom is king and it is not going to change. But there will always be folks that believe different and you should pay attention only when you see big money going there. Big money is usually smart money. It knows something you or I might only be speculating on.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “The March of .Whatever and what it Means to Domainers

  1. Paul J Kapschock

    “When you invest you buy time. With that time you get new information and then can adjust accordingly. With time you can make a decision what to do. Time allows you the luxury of watching things evolve. If they evolve towards you, hold pat. If they evolve away and not well, then you can abandon or sell. Just spot whichever it is before the market figures it out.”
    If you are an investor, you have time. Not one week or one year, but multiple years till things possibly pay off.

  2. steve

    Let them laugh. These idiots don’t understand anything.
    I couldn’t believe how they didn’t get it. They laugh to cover up the fact the don’t have the skills and deep down they hope you fail. They know 90% of people fail so they are safe in saying you will fail. I say good riddance as you get a chance to get a dumbass out of your life.
    My advice is stop talking about money and start talking about what creative ideas are needed that nobody is doing. It is time to start saying this is what we need. But most domainers just sit on the domains so it is useless to talk about anything but domains.

  3. Steve O'Brien

    Well said again Rick! My Dad use to say -“Turn a Problem into an Opportunity” – it was hard to understand when I had my butt in a sling at that moment, but as time rolls on, I have used that many times in investments, real estate, businesses and domain names. Back in 2000 when the first so called dot com bust took place, we backed the truck up for all the nice keyword domains we could budget – doing the same again right now as some folks move away from domains, due to the current PPC models diminishing returns. Seems like we are in a cycle in this marketplace, with changes that allow opportunities for those that pay attention. Some day when we are long gone, folks will look back on these years and analyze the cycles as we do in the stock market. Then the past cycles of opportunity, will be extremely evident. Hard to believe sometimes as we registered our first domains in 1993 (which seems like a lifetime ago), but the domains industry is still in its infancy and has many years to go before it even begins to reach maturity, in my opinion.

  4. LS Morgan

    The way I see it, there’s still a lot of opportunity available in .com. There are wealthy people out there with the budgets to be speculating on the come-lately TLDs and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. If I had their budgets, I probably would be to. For someone like myself, though, I just can’t afford to be taking 100-1 odds with 120-1 payoffs, when there’s still a lot of 30-1 odds with 300-1 payoffs left in .com.
    People asked Warren Buffett why he was spending his money buying Dairy Queen when such high returns were being had in tech at that time (1998). He said something to the effect of”I don’t understand that, but I do understand Dilly Bars”. Speaking only for myself, I’ve spent years trying to better my understanding of .com, as far as the relationship it has with the minds of consumers. I think most of us have meditated on the same things. Based on what I can come up with, I can’t bring myself to detach my interests (and my money) from the gold-standard just yet.
    Sometimes, I wonder if the period from 2009-present, and whatever we’re going into, won’t be viewed in the future as having been a huge opportunity for buying underpriced .com domains. With all the economic tumult, all the uncertainty in the domain space, all the rearranging and reorienting that’s going on, there are definitely bargains out there. I doubt this era will mint any epic domainer successes like Frank Schilling, but I think it will probably mint a lot of people who, if they position themselves correctly today, will be able to lay a beat on working day jobs for the rest of their lives.

  5. UseYourHead

    The dot whatever’s are largely responsible for the demise of the domain industry, and for the continued lack of respect that domainers have and will likely always have.
    Until people realize the damage that is done by those who launch these extensions, then it will only get worse. I blame domainers, too. They are not honest enough to stay away from this shit. I see them time and time again pumping this garbage to unsuspecting newbie domainers on every forum.
    The real frauds in this business are people like Michael Mann, who sells garbage that he would never buy himself for the same price. His .co scam is comical. The other frauds are forum owners who allowed people to run wild and scam others with this dogshit time after time after time.
    That is why the forums are deserted and polluted with zero value names. The final group of frauds are those veteran domainers who know better, yet dabble in this crap to make a quick buck. I guess there is one more group of frauds, and that is any person who knows better who doesn’t stand up and call these FRAUDULENT people out.
    Oh, another group of frauds are the auction houses and parking companies who are involved in these scam sales. They can’t make money legitimately so they traffic in this horseshit.
    Dot KISS MY ASS. You are all frauds and you all deserve it.

  6. Altaf

    Bold post. Could you say what still we should do to safeguard us from those frauds? Wish to learn more.
    Thanks & regds,


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