T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and a Return to Las Vegas

Morning Folks!!

Howard and Barbara have been in Las Vegas for the last 2 weeks scouting for venues and dates for a return in either 2012 or 2013 or both. No decisions have been made. There are solid reasons to go to Las Vegas and also solid reasons to wait. With your help we will weigh both sides and come to a good decision.

So what say you? Can't do it without you, so it really becomes up to you. 2012 may be too soon and 2013 may be a smarter choice.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and a Return to Las Vegas

  1. Elliot

    Unless there was going to be a significant difference between the Florida and Nevada shows (or I had business to tend to), I would probably only attend the Florida show in October.
    If I went to Vegas for a conference, I’d probably spend most of my time playing blackjack.

  2. Hennie

    Coming from Europe it’s a long flight to the US, so I try to combine these conferences with some holiday. As I have been to Florida relatively often, I would prefer Las Vegas.
    My preference: stick to one show in 2013, make it autumn in Las Vegas.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    We have also discussed going East one year and West the next year and doing it like that. Personally, I prefer one show a year in Florida but am open to other eventualities.

  4. Brett

    One conference a year makes the conference matter more. Couldn’t attend South Beach this year for personal reasons, but am already looking forward to 2012. My personal preference is South Beach, but you would probably draw some different people out by alternating the venue.

  5. Stian Eng Holtet

    I enjoy three things in life: domaining, gambling and beer. Should be needless to say that I’ll be at the next T.R.A.F.F.I.C. if you decide to host it in Vegas. ;)

  6. Steve Cheatham

    Once a year, south Florida coast, mid October.
    Back to better and more food. Get a better main party spomsor.
    The Versace Mansion was a great party. TRAFFIC quality standards event!
    2 cents worth..
    And 2 weeks in Vegas scouting?

  7. Michael GIlmour

    I hope that you run one in Vegas in May – it’s a long time between drinks from Jan (DomainFest) to Oct (TRAFFIC). I know that if you run one in May I WILL be there….as usual!
    Michael Gilmour

  8. Bob Aronin

    I doubt I’m the only domain investor who won’t fly across the country (California to Florida) for a conference. Seems to me Florida will draw heavily from past attendees. Las Vegas makes sense if you want to attract new attendees from the west Asia and Pacific.


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