When you Celebrate Great Success One of Two Things Happen.

Morning Folks!!

When you celebrate great success one of two things happen. You either help folks in back of you or you step on their fingers to make sure they don’t catch up. The overwhelming answer is most help others. You feel a need deep inside to give back. That is the bi-product. That certainly upsets the other group that wants to keep folks back. So there is the first line of battle. First line of detractors. They are out to protect what they have and they believe by locking others out they can accomplish that. They are wrong, but don't tell them that.

I believe when you help those behind you do something good and when you do good, you get rewarded. I believe that opportunity is not a threat when more are involved. I believe that more involved provide greater opportunity.

Some see all the next extensions as a threat. I see it exactly the opposite. I see it as great opportunity that will make my dotcom assets increase in value, not decline. Expansion is not a bad thing. Yes, if you are a one trick pony and don’t know how to adapt then you are also likely very defensive. If you believe in the future and the future holds more opportunity not less, than you are on offense.

Lots of millionaires have lost their homes in the last few years and a lot more will be losing them in the future. Which way do you think they see life? Somewhere along the way they did a bad job of planning and not doing the math if things get tight or unforeseen things strike.

I have been in domains when nobody knew what a domain was and I have been in domains as they evolve to be mainstream and more. Guess what? I like the odds of today’s opportunity even better than 1995 because not only am I armed with more knowledge, the world is armed with more understanding.

In less than 60 days I start my 17th year investing in domains because I saw a unique opportunity in time. You will be STUNNED by the progress we will make in the next 3 years. Stunned beyond what any of you can fathom. The understanding that is happening is vast and the puzzle is turning into a clear picture. When that happens, get ready! STAMPEDE is in our future just like STAMPEDE has been in the past. Only difference is the size and mass of this coming stampede. The first stampedes only involved small groups. The next one will involve everyone.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “When you Celebrate Great Success One of Two Things Happen.

  1. Paul J Kapschock

    Hey Rick,
    Can you clue us in on any future changes/developments for domain liquidity?
    I see private equity firms and larger corporations buying into”domains” and larger internet companies…seems like we need a”domain exchange”…any word ? can you say something?
    Would love to see more liquidity for our assets.
    Keep up the writing….thanks.

  2. luizh

    when only you invest in a pioneer project, sometimes arise doubts about the final result, this is a critic situation to me, you feel alone in this moment, therefore the point;
    “I have been in domains when nobody knew what a domain was” is a good incentive for all
    Thank you!

  3. Domains, Oil, Gold, Land, and Food

    It’s always been hard to call when domains will”pop” with the public, but I agree with you that in about three years time we will be sh*ttin’ in high cotton, that is if no worldwide financial calamity happens.
    I got into domains in August 1995, the last month before they started to charge for them, and I remember thinking that businesses would all see what I see and I’d have million dollar offers flowing in by 1997. That never happened…LOL. It was not until 1999-2001 before the big offers started to really roll in.
    Basically, the Net moved really slowly back then and it took years for”domain consciousness” to arrive. It is just unfolding right now …. this very darn second. I too see the puzzle being put together, and it includes alternate extensions and IDNs.
    It’s going to be fun people!!! Like Rick said, it’s coming. I can’t wait.


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