If Google is Your Answer to Everything, then you have no Answers to Anything!

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Dear End user,

Dear Domainer,

If Google is your answer to everything, then you have no answers. Then you are kidding yourself. If your dream is built on Google, you may as well build your dream on a cloud or sand at the ocean.

Now I have stated many times that Google is your LAST resort not your first. This is not a knock on Google. This is illustrating the LAZY end user or domainer that thinks GOOGLE is the KEYWORD that fixes everything answers everything when in fact most get it wrong.

I watch domainers interpreting Google results as their guide to what makes a domain valuable. Ha! They include numbers that don't represent what they think they do. They type in one keyword and get results for many semi related terms. They use Google as a seeing eye dog but without the training needed to accomplish that. Google is the answer all day long. It's no answer at all in my book. It's a crutch to make you look like you know what you are talking about.

End users love affair with Google usually comes crashing down to reality at some point. Likely the point you go out of business.

Depending what good or service you sell you can get so much better results with traditional advertising and other sources of online ads and links and publicity and all the rest. All need to be used together in concert. But Google should be the last one you call after you get all others in place.

Look, there are several approaches. Some are longer term and more of a business type business. Others are businesses set up as pages to earn revenue and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but few are here for the long term.

So my comments are ALWAYS aimed at those with real and long term type businesses. Always will be. The best way to make anything fly and get off the ground is with a good plan and the best available materials. Google is the keyword that should be deleted from the vocabulary of many. Google has its place, just some don't know exactly what that place is.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “If Google is Your Answer to Everything, then you have no Answers to Anything!

  1. Scott Alliy

    So True Rick, The future is coming and almost no business is ready to escape denial and admit the truth. If there ever was a chance to get the top three Google results how muddled are things to become in the near future and what are the chances that any SEO expert let alone ordinary domainer will ever attain top rankings on keywords relating to their domain name?
    The other day I gave a perfect illustration to some business associates. I looked out a window at a bed of mulch and asked them to identify one piece of bark and then turn around and look again and find it. Can’t be done … unless you paint one of the pieces of mulch neon pink. Then finding the exact thing you want becomes quite clear and easy to do. Domain names especially brand domain names are the paint that uniquely identifies your business from any other mulch err business in the vicinity … heck in the world.
    What businesses don’t understand is that the Google option will soon be far less attractive if even possible leaving them with nothing but their own or a hired guns marketing efforts in order to save much less grow their business. Don’t compete…Conquer! Get a great brand domain name (buy or lease) and use it to carve out your own niche in a space where you are the only competitor. Kind of hard to lose in a game that you create yourself and that you are the only team in the game IMO … wouln’t you agree?
    Finally for those that think that Social media will be the answer going forward … well that’s avenue is about to get far more crosded too and thus will make your voice harder to be heard and your business much more difficult to be located.
    No folks… going forward you are going to have to do some real leg work to promote your business on the net Sorry! The Great news is that with a good domain name your chances of success just got much better real fast IMO.

  2. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Rick: I agree with you. Google and some of its tools can be used to give you some insight regarding a domain name and they keywords related to it. Google is not the answer to everything, but it can be useful if used in concert with other strategies and of course most importantly starting and sticking with solid planning.

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I feel Google has more to lose than gain from the new .whatevers.
    They are very lucky to be even in the monopoly allegations war going on. They are over reaching and trying to control and manipulate, in their declared war on corporate Brands. They are walking on thin ice and they are further polarizing competitors and allies alike in the battle for eyeballs.
    This whole gTLD strategy will encourage Type-Ins as I have stated before. Something does not compute here? They are hedging themselves hoping that by the time the long rollout process finalizes they will have figured out a strategic counter offense in their favor. Perhaps?
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. Bako.com

    You have to be a programmer to know how to use Google! I think Google is amazing and if it ever dies(I doubt it) I think the next thing will be amazing! I built a website for a bowling alley three months ago, the site is getting 1500 visits a month already! (1500 people looking to go bowling in our town) Those visits from Google cost nothing!!!! There business has skyrocketed! The owner didn’t believe me when I told him it’s going to work!! I said just wait! Two weeks after the site was online and the owner typed in”bowling” not even there bowling alleys name and he saw his name on type of Google(for free) he was buying me drinks and telling everybody :) The best thing is this traffic will never stop going to his site from Google!
    Rick I don’t know why you are so hard on Google you have the best keyword domain names to benefit from the free Google traffic the most! Google likes .com and Google likes keywords!


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