Last Call for Video Applications. Deadline C.O.B. Tomorrow!

Morning Folks!!

Can you sell? Turn a domain sale into an annual raise!

We all missed the boat on but you can have 5% of for LIFE if you put the right deal together and it is getting easier by the day. So pay attention and stay tuned!

Can you sell? Do you believe in the power and ultimate value
of the best domain names? Are you ready to put in some sweat equity and make
something great happen in your life? If you can sell the value proposition of
domain names, why be a flipper?

You can make every sale provide an annual raise for you and
your family when you work with in our sub-broker leasing sales

What sales pro doesn't want to work towards giving
himself/herself a raise each day when he goes to work? Is that a great day at the
office on the day when your efforts today produce not just a check but an
annual raise?

You may or may not know…but I traveled the United States
selling furniture for many years, criss-crossing a path of millions upon millions
of miles (and have the hotel keys to prove it). So I learned a few things about
sales selling commodity products, and if you want you can read all about that: HERE.

And eventually I made so much money selling furniture to
furniture stores that the guys who owned the business wanted to screw me out of
earning more. In the information services economy we're in today, YOU choose
the price of your value offered to the world.
You get to choose the product you sell, if you’re a great sales person.
More than ever the choice is yours.

A talented sales guy
can ply his trade dealing used jets from a big government to a small one and
make millions, or sell printer cartridges on telemarketing cold calls and earn
chump change.
It is NOT skill that determines income for most players of
any game. It's the LEVEL OF GAME you play. Of the two smoothest and most
persuasive sales people Danny Welsh told me he’s ever met one makes $17/hour
plus commission and earns less than $65,000 per year. The other makes $600,000
per month.

If I had to guess I’d say the biggest difference between the
two of those guys is the 6 inches between their ears. That and a set of balls
(sorry, ladies).

Selling the asset class of domain names in the coming years
will be no different. The guarantee of daily dollars flipping a domain name you
just registered or whatever…and you keep 100% of the profit…or the promise of a
possibility for lifetime millions getting in on the BIG deals doing the same
mechanics and you earn a fair % playing in a bigger game with bigger deals.

YOU have the choice to decide, domain flippers.

As a domain name evangelist and talented salesperson…when
you KNOW we have assembled some of very best and most valuable domain name
properties on the planet, which future would you choose if the power to choose
your own destiny was in your own hands?

I assure you, if you love domain names as much as me and Danny
do, and like Danny missed the boat on early hand registrations in .com, and
like me enjoy the art of negotiation and sales ...your destiny finally IS in
your own hands.

Right here. Right now. For a handful more days, what we are
looking for in the remaining spots of our inaugural
commissioned sales staff is very narrow so it may or may not be a good fit for
you. But it costs you nothing to throw your hat in the ring!

And get in a bigger game, with bigger stakes, less hassles,
and rewards of a lifetime.

Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh are looking for a small and
elite group of KAMIKAZES that can present the value proposition of leasing a or quality domain name for typically $xxx-$xxxx
(with a few higher $xx,xxx) per month to the companies that would prefer to buy
the category-defining domain name of their desire outright— if they could,
anyway. Unless the company we market to and negotiate with makes an offer we
can't refuse, these assets owned or represented by our company are NOT for sale
in 2013-2015 for any cash-only sale.

Typical leases are 3 years or more, with a buyout option.
None of our deals are or will be less than $100,000 on a sale or lease-to-own
buyout. Ever.

5% across the board commissions.

Can you make the domain name value pitch to those who have
contacted us (warm leads) and to the companies that should be interested in any
given domain property based on researching their size, ambitions, and
product/service mix (cold leads)?

It's NOT hard to determine which companies in the world
SHOULD be interested in if the deal was right for them. The real
missing element in the operation we’ve conceived and are building from the
ground up is a small group of movers and shakers that can make deals happen and
explain the value proposition from a human touch standpoint that a website
cannot do effectively alone…follow up and turn contacts into cash— without handholding.

Do you think you would be a valuable addition to our team?

We won't give a salesperson a salary, but we can make the
income potential staggering for someone who is self-propelled and sees the
value in aligning themselves with a company that can provide the very best
UNIQUE domain properties to sell/lease

If you’re interested
to join up with Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh as our inaugural ninja sales team
then it’s time to step up and say so.

Send in your video application via posted link in the comments to the
“Armchair Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: Sales Team Now
Recruiting Future MVPs” announcement post here: LINK

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

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One thought on “Last Call for Video Applications. Deadline C.O.B. Tomorrow!

  1. 800k

    Wish you guys the very best and recruit the very best talent.
    I been going back and forth on this and apply but decided focus on my own portfolio. My time and keep upgrading domains.
    It would be an honor to work under Rick and would learn a lot. Very high expectations and I have enough headaches to sell my own names as singles.
    You guys will do just fine and all ready proven things. One day I may regret not in attempting this but time will tell. Time to focus on my own buy and sell.
    800k worth of deals


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